How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

Way to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

In this century everyone uses mobile phone for study, calling, chatting, and many more things. Today every person depends on their mobile phone for doing shopping, paying bills, recharge and other things. People use social media apps on their phone for entertainment, sharing some information; however, people also do chatting with their friends as well. But sometimes they chat with a strange person; maybe this creates trouble for them. If your kids are using social media apps and you never know with whom they are chatting and talking. So you can spy their phone and see all the activity about your kid’s phone. In this article, you will read about popular spying app and its tool.

Way to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

Way to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

FreeSpyPhone – Text Message Spy App

You see many apps on the internet for spying someone phone. But the FreeSpyPhone app is a best because of its features and this app is totally free. FreeSpyPhone downloading process is very simple and you can use it without any trouble. You can download this app on your target phone via play store and create a new account and password. You need to fill some information about your target phone; you need to know your target phone iCloud id and password for completing the registration process. After registration, you can log in this account on your phone and you see the dashboard where you will be able to see all information about your target device.

FreeSpyPhone app works on both iOS and android also. FreeSpyPhone app has great features that will help you to spy text messages. Message spy is the best feature but apart from that, it will help you to know about calling, social media activity, live location and so on.

Steps to Spy messages

Spy messages help you to spy all types of messages like text messages, multimedia messages, etc. This feature sends you all messages on your dashboard when you log in your account so you can read all messages. You can also see the picture, which is shared by your kids. If your kids delete messages, you don’t need to worry about it as you can still read the messages.

Other features of FreeSpyPhone

  1. GPS tracker: – With the help of this feature you can see the live location of your target phone and also see the history of the map. You will be able to see the location with the exact time. If your child stuck in any trouble so with the help of this feature you can find out their location and save them.
  2. Call recorder: – This feature records all the calls. You can see all contact, incoming and outgoing calls, and calls duration with the help of these features. You can listen to the live calls as well if you want.
  3. Multimedia spy: – Multimedia spy feature help you to spy all files, images, videos.
  4. Browser spy: – This feature sent you all browser history. With the help of this feature, you can see what your child search on a search engine and which type of video your child sees.


FreeSpyPhone app has more than 25+ features. If you want to know more about the FreeSpyPhone so you can visit its official website and read more about it. You can also download this app from this website.


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