Top 10 Phone Spy Apps

Top 10 Phone Spy Apps – Best Phone Spy Review

Need a best phone spy app but don’t have time to check all the options and see their reviews. Who wants to get involved in such a daunting task especially when the need is urgent. Neither you don’t want to subscribe for a bad one nor want to pay for an expensive one. So, got stuck and don’t know what to do. Well, you will not get surprisingly a spy app without evaluating it and for that checking all the reviews are essential. But, no need to put yourself into a daunting task of searching a best spy app when you are here.

Top 10 Phone Spy Apps - Best Phone Spy Review

Top 10 Phone Spy Apps – Best Phone Spy Review

We have done this job on your behalf. Here is a complete guide of the top 10 best spy phone apps with their reviews and comparison. They are picked keeping your needs in mind. So, let’s begin.

Top 1: FreeSpyPhone

Top 1: FreeSpyPhone

Top 1: FreeSpyPhone

At the top, we have a quality spying application and No doubt, our top spy app is the best choice for users. FreeSpyPhone is one stop solution because first, it is free and second it has features that give the best spying experience to the users. It runs at the background of the target device in stealth mode. Don’t worry about its compatibility. It works with all OS and even compatible with iPhone XS and Android 8 Oreo. The surprising feature of FreeSpyPhone is its ability to control the target device even from a remote location. This gives ease to users to monitor their target from anywhere. It has more features to make it call the best spy app.

  • 25+features that is rare in other spy applications
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to spy all latest IM apps without rooting the device
  • Monitor the target in real time

Price- FreeSpyPhone is absolutely free for all users

Download FreeSpyPhone for spying cell phone at:

Top 2: TheTruthSpy

Top 2: TheTruthSpy

Top 2: TheTruthSpy


The second most leading software of industry is TheTruthSpy. The good combination of advanced features, customer support, and affordable pricing makes it the second best app for spying. The app is a good surveillance app to monitor your child and even employees too. It comes with incredible features such as phone call monitoring, access to chats and messages, phone call recording, browser monitoring and more. Keylogger is an advanced feature of TheTruthSpy. TheTruthSpy is compatible with 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x Android versions. It also supports iOS jailbreak and no-jailbreak versions as well.

Price- get these attractive features at a cost of $20.99 per month.

Top 3: SpyZee

Top 3: SpyZee


The third best spying applications is SpyZee. This is one best cheap solution which is user-friendly, better assistance team and best spying features. It supports 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 12.0 versions of iOS. All the versions of Android are also compatible.

Price- get SpyZee for FREE

Top 4: AppSpy

Another popular spy app that comes with great recording features to record calls, messages, chats and other activities is AppSpy. It secretly snoops on the device working on different android and iOS versions. A new feature of AppSpy is preview and capturing screenshots. The higher versions of both Android and iOS are supported by this spy app.

Price- Total Free

Top 5: MobiStealth

MobiStealth has the widest range of features that makes it a complete pack of both basic and advanced features. It is loaded with full attractive features that make it a perfect application for business owners. It also has PC monitoring software that tracks the activities over computers. It is also cell phone spy software that tracks Gmail logging, surround recording, pictures and web browser tracking and more. it supports iPhone, PC, iPad, Android, and Mac tracking. The Mac versions above 10.6 are supported by MobiStealth. Vista, XP, and 7, 8 and 10 versions of Windows are compatible with it.

Price- the price for Android users is $16.66/month whereas for iOS users it is $26.66/month. For both Mac and Windows user, the price is $13.33/month.

The basic versions have all basic spying features and to get the advanced features one has to choose its premium versions. The app is really expensive for users such as parents and thus it is recommended for only business owners.

Top 6: iSpyoo

This invisible app comes with distinguished features. It tracks video calls, location, text messages, Call, contacts, chats, and internet browsing history. It gives a free trial version to its users. The iSpyoo makes a difference with other spying application in the ability to monitor multiple devices. Usually, with one account one device can be monitored. But, iSpyoo allow the users to monitor 3 devices of the different OS with one single account. It supports iOS and Android devices but this doesn’t work on blackberry or windows phones.

Price- iSpyoo comes in 3 different price ranges- basic at $19.99, premium at $23.99 and gold at $25.99 per month.

Top 7: StealthGenie

Blackberry users can use StealthGenie instead of iSpyoo. It supports even android and iOS. It works similarly to other spy apps mentioned above in the list. It supports only android devices with 2.1 and higher versions. It supports 3.0 and higher versions of iOS. User’s device having 6.0, 7.0 and 7.1 versions of blackberry can use StealthGenie. However, jailbreaking is required to use it over iPhone devices thus it is not recommended for such users.

Price- The two prices ranges $8and $16 for a month are available.

Top 8: PhoneSheriff

This is a particular app for parental control so it is not an actual spy app. the app has hiding feature but since its parental control software no need to hide it. The app has special features that ensure that the children are not misusing their cell phones. The most important features are website monitoring, contact blocking, phone locking, geofencing, time restrictions and more to monitor your child.

The app is compatible with Android and even with tablets. However it doesn’t support the blackberry, iPhone and iPad versions thus not all users will get this app. the highest compatible versions is 7.1.2 android versions whereas for some features rooting is required.

Price- pays $49 to get a 6-month subscription whereas for one-year subscription pay $89.

Top 9: MobileSpyAgent

Users who don’t want a complicated tool and an option that suits their budget can rely on MobileSpyAgent. It comes with common tracking features such as photo, videos, call history, location, and other tracking features. It needs device information such as memory usage and IMEI.

It requires jailbreaking to be used on iOS and Android devices. However, a few versions of iOS which cannot be jailbroken are also supported by the app. 1.0 and higher versions of Android are compatible with it.

Price- the basic plan of the app comes at the cost of $14.95 for a month and with $19.95 the pro version is available for users a month.

Top 10: AppMia

The last worthy addition in the list is AppMia. Monitor two devices with one license and get free upgrades as well. Almost all devices Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Symbian, iPads, and iPhones are supported.

Price- most expensive app on the list comes at the price of $194.99 for a year and at $699.99 it comes for a lifetime.


The list is now available to pick the best one but the recommended one is FreeSpyPhone.