Download Free Spy Phone App

FreeSpyPhone app helps you in tracking smartphones for free. Nowadays, most people use this type of app to track phones.

However, if you want to use this app, you need to download and install it on the phone. It is mobile tracking software, and like all the software, you need to install it.

Steps to Install FreeSpyPhone App on Android

If you want to use the FreeSpyPhone app for spying on Android, you need to download and install the app on the phone. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use the app for spying.

Step 1: Download App

Firstly, you need to configure the settings on your Android phone to download the app. You need to secretly use the android phone and go to settings. After that, you need to enable sources. Apart from that, you also need to disable play protection. Once it is done, you need to go to the FreeSpyPhone website and click on the download option to download the APK file on the Android phone.

Step 2: Installation

Once you download the APK file, you need to install it manually on the phone. Open the file on the phone and click on Install. It will help you to install the APK file.

Step 3: Create Account

After installing the file, you need to open the app on the Android phone and click on sign up to create your account. You need to use this account to spy on the phone. Enter all the details and create your account. Make sure you hide the app after creating your account.

Step 4: Log in

Lastly, all you need to do is log in and spy on the phone. You need to go to the website and log in to your spying account. After that, you can use any of the features to spy on the Android phone for free.