Microsoft performs trials of the new privacy settings in Windows 10 insider build

Microsoft performs trials of the new privacy settings in Windows 10 insider build

Windows 10 new privacy settings single screen

Some users may experience a single screen for all settings.

Microsoft has been improvising Windows 10 with its regular updates. The latest set of updates are on the verge of advancing the privacy features of Windows 10.

The current updates bring out a new Windows Insider build for the Fast ring users, upgrading their present Windows version to 17115. With these tests, Microsoft empowers the Fast ring users to have a glimpse of the new privacy setup that will supposedly accompany the upcoming Redstone 4 update.

Microsoft Adds Two New Privacy Settings in Windows 10 Insider Build

In the previous day, the Windows Privacy Office, Marisa Rogers, published a blog announcing the test launch of the two new privacy settings in Windows 10. These new settings are the ‘Inking & Typing’ and the ‘Find My Device’ features.

According to Marisa Rogers, the Windows Insiders, upon installing the new build, can experience the new set up. However, they may not experience the same setup. Some Insiders will encounter a single screen showing both the new settings independently.

new privacy settings in Windows 10 single screen

Some users may experience a single screen for all settings.

Whereas, some other Insiders might get a separate privacy settings window, with seven individual screens for each privacy setting. Hence, ‘Find My Device’ and ‘Inking & Typing’ settings will also appear on separate screens.

What Features Will The New Settings Bring In Windows 10?

Marisa Rogers, in her official blog, explains about the features of these new options.

Find My Device

find my device setting win10

Some Insiders may experience separate screens. This is how the ‘Find My Device’ setting would appear on a single screen.

As the name depicts, this setting will help locate your device. The screen for this setting will show ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options, separated by dotted lines. Selecting either of these will let Microsoft track your device location. This setting will help you trace your device in case of loss of theft.

Improve Inking & Typing Recognition

improve inking and typing setting

Single screen for the ‘Improve Inking & Typing Recognition’ setting available to some Insiders.

This setting will bring the best language recognition features and updates by allowing Microsoft to analyze your sent data about inking & typing. Choosing either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ will let you share your data with Microsoft. Each of these options will bear their description with them.

Microsoft Reveals the Upcoming Settings to Get User Feedback

Microsoft probably knows now how exactly to provide its customers with the best user experience. The latest step to reveal upcoming settings to the users is yet another way to show respect to its users.

In her blog about the latest changes in the Windows Insider Build, Marisa Rogers says that Windows always gives value to its customers. Hence, it enables them to sneak on the upcoming features and share their views.

She writes,

“By offering multiple experiences to our Insiders, we’re able to hear multiple points of view, along with preferences on the best set up experience that showcases privacy set up choices. We’re excited about the new Windows 10 update coming this spring that will deliver these new privacy set up experiences.”

The dedicated Windows Insider program was started to provide opportunities to Windows users time to time to get themselves informed about the latest happenings. Indeed, this project has been successful in gaining customer’s trust as it imparts a sense of value to its users.

The Insiders can get to know about any upcoming feature that is revealed at this platform. This time too, Windows has launched the new privacy settings in Windows 10 Build to get customer feedback.

Moreover, the smart move of launching two separate interfaces, that too, provided at random to all, will undoubtedly help Microsoft gather real-time feedback about both the interfaces as well as the settings well before time. Consequently, we can expect to see a pro version at the time of final launch with the Redstone 4 Update.

If you wish to get a hands-on experience of these new options, try downloading the build 17115 right now. Nevertheless, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback too.

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