No One is Safe: Trump Renews “Big Brother” Spying Bill

No One is Safe: Trump Renews “Big Brother” Spying Bill

Donald Trump Renew “Big Brother” Spying Bill

Without any surprise, yes, no surprise – as the US spy chiefs wanted exactly this to happen.

Commander-in-chief Donald Trump passed the highly controversial bill on Friday. This only served in adding fire to the vicious debate on internet surveillance, at the hand of the NSA.

After giving the go-ahead on FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). President Trump, as like in any other case of his, used Twitter to announce what he undoubtedly considers a victory.

Trump declared signing the bill (titled 702) for the good of international intelligence. And also for America’s terrorist eradication mission.

Donald Trump Renew “Big Brother” Spying Bill

The vast US government surveillance will stay right there to welcome you into your compromised-digital-lives.

News of the 702 Bill’s renewal may have come as a surprise (at least to a few who do not read spy and privacy news on, as the law was supposed to end last week. But thanks to the 65-34 voting, the US Senate decided to keep it alive.

Is there any logic behind renewing the FISA Bill?

Supporters of this bill claim that it is an invaluable way to ensure the safety of Americans. All while keeping terrorism at bay. They cite the 2009 NYC subway bomb threat, which FISA alerted authorities for saving lives.

But by hiding behind the positives of this bill, government officials expect to overlook the negatives.

Edward Snowden, the government ‘traitor’ who had to flee after exposing said bill in question, cites it as a way for the government to spy on millions of Americans.

This should be enough proof that FISA has a sinister underbelly. One that the people in power are trying to masquerade.

In fact, the purpose of FISA is to supply the US government with foreign intelligence. By intercepting anything from text messages to emails, and to social media activities – of foreigners only and not Americans.

But that is not the case, many critics and experts say they collect communication of thousands of Americans too. Either accidentally or with complete intend, that’s another part of the debate. But the thing is that NSA system spies on all; and not just the foreigners.

They can do this without a warrant thanks to big companies such as Google and Facebook. Not to forget the mobile carrier companies such as AT&T and Verizon. They turn over massive amounts of communications to the NSA.

So, FISA collects information from Americans too – as much as they can. Even if not more than they do from foreigners, that’s still “unofficial” as the section 702 of controversial bill FISA allows spying on the foreigners only. And, for national interest only.

NSA Report

NSA report in 2016 showed that they had almost 160 million instances of spying on Americans.

Want to know an even scarier fact?

Those 160 million cases of nonconsensual collected data all happened in 2015.

They gathered that much information in a single year. Now that is one thing to praise about NSA spying, isn’t it? Stands with EFF (and will forever)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) made it clear that they didn’t see the passage of the bill as means to give up on the fight for everyone’s rights in the digital world.

Claiming that they would continue their fight against the unconstitutional spying. And, is one of the proud supporters of EFF too!

Chairman of the EFF released an official statement, condemning the invasion of privacy of millions of American citizens under the guise of intercepting foreign intelligence.

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has joined the EEF as an opponent of the bill, too. Also, echoing the EEF by bringing to light the unlawful practices the NSA and FISA continue to get away with.

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