2 Easy Ways to Let You Spy on Internet of Anyone

2 Easy Ways to Let You Spy on Internet of Anyone

Spy on Internet

In all honesty, we live in a world of lies and conceit. All of us need to know the truth and everything that is happening under our eyes. The online world has become very dangerous. If you don’t know what is happening there; you encounter huge problems as a result in future. That’s why you need to take action and start to spy on the internet of others.

Indeed, there are many reasons behind such action. For example, if you are a parent and your children might be acting weird. Their grades might be getting low, and you don’t know what’s going on. One action will be to spy on kids and see what are they doing over the internet.

Since they are spending tons of time there, you should take action at the right time – so you avoid any issues in the future.Subsequently, another reason can be your spouse. Be that as it may, relationships are not so simple as they seem. Your partner might be acting weird lately.

He/she doesn’t spend much time with you, and you sense a distance between you two – also a tension growing. That is why I recommend taking action over this and start spying on your spouse.Spy on InternetThe last reason I would like to list is companies. Employers have tons of reasons to see what is going on with their employees. Sometimes you can see differences in productivity of some of them or bad behavior. That is why you need to take action, so you avoid losing money or any other bad thing to happen to your business.

By this said we all have to resolve such problems and I got to use some internet spy techniques that made my life better. But even so, I want to make yours too – so I thought of 2 easy ways to spy on the internet of any individual you wish to. Let’s jump to both of them right below!

1. Using a software (mSpy)

Since we are living in the digital era where apps are everywhere, some are great some not that good. Here I thought of presenting you one app that has some great features to spy internet of others. The program I used for the purpose in question and going to talk about is, mSpy.

mSpy has some great shadowing features that are easy to use; and, is a very discrete app you can install on the target phone. The app offers many monitoring features with some easy setup options and an excellent control panel. In this way, you can see what is going on from everywhere.

Down here I am presenting some of the core features of it that you can use while spying over someone over the internet via software (mSpy).

Track the internet browsing history

I believe as a parent you are curious what your child is looking over the internet. Also, how long are they visiting some target pages? In consequence, you can see if they are doing something they shouldn’t.

Or maybe your spouse is looking at dating websites, which is a huge concern – or they bought presents online that you never received. Or perhaps, your employee is spending time on Facebook or shopping while at work.

Whatever is your reason or concern to spy on the Internet of anyone, worry not, mSpy will have you covered. With its internet browsing spy feature, it is going to be your number one app to track internet history.

Look over bookmarked and saved websites

With the mSpy app, you will be able to lover at all the saved sites and bookmarks of your target. Nowadays, even kids know how to delete browsing history. Yet, forget to remove or even delete the saved bookmarks.

That is a perfect way to see what websites were saved, as the most accessed ones. Using preference and patterns, you can protect your child from doing some stupid things like your marriage (just joking). They are essential things in life, and you have the rope to make it is perfect.

Block unauthorized or unwanted websites

Finding out that your spouse or some of your employees are visiting some sites they shouldn’t be, can be frustrating. That’s why with mSpy, you can just block those websites they are often using. This feature is perfect for parents, to protect their children from dangerous sites.

The control panel from mSpy has a nice feature that you can choose to “Block Websites”. You can do it either temporarily or permanently. You can choose to block them between some specific time hours or to decide not to block them at all, too. The site you can block can be anyone you wish, as maybe the social media ones for children and employees. So, you can grow productivity for both of them.

View the browsing history from a Control Panel

You just need to access the mSpy Control Panel and choose the “Browser History” option. From here will come a long list of the websites accessed. In this way, you can choose to see them in depth by clicking on the link.

From now you are open to track internet browsing history of anyone with no problems. At any rate, it’s a great way to know how to track internet history on android, iPhone or any other device.

Keyword Alerts

mSpy has an excellent feature, the keyword tracking – I love it. You only define the phrases/words (for example, sexual assault, violence, pregnant, etc.) and then mSpy will inform you instantly – whenever it encounters any keyword recorded in data logs of the target device.

Not just in a web browser, mSpy detects the keywords typed in text messages, instant messenger, emails or elsewhere and sends an alert via e-mail to you immediately. How cool is that?

Done with covering mSpy’s cool internet spying features

So there you have them all, these fantastic features provide you security as well as reveal hidden information. So, after setting the mSpy up on your kids’ device (for example), you can let your children spend time over the internet without sweating much.

This tool is also used by the enforcement agencies, to monitor and stop harmful things going on over the internet. Yet, I don’t recommend you to save the world; some people know what to do. So you don’t get in trouble, and you can focus on your life problems.

How to get started with mSpy for becoming internet spy

So now that you know all the core features of this app, in regards to spying on the internet activities of anyone you wish – let me know you the steps to get started with it. Here you go!

  1. The very first thing you need to do is, buy mSpy. It offers three different subscription plans, choose the one you think suits you best. As soon as you are done with completing the order form, you should receive installation instructions to your email address immediately.
  2. Make sure you have got the physical access to the device of which you want to spy internet.
  3. Now check your inbox, a confirmation email alongside login information for your mSpy control panel should be there.
  4. Log into your control panel and follow the setup wizard there that will guide you through the entire installation wizard.
  5. That’s it! As soon as you’ve completed installation and the setup wizard, mSpy will instantly start tracking all the internet activities taking place on the monitored device (let it be your kid’s employee’s or spouse’s).

Note: You won’t need physical access to the target device ever again, you will be able to view and manage all the information from your web-based mSpy control panel directly at any time moving forward.

2. Spying on the Internet of someone via the wireless router

So using software is not the only way possible, there are multiple ways to spy internet of others. Another excellent method I tried is using the wireless router.

It can give you plenty of reports and show you what devices had accessed the internet. Also, what websites the children or spouse accessed when they accessed and even when they logged off. What is excellent is, that you can see the reports when you are not home – since you can set your router to email you the alerts.

So, below are the things you can look at the wireless router as a free internet history tracker. At any rate, with wireless router spying, you don’t get to pay bucks in case you are in a rough financial situation. Let’s start!

Advanced Router Logs

Today’s market offers many types of Wi-Fi routers that have a high ability to track the activity of your Internet traffic. One good example is a Netgear router. You’ll have to log into your router admin panel by using your Web browser. Then go and select “Administration” after “Logs“.

On some other types of routers, you have to go to “Router Settings” then choose “Troubleshooting” and then the “Logs tab“. The log tab provides you with the IP address of the phone, computer or other types of device that accessed the Internet through that router. Some of the routers will even provide you logs of the web address as well as the IP of that internet site.

Your router might also show you time when the connection over a specific website was successful. This part is great if you choose to block sites for your children or maybe employees to visit them. Possibly some routers can show you the MAC address of a device instead of its IP.

Knowing which computer is around

Routers don’t tell you the names of the machines. You’ll need to check which devices are working all over your home or any other place. To find this out, you only need to go and access cmd (Command Prompt window) in the Windows Search.

Here you only have to type down “ipconfig/all” and then finish pressing enter. This technic shows you the computer IP address that is in your home. So, if you don’t know what employees are causing you problems, then use this. In case you can’t access the computer device, try to find the computers that you can access. Finish by using the process of elimination to find that computer.

Track the traffic volume

Maybe you are not so focused on what websites your family members are visiting. But perhaps, as like me sometimes, you are more on keeping the bandwidth below the monthly limit. You can do this on most of the routers, in this way you can monitor the traffic in exchange for the websites.

If you are looking for this option, then on some routers you may click “Advanced“. After this go for “Advanced setup” and finish with “Traffic Meter“. On some other types of routers, you may need to look for the “Traffic Statistics” tab in settings and then look for “Advanced functions“. In this way, you can see how much data has been going thru your internet connection. More precisely on the WAN section.

Apps and emails

You are not at home always, to look over your router. To see what your kid or spouse has visited, or maybe what your employees were doing while you were on vacation. For this, there is an option that routers now have.

They can send you to email notifications reports. You can set a specific traffic which you want to receive. Also, the router can notify you regarding a significant event which is triggering on your network. For example, the moment a person tries to access a website you blocked or asked everyone not to open that.

Moving on, some router companies have made apps you can use to see the websites accessed by the devices in your network. Besides this, they also have parental control and other types of advanced settings for the router.

All in all, no matter if you are using a Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, Asus or any other router you just need to poke around the settings in admin portal of your router to achieve the same outcome.

So there you have it! Using built-in security features of your router, you can monitor all of the network traffic that goes in or comes out of your home – pretty easily. The primary benefit of this method is that you don’t need to install any software, which makes it difficult for others to detect. And of course, this is not going to cost you money either.

But it has some limitations, is not a comprehensive way to spy on internet activities of your children, spouse or anyone you want.

The main limitation is that they can get around it (unblock the sites you blocked etc.) by using a VPN or proxy, and also, you could not see any web browsing that is going to be done on their tablet or smartphone via a mobile data network (e.g., LTE, 4G).

Bonus: Tips for finding anything about anyone online

Again, I believe everybody needs to have a bit of knowledge about stalking someone. If you have an interest in what is your spouse doing online or the children, above provided methods will serve you nicely to spy on the internet of them. Now below I’ll give you some bonus tips for finding out information about anyone you want online, join me:

Google stuff

It doesn’t matter how much you know about a person; you can just start Googling. Google is a potent tool if you know how to use it correctly. If you don’t know anything (like Facebook, email, etc.) so you can identify a person you are looking to dig more information about, then you need to skip this option and start using keywords straightaway. Go to google and start typing things you know about the person.

A great example is “Joe Miami photographer”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the full name, you can still get social media profiles or identifiable results through their location, job, school or marital status (to give you a hint).

Facebook people search

If nothing pop’s up while searching over the google, then the next move is to go on the social network – and start spying over there. In fact, Facebook is an excellent platform to spy on someone; its search people feature can help you with different boxes you can fill. As you can check for high school, college, university, employer, hometown, name, current city and many other. So if you know one of the things from these then you can narrow the search and go to browse thru the photos that come as a result.

Moving forward, if the person doesn’t have any social presence then go for friends or family. It also is possible that they might be hiding under another name or maybe a fake name, in such case you might want to use a people search engine like Pipl.com first to hunt their relatives down.

People are not so creative, remember that

In case you can find the username, personal email address or maybe the YouTube account – you hit a huge win. Most of the time people are bad at mixing up their passwords as well as usernames.

The likely used that username for tons of times. So, a great start will be searching for that username on Google or Facebook. Same thing you can do on other social media networks and blogs (for old comments or maybe posts).


In these last words, I would just want to point the methods I told you today. Knowing how to track internet history on a cell phone is not easy, or other types of devices – it needs you to be all there. As an example, the first option I covered is the mSpy app.

This app can help you track all the internet activities on iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows – and comes with many other features, not just internet spying. It also has a control panel, where you can look at the information logs no matter wherever you are.

You’ll only need to have the physical access to the target device for once, and that is all. mSpy costs a few bucks per month, but you will have priceless results. Besides, it is straightforward to use and a comprehensive solution when it comes to spying on the internet of others – compared to the other method.

The wireless router is another method which I believe is more for the people that have home technical skills and are on a budget. It is a free option. Still, I went for the mSpy method. Because of the ease of use and ability to “actually” spy on everything other person is doing over the internet.

Lastly, if you have used any of the above-provided methods or have any suggestions regarding the internet spy topic, feel free to speak your mind by leaving a comment. Have a successful spying!


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