Top 10 Viber Spy Apps

Which are the top 10 spy tools for spying Viber

Parents of today are not unknown about the social media platform. In fact, parents are also making use of the social media platform. Viber is the platform which has gained popularity in recent years. Parents, teens, and kids all are making use of it. One can use this platform for free texting, calling and sharing multimedia files. This app is compatible with PCs and mobile and it helps connect people worldwide. There are 236 million users of this app and it is similar to WhatsApp. However, there are some different features offered in this app.

Which are the top 10 spy tools for spying Viber

Which are the top 10 spy tools for spying Viber

If your kids or partner making use of this app then you can keep eye on them to see that what are they doing on their Viber account? Keeping eye on their Viber account is necessary as this app is very addictive and today we can see people waste lots of time on these apps. To stop your kids and partners from wasting their precious time you can make use of monitoring tool and restrict their app usage.

Monitoring Viber messages has become easy with the monitoring tool and there are various tools which offer you this feature. These spy tools not only let you spy on Viber messages but you can also record calls, see contact, locations and photos and media which is hidden in the target phone.

Monitoring tools are software which lets you spy a device and see the activities done on the device without letting the target person know about it. It is a tool where different spying feature is offered and each of these features has different functions which lets you see different activities of a device. For example, call recording, this feature is meant to record calls of the target device. So, whenever you activate this feature you could see all the phone call recordings. Similarly, GPS trackers, when turned on you, are able to see the location of the target device.

Why use a monitoring tool

Some people hold the view that the monitoring tool is just for monitoring kids however there are many more uses of this tool.

Spy friends- when you are once betrayed by friends it becomes difficult to believe them again. Some of these friends are liars and to catch them red-handed we need to monitor and collect the proofs. Not only this sometimes you also see that your friend suddenly start behaving weird with you and you wish to know who is troubling or causing misunderstanding between you and your friend. At that time spy tools are best to check what’s wrong.

Spy spouse- your wife or husband is not the person who will cheat you but sometimes you see that they stop talking, and look stressed but when you ask them what’s wrong, they don’t tell you the correct answer. They might be having issues in the workplace or in a family which they are unable to discuss because of some reason but you need to find out what had happened to them. In that case, the spy app is useful and they let you discover what is happening at your back.

Spy lost device– when you wish to locate a device which you had lost or misplaced then you can make use of the spy tool. This tool will also let you lock the phone if it is stolen and you can format all data of your phone so that your data cannot be used illegally by other people.

Spy passwords- many people face problem in remembering their password and so spy tool lets you spy your phone password and let you unlock it. This is the quickest app which offers free password spy to you.

These are some of the uses of the spy tool now coming back to Viber spy! Viber spy tool is there in the market and list of top tools for spying is given here. Go through the list and you will come to know the best spy tool.

List of Viber spying tool

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

First on our list is this app, and the reason why we have placed it on top is because customers are loving it. It has the best features and it works very fast, means you have quick access to each and every detail of the target device. Not only Viber but all other messengers which are installed on the phone is spying using this FreeSpyPhone spy tool.

Some advanced features of this app are-

  • Ambient recording
  • Hidden call recording
  • Viber spy
  • Keylogger

#2 FoneTracker

#2 FoneTracker

#2 FoneTracker

Second most useful spy tool on this list is FoneTracker. This is an absolutely best monitoring tool for the parent but today employers and other people are also relying on it to meet their spying needs. FoneTracker works well on Android and iPhone device. Make sure you download the updated version of this app as there are more features in its updated version and it works better than the old version.

Some advanced feature of the app are-

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy

Spying with this app is fun as there you are given a free guide to use it. The features are effective and Viber spy is one of the features available in this app if you wish to spy Viber account. The user has offered packages which are monthly and you can pay for the package and enjoy using the services for a month.

#4 TheTruthSpy

It is a complicated app and the process of monitoring can be a little complicated when using this app. Make sure when you download this app in target phone hide its icon. If not done then target person may see it and then uninstall it.

#5 SpyRen

There are no advanced features in this app but it is still useful as there are other features like call, SMS and location recording. Also, there is a Viber spy feature which is free to use and so you can also use SpyRen.

#6 AppTracker

This is a new spy tool which offers Viber spy feature and so if you want you can download and use it. This app will track any device- Android or iOS or window.

#7 SpyZee

This is a simple spy tool with great features however it is meant for Android users. Other devices cannot be spying by this app.

#8 XySpy

No rooting or jailbreaking is needed when XySpy is installed by you. The user interface is great and there are all features which you need however you need to pay some money for each of these features.

#9 PhoneTracking

Phone tracking is another good Viber spy tool which has better functioning and so it is on the list of our best spy tool.

#10 mSpy

This is a spy tool workable on both Android & IOS device, there are advanced features like hidden call recorder and ambient recorder. But it needs rooting & jailbreaking so it is on 10th position on our list.


Now, spying on the Viber account of your kids or partner will be much easier. Just download any of the above apps. If you want to download top spy app, FreeSpyPhone then hit the link (