Top 10 Hidden Call Recorder Apps

Top 10 Hidden Call Recorder Apps – Best Spy Call Recorder Review

Every year people can see that there are more advanced mobile versions available to buy. Smartphones are something which is owned by everyone today no matter it is a working man or a school student. All are making use of this wonderful device so as to entertain, communicate and meet their other needs. No matter how useful and advantageous is these smartphones yet there are many drawbacks related to it. These are nowadays becoming the biggest source of threat.

Top 10 Hidden Call Recorder Apps – Best Spy Call Recorder Review

What is happening in the world of a smartphone

  • Cybercrime– with the increased use of phones and the availability of internet the cybercrime has increased. Cybercrime is the biggest threat to people today and there are criminals who are using these smartphones and threatening innocent people. Also, there many people who make deals for drugs and other illegal things on the phone.
  • Social media- what is happening on social media apps? While there are people who make use of it to share their happy moments with their family and friends there are also people who are making use of it to threat other people. These are the people who stalk accounts of innocent children, collect their details and use it for their own benefit. They sometimes also do brainwashing of the kids by sending them contents which are harmful and dangerous.
  • Cyberbullying– Cyberbullying is not different than the cybercrime. Here, we are bullying kids or teens on the internet. Sometimes these bullying leads to suicide and other times kids remain quiet and they become depressed, they start doing wrong things, etc. The mental and physical state of the child is affected by cyberbullying.

So, this is what is happening in the current world of Smartphone. All these are major issues and it is necessary that some strict steps are to be taken against these crimes. In this article, we have mentioned the top ten hidden call recorder which is best to monitor on the Smartphone of your loved ones.

Monitoring the loved one’s phone is the only way to solve all those critical issues related to the use of smartphones. There are thousands of monitoring apps available but here we have mentioned only 10 apps which are best in the market. Before we jump on the list of top 10 monitoring app lets understand about what is hidden call recorder! Hidden call recorder is a feature offered in most of the spy app. This call recorder secretly records the calls from the target device.

List of top monitoring app with hidden call recorder

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

One of the most popular monitoring tools in the market is the FreeSpyPhone. This app is most downloaded by the users and the reviews of this app are positive. When you download this app you are offered the user-friendly interface, great features, computability, security, and many more things. You need to simply click on the “monitor” button in order to get control over the target device.

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#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

In the market this is the second most downloaded and used software for spying on the target device. This software is compatible with Android as well as iPhone. Method of spying through this app is quite different as here you have to download this app in user as well as target phone. Features of this spy tool are great, they work well but these are not free you have to buy them in order to make use of it.

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#3 FoneTracker

#3 FoneTracker

#3 FoneTracker

If you look at the reviews of this spy tool then it is quite positive; the latest version is good enough and the features which are workable on both android and iPhone. FoneTracker offers some free features like call spy, SMS spy and location spy however the advanced features are also available which you have to buy.

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#4 FreePhoneSpy

This is a wonderful spy app for iPhone users. This app is compatible with all iPhone devices and there are offered additional features in this app like ambient recording, keylogger, etc. The user is supported 24 x 7 through customer support so relying on it for spying on target is better. Customer can easily get help in case they find trouble using it.

#5 XySpy

This spy app aims to offer you remote control over the target device by taking out their information such as text, call logs, emails, etc. it offers you control over their location history, browser history and so on. This tool is perfect for those who have a low budget and want to spend less on buying features. The affordable price as well as easy to use interface makes it the best spying tool in the market.

#6 SpyZee

This is a free spy tool and there is no need for you to buy features. All features are free and work well to retrieve the information from the target device. This app is only needed to be downloaded in user’s device and there is no need to download it on target device however you have to fill the details of target device like the phone name, number, Date of birth, etc.

#7 Flexispy

It is placed on 7th position on the top ten lists and it has a good response from the users. The app is easy to use and there is not much feature however those which are offered are useful. Some common feature is call recorder, SMS spy, Location tracker, etc. One can take a free trial of the app for 24 hours and if they find it useful then they could make a subscription.

#8 SpyEra

Secure interface and 100% undetectability has made this app a wonderful choice. You will never get detected and the target person can never know that they are being monitored by someone. The user, no matter where is the target device, can monitor them using this app.

#9 Phonesheriff

This is the oldest app in the market and loved by all. However, since the new advanced spyware has been developed which works much better than it so it is kept at the 8th position. There are all the features in this app which you want for having better spying experience. The user can download it on their mobile or PC or laptop and make their account to spy on other person’s device.

#10 AppMia

Using this spy tool you can monitor the daily activity of the target phone. Every time the target device uses his phone then the recording of the activity starts and the recording is sent to the control panel immediately. This app lets you restrict the use of the target device, you can restrict any app or account which you think is not good for use.


Now, you can easily make the choice of the spy tool which meets your needs and allows you the best user experience. All of these apps have hidden call recorder in them so using it you can record calls of the target device. Now you can spy on your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband or kids or even employees. Protecting our loved ones have become easier with these spy tool and all other issues which come in our life can easily be solved with the use of this spy tool. Are you ready to spy on your kids? If yes, then go download the spy tool in your device.