Ultimate Spy Software Buying Guide to Make only the Right Decision

Ultimate Spy Software Buying Guide to Make only the Right Decision

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Are you looking for the best spy guide? Everyone has a reason why they need to buy spying software. Some want to spy on the kids, while others want to keep their employees in check.

Good spy apps cost a fortune, and no one wants to end up with a raw deal. Many people turn to the search engines to find comprehensive spy software guides.

But it is not easy to scour the internet and find the best spy app. Mostly, people end up with an absurd app because they do not know how to tell that software has everything needed to spy on someone else without getting caught.

Anyone who Googles ‘the best spy guide’ ends up being bombarded with millions of results. At times, the first result on the search engine is not always the best.

Why? It’s because there is more than just a story about finding an excellent mobile spy software buying guide in what you need. That is why this post is comprehensive enough to cover all you’d need to know about a spy app.

Well, it is worth noting that there are hundreds of spy software on the internet. Most programs have specific uses, and an app may be useful for one reason but not another.

It means that you must understand which app is best for monitoring your teen daughter’s iPhone, and which is the best for handling rowdy employees.

The problem with the marketing strategies of most spy apps of the internet is that they use screaming headlines. They can even promise you how free an app is, and how it is going to spy on your spouse.

Later, it will hit you to notice that the app has in-app purchases to open the most important features. Others will say they are helping you spy on someone else, while in reality, they are “actually” spying on you! So, you must be keen on what you are buying.

The thumb rule is to have a checklist of features that you should find out before hitting the ‘purchase’ button.

Well, some questions should already be in your mind. So, before adding that software to your cart, make sure you ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why do you need the spy app?
  • What’s your budget for buying the spy software?
  • Whom do you intend to spy on and what is the make of their device?
  • How safe is the spy app?
  • How reputable is the provider?
  • What is the size of the app, and will it slow the device?
  • What do the other users say about the product?

What is Spy Software?

Is there anyone who doesn’t understand what a spy software is, yet? Well, no need for assumptions – I’m here to explain. A spying app or software is any program that monitors the use of a device.

For instance, a mobile phone spy app tracks the apps, texts, and calls among other things that the target does on a cellphone.

Likewise, a computer monitoring software helps you know what another person is doing on his or her PC.

Most of these apps send you a detailed data of the call logs, chats or weblogs. In fact, it has an online dashboard that lets you know what websites the target visits.

In short, the spy programs help you do things that many people think are exclusive to security agencies.

While government departments such as the NSA spy on citizens, these programs let you monitor your target like a pro!

So, you do not need to hire surveillance agents experts to see what your employees or teens do. Instead, see this software-buying guide for the powerful spying software.

Leading providers

They say kids are a replication of their parents, and this statement is valid in the world of spy software. The world has hundreds of spy solution providers.

As you will see below, the reputation of a program’s developer influences the quality or reliability of products. Anyway, below are some of the most popular spy software providers.

  • Flexispy
  • mSpy
  • Mobile Spy
  • MobiStealth
  • StealthGenie

Is Spy Software Legal?

Do you want the detailed answer or the simple one? If you want to understand the legal implication of downloading or using spy software, have a look at our is spying legal or illegal post. But if you are in a hurry, don’t worry, I’ll get you the summary.

First, it is important to appreciate that the law is a double-edged sword. You can use the app legally, but if you go beyond the fences, you might end up behind bars. To be safe, you need to stop relying on the marketing slogans on the provider’s websites and instead, subscribe to Spy Advice!

The law is clear- if you are caught submitting the information to a foreign power, sorry but it is equivalent to committing treason. Luckily, they won’t use lethal injections or the chair because it is against human rights. Unless you have law guru for an attorney, you might get there.

Spy app developers are conscious about the law, and they have a disclaimer part that plays with your mind.

After telling you to spy on your spouse using their app, (which is illegal by the way) the companies give a disclaimer stating that the blame is on the user.

They even have the guts to say that you can consult an attorney for advice.

Well, there are three grounds to keep you safe. First, you must own the phone. You cannot spy on a device that is not yours.

Make sure that you install the spy app on a tablet, phone or computer whose ownership you can prove.

This includes gifts to your children or spouse or an assigned device to your employee.

Second, you should explain to your target that you want to spy on them. Yes, they should agree to your intention of snooping on them.

This way, there is nothing like an infringement of privacy because, in the first place, the target already agrees to the ‘contract.’

Third, you should never use the information you get for any malicious purpose. For example, you should never expose the information to third parties.

Spying on your kid based on these grounds is legal. Don’t worry about having your teen son agree that you will spy on him – he is still a minor, and thus, you have all rights to make decisions on his behalf.

Then, when doing this, you are already playing your part of providing security to the kid.

But wait! How do you monitor your spouse after telling them ‘hey hubby, I want to spy on you’ Get serious! I won’t advise you to do it illegally, but the law allows me to tell you to use your brain!

Primary Targets of Smartphone Spying

Anyone can become a spying target. As long as you need information from someone, then you are going to spy on him or her.

While some people rely on conventional physical methods of following up the target, it is both tedious and expensive.

But using smartphone and computer software is quicker, safer and cheaper.

The government’s spying systems are broad spectrum, although recent developments may deter them from spying on innocent citizens. But individuals spy on specific targets.

For instance, you can target your kid, employee or spouse. Monitoring on children is easy because there are no legal constraints. All you need is a device, a spy software, and the kid!

Corporate espionage

If you want to monitor your employees, then what you are seeking is corporate espionage.

It is common for large enterprises that deal with sensitive information. To avoid leakages, the company requires employees to agree to the monitoring of their communication devices.

It is normal for companies to plant trackers on vehicles and devices. It is also fair to monitor phones and computers.

This ensures that the user takes care of the business’s property and intelligence. The employer is also able to tame negligence among staff members.

For instance, with the monitoring app, it is easy to tell what the employee does on the computer and when they divert to social media or other time-wasting platforms.

Again, this form of spying saves money for the organization while fostering security for the employees.

Corporate espionage is legal on all the three grounds of argument. First, the devices that the company spies on belong to the organization.

Second, the employee agrees to the monitoring by signing the contract or letter of employment.

Then, the information gathered does not get into the hands of third parties or malicious individuals.

How Does Mobile Spy Work?

Well, spying on smartphones is quite similar to monitoring computers.

All you should do is plant the software onto the target device, and then start receiving alerts in your online dashboard.

But there are complex processes that take place before you get the alerts.

First, you need to make sure that the target device is compatible with the spyware.

If you buy only the best spy app, then you will find it better because it has a version for any operating system or phone model.

Noteworthy, jailbreaking may be necessary for iOS devices. The latest versions of Apple products do not allow spy apps or jailbreaking, but we have workarounds.

Second, you need to install the spy software. The best providers will let you install the spyware remotely, without physical contact with the phone, tablet or computer.

This includes sending a link in an email. In the remote installation, the user cannot notice that there is installation going on. This is because it uses minimal system resources.

Also, the user only requires to open an email or link, and the software starts downloading.

Third, the spy software starts reading the user’s emails, calls, and texts. It also gets app activity and screenshots. The best monitoring apps can even let you spy on Whatsapp, Skype, and Snapchat. Standard apps will record the web browsing history and call logs as they appear on the target user’s device.

Fourth, the details will appear on your online dashboard. You will need to login to your account on the provider’s secure website.

The account leads you to the panel where you can see alerts from the target user.

Some excellent apps even let you block specific device activities remotely. For instance, you can remotely block websites, uninstall apps or block callers or social media users.

Of course, all this happens with the help of active internet. Because the spying occurs remotely; both the target and primary devices must have an active connection. The corporate espionage apps allow you to monitor multiple devices.

Buying Guide for Spy Software

I guess this is the part you needed most, right? Well, here, I’ll give you the factors to consider when purchasing a spy app.

When picking up a car, you pay attention to the horsepower, interior, and exterior features as well as engine type.

But when you want to buy spy software, the most important things to check out include support, refund policy, remote installation, compatibility and the scope of monitoring.

Relax, as I take you through each factor – right below.

1. Compatibility of the spy software with your device

Why would you need to invest in an app that does not work for the target device, anyway?

To avoid the losses, check out for the compatibility. There are versions for Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, iOS with jailbreak and iOS without jailbreak.

When considering compatibility, you need to pay attention to the make of the target device, as well as its operating system.

Then, pick the compatible software on the provider’s site. Check out to find if the device is one of those listed on the website.

If it is not there, that’s terrible news, and you may need to contact the developers!

Installing the app on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad is easy. Some providers have versions that can install on non-jailbroken iPhones.

For the latest iOS versions that do not accept jailbreaking, you can use the iCloud backups.

2. Reputation of the provider

Every industry has frauds, and monitoring software is no exception. So, to ensure your money goes into the right pockets, pay attention to the software company’s reliability.

Of course, you do not want to spend your dollar on a disappointing purchase. This means that doing personal research on the software is non-negotiable. If you want to find out if the company is trustworthy, check out the following things.

3. Support

A good company has an active support. The priority of any software developer should be to help users. This includes answering questions raised by the customers. It is therefore unfair to subscribe to a company that takes weeks to reply to a text.

The support helps solve issues and problems arising from the use of the app or software.

Clients should get active help. It does not matter whether the company demands extra payment for the help/support, as long as it is convenient.

4. Professional company website

Formidable software companies have a professional internet platform. It is on the site that they let users download programs.

In most cases, the website is easy to access and has the ‘https’ initial. Then, it should be easy to access.

These features are important because they help you log with ease. Most of these sites may also have a forum or toolbox where you can chat with the management or other users. Also, it is full of information about the spy software.

5. Refunding and guarantee policy

A good company will explain situations in which the subscription may be terminated. These clauses should be explicit, without hiding in printouts or small fonts.

Likewise, the provider should explain and be ready to refund the payment in case of customer dissatisfaction. It means that the guarantee policy and period should be clear for all users to see.

6. Payment options

The company should offer you a conducive and safe way to pay the subscription fee. Many providers are trying to reach out to customers by allowing them to pay through several methods.

For instance, the companies let you pay via PayPal, Credit Cards, or Payoneer. Others even allow you to pay through Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards.

Developers are also working hard to outdo each other in their payment plans. Apart from the annual subscription, they also have a bi-annual, monthly or quarterly plan. This allows users to choose where they fit the best.

Features to look out for when purchasing a good spy software

One of the essentials you need to find out when buying software is the features. This includes how it works on a target device.

If it were a car, the features would be the acceleration rate, horsepower or remote control doors. In this case, it includes safety, remote installation, and scope of monitoring.

1. Remote installation

A good spy company should allow you to install the app without needing to have the target device in your hands.

With the best providers, you can plant a spy app on any device, anywhere in the world. All you need is the iCloud ID for un-jailbroken iOS devices.

For other devices, you can send a message to entice the target person to click on the download link. Most apps have an automatic installation, which means even the user can’t notice what’s happening.

But, do not get mad if you find an app that requires physical contact with the target device. In fact, most advanced apps do not allow remote installation. Instead, you need to hold the device and install the software by yourself.

2. Monitoring Apps

When you install a tracking app on the phone, you expect to get the call logs and web history. But, with advanced spyware, you can listen to the calls and watch the target click on sites.

This is because the developers ensure that there are features to enable reading of app data. Further, you can block sites or uninstall apps you find irritating.

The best apps even allow you to pry into WhatsApp, Snapchat, and even Facebook Messenger. So, check out if the spy app has such features.

Best Spy Software Guide’s Pick

By now, you already know how to pick the best spyware in the market.

Well, life is too short to scour the internet for the list of all the monitoring apps in the world.

So, we considered that and decided to bring you a brief review of the top five most popular spy apps.

i) Spy Bubble

Official website: www.thespybubble.com

  • Tracking features
  • Intuitive site and dashboard
  • Blocking sites and apps
  • Monitor texts


  • Some customers are irritated about Spy Bubble

ii) Mobicip

Official website: www.mobicip.com

  • Web blocking
  • Monitor online shopping
  • Anti-gambling features


  • No tracking tools

iii) The Phone Sheriff

Official website: www.phonesheriff.com

  • Automatic switching off to restrict phone-kid addiction
  • Set timetable for the kid


  • No tracking
  • No web blocking
  • No keylogger
  • No text or call monitoring

iv) MamaBear

Official website: www.mamabear.com

  • Records the speed of the car your target is traveling
  • Sends you alerts in case of acceleration of the car


  • No web blocking
  • No chat or phone monitoring

v) mSpy

Official website: www.mspy.com

  • GPS Tracking
  • See call records
  • Read private conversations made on Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, etc
  • Monitor apps
  • Screen shared on your dashboard for you to see everything live
  • Versions available for iOS, Windows, Mac and Android


  • Unless you have any to tell me!

Verdict: And the Best App from Our Spy Software-Buying Guide Is…

Come on; you know the best spy app already, don’t you? Well, I’ll still be forthcoming enough to state it. From the above guide to buy spy software, it is easy to acknowledge that the top five providers listed are worth considering.

But, if you need one to monitor individuals comprehensively, then it is high time you consider trying MSpy. This program has everything you’d ever need in a spy tool. You can read my previous review of the mSpy app.

Meanwhile, if you have any question regarding this spy guide, feel free to engage us in the comment section below.

Oh, do you have a better spying software in mind? Which app do you think is the best for monitoring a spouse?

Or, which app can perfectly monitor children or staff members? Do not forget to tell us about it!


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