SpyEra Review! You Need to Read Right Now

SpyEra Review! You Need to Read Right Now

SpyEra Review

If you are a parent, you probably know the difficulties of continuously monitoring your children.

True; isn’t it?

But, it is almost impossible for parents to protect their children without affecting their privacy.

Parents hate interfering in the lives of their children. At the same time, they want their children to be safe.

SpyEra Review

Likewise, in the case of business organizations – the employer wants to keep a constant eye on their workers so that they won’t violate the privacy and safety rules of the company.

But, they need to do this secretly – without them knowing.

However, the question here is

How to do this?

Is it possible to protect your children without violating confidentiality?

And, how can the employers supervise their employees privately?

Well, don’t worry. There are many surveillance applications and services available in the market that can help you monitor the activities of any person you want.

One of the most effective and powerful of them all is “SpyEra”.

In this review, we are going to cover various features, benefits, installation, performance, comparison and many more aspects of SpyEra that will be very beneficial for you – and help you understand this spyware, more closely.

What is SpyEra?

This mobile surveillance app was developed by the team of highly professional technicians, in Hong Kong.

SpyEra is a hidden application for mobile spyware that provides unrecognizable monitoring and surveillance features.

This software can quickly run on any smart devices, such as cell phones and tablets, or any other devices with modern operating systems. It supports several phones from the Android to Symbian and iPhone to Blackberry.

What’s so good about Spyera?

SpyEra provides numerous functions such as tracking the location of the phone, scanning text messages, email and contact lists etc. You can record incoming or outgoing calls as well. It can also work in different languages.

SpyEra can be used to spy VoIP applications – which you will not find in any other software.

Spyra is available in three versions:

  • iPhone and Android Smart Phones: Mobile Version
  • iPad and Android Tabs: Tablet Version
  • Mac and Windows: Desktop Version

SpyEra allows you to have Parental Control on your smart devices by Web Filtering the unwanted content. You can trust your children with this spyware.

You can also see the complete history of email and text messages; and receive the full information about activities in popular the applications such as Viber, Facebook and Skype, etc.

SpyEra not only helps you understand what your children are doing but also let you locate them via GPS.

You can activate and deactivate its functions through the online interface, so it means – you do not need a phone to manage this software.

How does SpyEra work?

Install SpyEra directly on the phone you want to track; you do not need to download this program on your phone.

The target person will never realize that he is being followed because SpyEra is entirely invisible.

Once the application is installed on the device, it will collect all the data. Then, send the information to your account or the user’s console. When you enter into your account, all the information about the targeted phone is displayed.

SpyEra is a global tool. The company wants its users to feel safe. If you pay for this product and do not like it, then you can get the refund, within ten days.

Parental Control via SpyEra

SpyEra Review Compatibility

What is more important than the safety of children, for parents?

In SpyEra – parents can direct their children’s activities.

The Internet has a significant influence on our lives. Social networks have become very useful for everyone. 99% of teenagers use the internet. Parents can hardly change; what their children are doing with their phone.

According to statistics, 54% of children have personal conversations with unknown persons on the internet. 56% of young people receive personal information requests, and more than 40% publish private data online.

Many teens admit that they talk about sex with strange people on the internet, and some of these strangers are older than what they say. About 80% of kids make mistakes every day.

Don’t you think that children need protection from such enemies?

The Internet world is dangerous if children do not use it correctly. And this is the goal of the parents, who teach their children, how to use and control their activity online.

SpyEra can search your child’s location through GPS Tracking. You can also monitor and locate your device, in case of loss or theft.

Do not be afraid of the codes and passwords your child creates. Password Grabber provides you with all the passwords, so that you can easily access your child’s accounts.

How to Buy SpyEra?

The purchase process involves three simple steps that hardly take few minutes; you only need an internet connection and credit card to do so. These steps are:

  1. Select the edition
  2. Complete the required information on the “Secure Purchase” page
  3. Welcome message received on email

What payment methods are compatible?

SpyEra can be purchased through a credit/debit card payment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Electron

What is the cost of this app?

SpyEra is one of the best surveillance applications in the market. This application gives you all the advanced features and is used to ultimately manage your phone and tablet with iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry OS.

The price starts at $ 50 minimum for 3 month. It is not the cheapest solution, but it is one of the most powerful solutions available in the market.

Refund Policy of SpyEra

SpyEra provides money back guarantee for ten days. With this insurance, you have nothing to lose. Try it now and start monitoring your target phone for the next 5 minutes.

How to try the free SpyEra application?

The only way to test this application is – to buy it. You can return the request within ten days if you are satisfied with its performance. Therefore, if you want to trace all the actions of the target phone, try this solution and you will not regret it.

How long does it take to “Download” SpyEra on iPhone and Android?

Downloading and installing SpyEra is very simple. You just need to follow the instructions step by step.

For instructions – you can see the SpyEra Installation Guide.

The different versions of the operating system for mobile phones have different defense mechanisms, which do not allow you to download or install SpyEra application, without disconnecting them.

The most common problem is the download time for Android and iPhone.

The download time of SpEyra for iPhone and Android may vary depending on the download speed of the receiving phone. However, it takes around 15 seconds only.

In order to complete the download process for Android and iPhone, it takes approximately 2 minutes.

How long does it take to “Install” SpyEra on iPhone and Android Phone?

The installation process for iPhone and Android is easy but, it takes more time than the download process. It only takes a few steps to install – basically, it’s about activating the app. To complete this process, you will need the activation key which you received after purchase.

Installing SpyEra takes about 2 minutes. If you calculate the whole time, you will see that the entire download and installation process takes maximum 4 minutes.

Is it possible to install SpyEra remotely on the destination phone?

Unfortunately, this is impossible. SpyEra cannot be installed without first accessing the target phone.

Requirements for SpyEra’s iPhone/iPad

If you want to download SpyEyra on your iPhone or iPad, you must first jailbreak it. iOS devices are protected by firewalls that do not allow third-party installation – other than Apple store.

Jailbreaking is a quick and straightforward process that anyone can do.

You can also see further instructions on the SpyEra Manual for Android and SpyEra Manual for iOS.

Salient features of SpyEra

SpyEra Review Features

SpyEra has many unique and powerful functions that allow you to control a variety of actions. Some of the primary services are mentioned below:

Listen to a call and a direct call

Listening and Recording calls in real time is a high-level spy feature SpyEra offers. With this function, you can listen or record a live, whenever you want.

Besides, you can save a secret log and even listen to VoIP calls. This function is achieved through the Spy command, which must be sent from your phone and controlled remotely by the control panel.

How can I tell if my target phone received a call?

If you want to listen to the call, you must set the alarm. You can define up to 10 specific telephone numbers, and after a particular telephone call to the monitor number specified in the control panel, a text message will be sent. Then you need to call the target phone with a predefined number and participate in the conversation.

Listen to the surroundings

It is the most useful and advanced feature of this spyware. With this function, you can turn ON the microphone of the target phone, at a safe distance and listen to what happens in the surroundings of the phone. You can also record and listen to media whenever you want.

Hidden remote camera

Remote activation of a hidden camera is an outstanding feature implemented in this advanced spyware. You can take live images from the camera of the target phone.

It is activated by sending a secret code to the destination phone. This code hides the application on the device and captures the image.

Social networks and instant messaging

This is the most useful function of all. This feature allows you to track all the activity in the social network of the target phones.

SpyEra has one of the most extensive lists of instant messaging chats, you can follow.

If you want to use social media chat functions, you need access to the root. Here is the complete list:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • PIN
  • BBM
  • Line
  • Viber
  • FaceTime
  • iMessage
  • Wechat
  • Yahoo Messenger

Password hacking

The password hacking is entirely free of cost feature. SpyEra processes security templates for email and social networks, from the targeted phone. Retrieving the full information about password and provide it to you.

The Support System of SpyEra

SpyEra support is free, that is, there are no additional costs associated with any products. You can contact the technical support team via Contact us and Email buttons displayed on the page. The support staff is, and they will provide you with the information you need.

Pros of SpyEra

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • SpyEra offers many useful features, many of which are not available for most spyware available in the market
  • You can use this app to track BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
  • SpyEra is more difficult to detect than other surveillance applications
  • The SpyrEas remote control feature allows you to configure many aspects of the destination phone remotely

Cons of SpyEra

  • It is necessary to install a jailbreak
  • Accessibility to the device is compulsory
  • Very costly
  • Another vital inconvenience is the support of the product. Most major spyware providers, such as mSpy, offer live support feature or a toll-free number
  • Translation into a foreign language is carried out mainly with the help of Google translators instead of human translators
  • You cannot block sites or keywords

Comparison: SpyEra Vs mSpy


To install SpyEra and mSpy on the target device, administrators must have physical access to the target device. After installation and initialization, physical access is not necessary, as administrators can configure and monitor all actions performed on the target devices through the web portal and the secure connection system provided at the time of installation or purchase.


SpyEra is compatible with iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices and Symbian phones and tablets; as well as, for Windows PCs and laptops.

mSpy is available for iOS devices (jailbreak, without jailbreak at the same time), Android devices and Windows and Mac computers. No other app – apart from mSpy offers non-jailbreak service for iOS devices.

Main characteristics

Both services have essential supervisory functions, such as call monitoring, message monitoring, email monitoring, internet usage monitoring, network monitoring and location tracking.


SpyEra and mSpy have location tracking functions. The location function is quite simple and understandable; Administrators can use the device’s GPS feature to track the target device and see the exact location of the device at any time. This location feature also has a built-in route logging tool that merely records the route of the target device.

Other Specs

Administrators can supervise instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Line.

mSpy also supports Snapchat monitoring, which is a significant advantage, since most children use Snapchat regularly.


SpyEra Review Pricing

Unlike most other monitoring applications and services, SpyEra does not classify its packages and plans with the operating system, but sorts them according to the form factor.

SpyEra for Windows PC and laptop

  • 3 months = $ 50
  • 6 months = $ 60
  • 1 year = $ 70

SpyEra for iPad and Android tablets

  • 3 months = $ 150
  • 6 months = $ 190
  • 1 year = $ 250

SpyEra for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian

  • 3 months = $ 190
  • 6 months = $ 290
  • 1 year = $ 390

On the other hand, mSpy offers 4 different packages which have different characteristics and different periods of time. Users can choose the package that best suits their needs.

Basic Package

  • 1 month = $ 29.99
  • 3 months = $ 59.99
  • 1 Year = $ 99.99

Premium Package

  • 1 month = $ 69.99
  • 3 months = $ 119.99
  • 1 Year = $ 199.99

Family Package

  • 6 months = $ 359.97
  • 1 Year = $ 479.97

Bundle Package

  • 1 month = $ 84.99
  • 3 months = $ 135.99
  • 12 months = $ 229.99

Comparison: SpyEra Vs FlexiSpy


Flexi Spy can track the calendar and notes of the target phone.

This feature is not available in the Spy Era application.


Free trial within 24 hours, chat support, and demo videos are available for the FlexiSpy application.

This service is not available for SpyEra.

Support System

Telephone support is available for SpyEra

No such thing for FlexiSpy spyware.


SpyEra for Windows PC and laptop

3 months = $ 50

SpyEra for iPad and Android tablets

3 months = $ 150

SpyEra for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian

3 months = $ 190


FlexiSpy Premium package = $ 99 (3 months)

FlexiSpy Extreme Package = $ 199 (3 months)

Final Verdict

SpyEra Mobile Tracking is an excellent spyware. Most customers consider SpyEra to be very useful and an easy to use tool. One of the main advantages is the trouble-free buying and installing process.

SpyEra is much more expensive than any other services and apps available in the market; however, this is the price of quality, advanced features and excellent support.

Like any other spyware, SpyEra has its pros and cons.

Still, it’s a great option to choose – when it comes to secure and reliable tracking.


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