Text Message Spy without Installing Software

Text Message Spy without Installing Software

Let’s dive into the topic. This article is going to be about the spying application. The spying application is useful in spying on an individual. In simple words, it is a virtual spying platform. There are many spying applications. These are the best ways of investigating. In time meaning the technology has changed everything. These are like investigators on hire. In this modern age, everything is possible.

All you have to do is install the application. You must be wondering how much space it will consume. Well, there is no need to install this application on your device. This app will be installed on the target’s device. After this process, the complete information will be accessible. The target’s activity status will be revealed to you. This is a fantastic deal. This software allows you to stay invisible. The target will never realize this. As the whole process is very secretive.

Steps to Spy on Text Messages

Steps to Spy on Text Messages
Steps to Spy on Text Messages

Even the person who is behind the entire plan will remain a secret. It can be very tough for the point to be recognized. There are no chances of getting experience. Nothing comes easily. There are a few steps that you must follow to start the process of spying. After this, all the text messages of the victim will be open to you. You can see all the details of the messages. AppSpy – Free Spy Phone ( is very well designed. It is a comfortable and extraordinary software.

Step 1: Download AppSpy.APK

You must download AppSpy on Target Phone.


Step 2: Setup Account

Open the AppSpy.APK file and Install it. Register your account.

Step 3: Monitor

Log in to AppSpy Panel at and View all text message history.

There are some fantastic facts about this. It stays invisible on the target’s phone too. This is one of the most striking features it has. All of these features make it more sought. Spy software is not very difficult to use. Every feature of this is very friendly. AppSpy can be installed in every kind of device. There are no boundaries related to this. Keep reading to know more about this app.

More Features of AppSpy App

More Features of Free Spy Phone App
More Features of AppSpy App

There are various features and functions. The spy software consists of some exclusive features. Here are going to mention some of them.


This is absolutely free. It does not demand a single penny. The spy software can be installed for free from the pre-installed applications.

Device- friendly

The spy app can be put on any device. It works in android and iPhone as well. The software will function on any smartphone. This will not harm the smartphone in any way.


The most mandatory thing in the app is invisibility. There is nothing more important than that. The spy app allows it to be invisible. Even the applications stay invisible on the target phone.


The AppSpy is very user-friendly. In fact, the user will not have a very tough time understanding this. It is effortless and convenient to use. In case there is any confusion, the sky app shows the demo as well. It will be very suitable for the user.

Safe and secure

The AppSpy is very safe to use. The information of the target will only be accessible to the spy. Only one device can have the information.

Texts and messages

The main intention of AppSpy is to investigate. The text messages can reveal a lot about the target. This is the best feature. With installing the AppSpy, you can spy on the target.

Call details

The call details are traceable. There are various aspects of the AppSpy. It consists of many functions. The calls made and received are tracked. In short, the calling information is provided.

8+ Free Spy Phone Features

Final Words

There are many spy applications. AppSpy has many things unique about this. The targets’ activity status is thoroughly traceable. Most of the conversation takes place via messages and texts. Even that is possible.

Along with that, it gives the liberty to track each and every detail. It is not necessary to install the spy application. We hope this article will meet your intentions.

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