FreeSpyPhone: #1 Best Free Phone Spy App

We are going to introduce you to FreeSpyPhone (Spy Advice). It is a free phone spy application. Include more than 10+ free spying features.

  • Spy on Text Messages
  • Spy on Call history
  • Track the Real-Time Location
  • Spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc
  • Works on any Android device
  • Total FREE

Download FreeSpyPhone Now More 10+ FreeSpyPhone Features

FreeSpyPhone App

FreeSpyPhone App

FreeSpyPhone App

FreeSpyPhone is a free mobile spying app. This app is free to use. You don’t need to make any payment or subscribe to any plan to use it. If you cannot purchase a paid spying app, you can use this app.

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This mobile spy app is not only free but undetectable as well. It will help you to spy on a phone secretly. This spy app remains invisible on the phone. It will keep you undetectable.

You can use this app to spy on different phone activities. It helps you spy on calls, SMS, phone location, and many other things for free.

This mobile spy app is compatible with all types of smartphones. You can use it for spying on an android phone and tablet.

You can easily use this mobile spy app. It is simple and easy to use. Anybody with basic knowledge of mobile apps can use this app.

It will help you to monitor your child’s phone for parental control. You can use it for spying on your spouse as well. If you are managing a company, you can use it to monitor your employees.

10+ Free Spy Phone Features

FreeSpyPhone App apps come with multiple spying features. You can use all these features of the app for free.

Call Spy

If you want to spy on all the calling activities, you can use this feature. It helps you to spy on all the call logs. You will get information about incoming calls, outgoing calls as well as missed calls. You will get details about call duration as well.


You can use this feature to spy on all the SMS on the phone. It helps you to spy on all the incoming messages and outgoing messages. You will get all the messages details with the date and time.

Location Spy

This feature helps you to spy on the location of the phone. It helps you to spy on the live location as well as past locations. You will get accurate location details with the date and time.

WhatsApp Spy

You can use this feature to spy on all WhatsApp activities. It will help you to read all the WhatsApp chats, messages, media files, call logs, etc. You will get all the WhatsApp details with the date and time.

Phone Gallery Spy

This feature helps you to spy on the media files in the phone gallery. You can use it to view all the photos and videos. You can view all the photos and play all the video files.

Social Media Spy

If you want to spy on social media apps on the phone, you can use this feature. It will help you to spy on all the Facebook activities, Twitter activities, Snapchat activities as well as Instagram activities.

Browsing History Spy

This feature helps you to spy on all the browsing history on the phone. You can use it to check the details of the website as well as the URL. You will get all the details with the date and time.

More 10+ Free Spy Phone Features

Steps to Install Free Spy Phone App

Steps to Install Free Spy Phone App

Steps to Install Free Spy Phone App

If you want to keep an eye on someone’s smartphone, then you should know how to install the FreeSpyPhone application on your android phone.

You don’t require any special hacking course to run this application. Just follow the instructions given below.

But before that, make sure you have a smartphone and good internet connectivity. Here are a few steps to install FreeSpyPhone on your smartphone.

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Step 1: Download FreeSpyPhone APK File

First, you need to open your browser and search for, and click Suppose this way doesn’t work for you. Simply search for spy advice APK download on your browser.

Make sure you visit an original and genuine website. Click on the download button provided on the webpage. Easily download the APK file on the phone.

Step 2: Install FreeSpyPhone

Before that turn off play, protect, or uninstall play protect. This app works for both android and IOS. If a specific APK is already installed on your phone, then there is a possibility and high chance that it will not work on your device.

Basically, play protect will not allow you to run the Apk on your device. Thereby, it is necessary to off play protect. This will allow the Apk to get directly installed without facing any restrictions.

Step 3: Register Your Account

After installing the APK file in your smartphone, you can now enable play protects. Make sure that the app is completely installed and functional.

Click on the application. Initially, a registration page will appear on the screen. It is essential to get registered before initiating the process.

This app is 100% trusted if installed from a genuine source. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sharing your information during registration.

Step 4: Hide The FreeSpyPhone

After getting registered in the targeted phone, make sure that you hide the app from the screen. You must hide your process of spying on somebody’s phone. If the phone user gets to know about this, then it is highly possible that this app may get deleted by the victim.

Also, there would be a dispute in your relations with that person. Therefore, it is important to hide the app from the phone user.

Step 5: Monitor The Phone

You are almost done with the process. Finally, after doing all the above processes. Again, browse for, When the web- page appears to click on the login option, which is provided at the top of the page.

Log into your account which is asked as per the website. It is essential that you log in to your account to get the data from the targeted phone. Without this process, you will be not able to track the phone data.

You should fill in the login details without any hesitation. After getting logged in, you will then be able to access the data of the targeted phone. All the information will be stored in your account.

Download FreeSpyPhone Now More 10+ FreeSpyPhone Features

Why Do We Need FreeSpyPhone?

The most necessary question related to this app. We must know the usage of the application. Also, one should make sure that you use it for a good reason and not for bad intentions.

This not only makes it safe but also ensures one’s morality. There might be plenty of reasons for using the app. Here are some main points for why you need the FreeSpyPhone application.

Spying on your kids

In today’s world, it is very much important to keep tracking your kids, especially for those kids who got both working parents. Through this app, it becomes too easy to keep tracking your kids.

You can track their call logs, location, and the person they are chatting with. In just two-three clicks, you get all the information about what your kids are doing on the phone.

Safety for your loved ones

Getting live location is one of the main benefits of spying on the phone. This helps you to get to know where that particular person is traveling. It keeps you updated. If any uncertain situation happens then, it would be the best way to track.

In time one can be tracked, and their life could be saved.

Detect Lost Mobile

If in case you lost your smartphone. If you have spied that device, be rest assured of that. It becomes easy to track that lost phone as it provides you with a live location update. It will still work Even if the location on that phone is not activated. Through this, you will find not only your phone but also others too!

Spy Over Your Employee

It is a primary duty for an employee to keep their cell phones aside and work efficiently. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to know if they are working or not. Therefore, by spying on their phone, it becomes too easy without letting them know.

Also, in some cases, employees can leak the company’s confidential information. Thereby through spying on their phone, we could get to know about this. Even employees can be stopped by doing this, which means that you can save the company’s reputation and internal data through this app.

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Although spying on someone is illegal, but still, you can spy using FreeSpyPhone in an authorized way. Hence, if you need a fast and easy way to spying on someone by just using your phone, it is best to use FreeSpyPhone which gives you premium services of spying for free.