Privacy Policy

FreeSpyPhone recognizes the gravity of importance for its visitor’s privacy. The privacy policy that we have outlines some of the following. From what kind of information we gather, the reason why we collect it and how we use it.

FreeSpyPhone will post regular changes over the Privacy Policy. Hence, we encourage you to check this page periodically.

What data FreeSpyPhone collects if any

Our website FreeSpyPhone uses cookies to collect and store information about your usage. In this way, we get to know more about you and can give you a better quality experience when you browse through our website.

From the moment you start accessing FreeSpyPhone, the device which you use will send cookies information. From the language that you use to IP address, the URL of our site you visit and browser. Also the time and date of the request.

So you see, there is no private information collected or given to us from your browser’s cookies. What a cookie does is that it helps with website stability for the user. And, to let our site (any site, in fact) remember your settings between the pages.

Controlling Cookies

It’s recommended to have cookies enabled for the best possible user experience of yours while on FreeSpyPhone; still, you can disable them if you want.

You can either delete all the cookies present n your device already or can set your browsers to prevent cookies to be placed. If you do that, though, you may have to adjust some preferences each time you visit the site manually – and some functionalities and services may not work correctly. Visit for details on controlling the cookies.

Links on the FreeSpyPhone

FreeSpyPhone’s pages and posts might contain hypertext links, which can be from third parties or some other websites. If you decide to click on these links, you’ll be leaving the site with your very own responsibility onward.

FreeSpyPhone doesn’t have any control over the information collected by a third party – everything after you leave the website. We encourage you to “always” read the privacy policies of those sites.

Our Privacy Policy does not cover all the data collection and use of it by those websites which are not linked to FreeSpyPhone. All the actions made by those third parties are not linked to our site. Also, we are not responsible for any problems with them.


FreeSpyPhone is a professional website that receives compensation from some companies as the referral fee, at no extra cost to you (our readers). We review spying and security products and services on our website, and get affiliations from the ones we find valuable for our readers if recommended.

Although FreeSpyPhone’s mission is to test each service and write detailed reviews – we get the affiliation (sometimes) of only the ones that are the best.

Furthermore, we are an independent website that makes all the decisions itself and is not influenced by any third party (let it be affiliates or advertisers, etc.). We work “only” as we want to operate, the way in which we can serve our readers in the very best way possible. Also, all the opinions expressed here are all very own.

We cover the news, reviews, and detailed guides on online spy and privacy topics. As the spying and Internet security might seem a pretty sensitive area, FreeSpyPhone doesn’t tolerate or encourage illegal activity, criminal, harm, injury to other people. In short, anything that is bad!

All the actions that you make are your full responsibility. So, you are entirely responsible for your own decisions. Take the legal advice, concerns, queries, and concerns from legal advisors on any actions that might bring you consequences.

On FreeSpyPhone, our team will be able to contribute with comments, posts from time to time. We are more than open for you to participate, yet not responsible for the content placed by other people and also views. The views are their very own and don’t represent the opinions of FreeSpyPhone in any way.