Top 10 Spy Call Apps

Top 10 Spy Call Apps – Best Call Tracking Review

Dozens of spy call apps are in the market but unfortunately, not all of them are worthy. Surprisingly only a few are good and actually worthy whereas others are a pain because of the complicated process of use and installation or features. If you are really giving an effort to get the best spy call app then reading this article is worthy. We don’t want to pay for any application that doesn’t have suitable features to match your needs. Moreover, you don’t have time to test all such apps that cater to your needs.

Top 10 Spy Call Apps - Best Call Tracking Review

Top 10 Spy Call Apps – Best Call Tracking Review

So, discover few of them means the best spy call apps without testing or making much effort in checking on them on their own. Here we have discovered them for users like you. Our picked apps are worth noticing and trying and among them; the best one is at the top of our list.

The top pick of this year

Lets us compare our best pick in terms of features, compatibility, ease of use and most importantly price.

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

The first name in the list is FreeSpyPhone and there is the reason for placing it on the top. Firstly, it is good for all users whereas others may work on a few devices. Second, the features are the attractive part of an app and spy advice is full of such features.

  • Call tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • IM tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Photos and videos monitoring
  • Geo-fencing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Keylogger and more

Third, the installation process is so easy that even your child can do it. And the surprising fact, the app is free; it doesn’t charge any fee for subscription. Well, we know you have decided to get it but let us check other ones as well.

Download FreeSpyPhone for spying Phone Calls at:

#2 FreePhoneSpy

#2 FreePhoneSpy

#2 FreePhoneSpy


The second best pick of the app is FreePhoneSpy which is suitable for Android and iOS. Well, if you want it for Mac and Windows devices then also it is still our best pick. Once installed it stays undetectable which makes it the best. It has tremendous customer support for those who are not tech savvy. The powerful features are available in its all package which involves call spying, screen time monitoring, visited websites, keylogger, geo-fencing and more. It is FREE.

#3 FoneTracker

#3 FoneTracker

#3 FoneTracker


Another popular app is FoneTracker. It has been there since 2005 and still an advanced monitoring app for tracking calls and other activities. Its powerful features make it super amazing. The ability to hide in the background of the device let it work closer to other apps on the device. It then records their calls, surrounds voice, chats, messages, location and internet surfing habits. Android devices with 4.0.4 -8.1 versions are compatible with it whereas all versions of iOS up to 9.1 are supported by the app.

The premium packages of FoneTracker are available at $20.99 for a month and for a year simply pay $149. For extreme package, the price for a month is $66 and $149 for a year.

#4 XySpy

The great app for monitoring the calls of your children and employee is here. The powerful features of the app, let it use the way you wish. In terms of configuration and installation, XySpy is pretty good. No technical knowledge! Don’t worry it is still good for you. It has a similar interface like other products so using it is not a big deal. However, it doesn’t have any advanced capabilities but its ability to perfectly monitoring the calls makes it the best app.

The app is most affordable, undetectable and comes with a good set of features.

#5 PhoneTracking

The innovative monitoring product for spying call is PhoneTracking. It has all features covered in it that other apps have. Social media monitoring, GPS location, videos, and photos tracking, text messages and other impressive extras are worth using. Good for parents and employers who are targeting their kids and employees respectively. View everything on a simple dashboard in one switch. Compatible with version 4.x to 9.x of Android and up to 12.3.1 versions of iOS, the app is fully compatible.

It is total FREE.

#6 iKeyMonitor

A friendly spy call app comes with some truly powerful features that ease the monitoring process. Rooting is required like in other apps which make it a bit undesirable app in the list. In this case, pick our top app that is spy advice. It, however, comes with a free trial for 3 days. It also has the ability to provide you lots of data of phone using its keylogger feature. Capture any photo or take a screenshot of device activity anytime with its useful features. Social media tracking makes it a vital app for users.

The standard price is either $29.99 to sign up with iKeyMonitor for a whole year or $11.99 per month.

#7 Spybubble

Spy call app is not the only need of you then try this recommended parental software. Use it and ensure that your child is safe even in the virtual world where monitoring is a bit complicated task without the use of a spy app. it fits for a majority of people because it is available at just $49.95. View the actions of your kids anonymously with spybubble. All the social sites and their conversation over there is simple to track with it. Moreover, track them when they are out using the GPS location feature. It is pretty simple and like other apps but its price may make it different from others.

#8 Mobile Spy

As per the name the mobile spy, it spy completely over the cell phones of the target. The app is pretty simple and good for users like parents and employers. The use of its features let the user tracks the call along with other activities such as messages, photos, and media sharing. The software is pretty affordable like others and easy to install. Get the app by making a payment of $49.97.

#9 iSpyoo

It is a cheat phone tracker that let the cheating of target get revealed in no minutes. The business owners and other doubtful users can easily monitor the messages and calls of those disloyal targets. Check their incoming and outgoing calls even if you are not present there to listen to their calls in real time. The app records them for you and sends it on your dashboard. At the cost of $22.99, iSpyoo becomes your spying partner.

#10 The Truth Spy

Last but not least, the truth spy is an amazing app available at $16.99. It uncovers all the truth of device to you with its accurate functioning features. The app is useful over every portable device of the world like computers, PC, tablets and more. It supports blackberry, android, iOS and another device that you use. The app has a complete pack of features that spy over their call, emails, chats and other activities.


So, these were the top 10 apps for spy call. If you are budget friendly then go for the best one and no doubt it is FreeSpyPhone.