Spy on Android: Easy to Follow Step by Step Guide

Spy on Android: Easy to Follow Step by Step Guide

Spy on Android: Easy to Follow Step by Step Guide

These days, spying has become a very common thing because of the lack of belief in others. Humanity has turned around a bit, yet there are reasons to do it. Still, don’t take it as a challenge so you can test your detective skills. They might take you through some huge problems. One of the most common one to try and do is spying on a device. But today we are going to focus on Android spying. Admittedly, the usual and most simple thing to do is to use a spy App. Hope you weren’t thinking of picking the phone and trying to solve the password puzzle. There are much more simple ways to do it. You can use Android tracker apps for many legit reasons. Don’t have to be Jason Bourne to kick asses, use guns or have knowledge of Jujitsu.

From all the operating systems monitoring an Android device is pretty easy. Because of the security system, which is very vulnerable on mobile phones. Furthermore, this happens without the knowledge of the owner. Now coming back to the point, before we move towards how to spy on Android – I’ll list some of the reasons why you should spy below:

Monitoring your kids

Most of you, parents, are concerned about what “actually” your children are up to on their smart devices. In order, to remove this problem, you can install a monitoring app on their smart gadgets.

In this way, you’ll have all the information’s you need about your children. From messages, their calls, WhatsApp and many other. Yet, I hope you are having full belief in them and just want to use this kind of method for their extra safety.

Monitoring your loved ones

From a while, you might have a sense that your loved one is not the same. You kind of feel like he is hiding something from you. Or, he or she is not acting the same. This is a great reason to use a spy app, so you can find the things you concerning you.

One of the most common types of communication for the one who is cheating is messages. Because that is the most discreet way. That’s why you need a great app, so you can spy on your loved one to see what is going on in reality.

Supervising employees

As an employer, you have to be with the eyes of all your employees. Monitoring their productivity, behavior and many other things. Many of them show problems on their productivity. They are not at their highest level, yet from the best employee when to be the worst.

All smartphones have GPS, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS app for phone and many other. Well, all these apps and features are what you’d be able of monitoring with an undetectable spy app for android. In this way, you’ll be sure of good work and your employee having results.

How to choose an Android spy app

How to choose an Android spy app

How to choose an Android spy app

Before, starting the whole idea FreeSpyPhone had thought of helping you (all the users online) out. You must know that not all spy Android apps are compatible with all the types of phones.

Besides this, it depends on what you intend on monitoring with it. Companies might want for monitoring their employees, parents might want it for monitoring their children – everyone’s need is different!

So, the best app for spying will have to run in steal mode. Be careful after you install it to not appear on the start-up icons of the target phone, or anywhere else. You must be confident with an Android spy app you choose that even if the person is deleting its history you’ll still have access to it.

Some of the most important things you have to take in consideration when choosing a spy android app are:

  • To have GPS tracking;
  • Access to all SMS, or other types of messages;
  • Browser history ;
  • Ability to monitor websites;
  • Access to social apps (like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook messenger etc.) on target phone
  • Besides this you should have remote control;

Finally, now that you have gone through the illustrated scenarios as to why one might need to spy as well as got the idea of what a good spy app should be if you need to pick one. Next, I will focus on helping you figure out which is the best app to spy on Android. Here we go!


Having around 1 million users, the most popular and reliable app used to spy on Android phones is FreeSpyPhone. The only thing you have to do is, to install the app on the device that you wish to spy.

After this, you’ll have to activate a product key (which is done during the installation and setup on the target device). Once you’ve done this you are good to spy the android device you have been looking for. Given that’s done, you can use FreeSpyPhone remote moving on to see everything, thru the online portal.


You must know that the FreeSpyPhone Android tracker costs around $20 per month, is that a big price for you to spy on one you badly need to or feel more secure anyway? Also besides all the fact from above, as I noted above in unlimited devices point, you must know that you can use the app only once a time on every device. A great thing about FreeSpyPhone subscription is that it provides a risk-free 7 days free trial!

So given that you finished buying the app, you’ll receive an email with the keylogger. Also, information’s about how to log into your FreeSpyPhone dashboard and other instructions to install it on your target device.

How to use FreeSpyPhone

How to use FreeSpyPhone

How to use FreeSpyPhone

At any rate, this amazing app for spying android phones is one of the easiest to use. Besides the fact that allows you to track any kind of smartphone all in real time. Down here we made a short step by step guide on how to use FreeSpyPhone to spy on Android:

  1. The first to do before you make anything else is subscribing to the FreeSpyPhone, I recommend you start with free 7 day trial of it. Yet, be sure to have the phone that you desire to spy around. Because you’ll have to set it up there. Also, the app is not for illegal purpose. So, if you have a qualification, then you’ll have to go to the official webpage. Finish all the agreements and sign. There is also where you have to ad contact information and also for billing.
  2. The second step sounds something like this. Download the FreeSpyPhone app for android. You’ll receive a registration code on your email after signing up, use it register your account. In short, as like in case of any other service online, you will have to create a username and a password for your account. All is for the phone that you’ll spy. Again, upon signing up, the app sends you all the information for the installation and account creation. Be sure you install it on the targeted phone. All the process will go into steal mode. There will no be an icon or any kind of activity of the app. So, you don’t have to worry.
  3. On your last step, you only have to use the FreeSpyPhone dashboard (your dashboard where you’ll be able to see all the logs from target device) to adjust any settings you might want (like if you want the logs to be uploaded to the dashboard only when the target phone is using Wifi or set any keyword alerts etc.).

That’s it. You now sit back and let FreeSpyPhone spy on Android for you – any Android device of anyone you wanted to sneak in for long!

But yes, we recommend informing the phone user that is being monitored – you should always do your homework whether the kind of spying you are doing is legal or not. No worries about any settings again though, because you can change them using the FreeSpyPhone dashboard anytime you want.

What’s next?

So given that you have FreeSpyPhone installed, you’ll have full access to the targeted phone from SMS to social apps and GPS. Also, the phone calls and his browser history are going to be monitored. So it won’t be wrong to say that now your problems will have an ending, as parent, company or in a relationship.

Yet some of the FreeSpyPhone’s features for your further idea are:

  • Interface: The program as we know is being inserted into the phone and will stay silent. Only if you forget and turn the settings change on (it will ask you at the time of installation whether you want to keep the icon or not, so that’s not an issue – just make sure you select not to show the icon on the target device).
  • Control Panel: You get to have an online control panel. That will upload and record all the phone’s activity. Also, you can log in to the account from any smartphone browser and also from computers. By this said, you can make any kind of modifications or you can view any type of info from anywhere.
  • Logs: You will have the ability to see all the accessed websites.
  • Gmail: You are able to see the Gmail messages.
  • Photo and Video log: You’ll have full access to the taken photos and videos.
  • Usage of the phone: All the activity realized on the android phone and records everything.
  • Call History: All the calls received will remain in the memory.
  • GPS: All the GPPS record is going to be in the software and also displayed on a map. In this way, you’ll know every time where the user of the targeted phone is.
  • YouTube: FreeSpyPhone will record all his/her YouTube and show on your account dashboard.
  • WhatsApp: The FreeSpyPhone app for Android will enable you to Spy on Whatsapp of your all the time. It will send you constant information from messages and even voice recording and photos.
  • Messenger: If you want all the messages from Snapchat, Skype, Hangouts or even Facebook messenger, with FreeSpyPhone you’ll have full access to them.
  • Keylogger: FreeSpyPhone has a new feature that allows you to have a look at the keystrokes typed. Let it be on your employee’s, or your child’s Android phone or even tablet. You can have a great look at the time/date stamp, what app is the most popular, as usage. And all the keystrokes that were typed on that app.
  • Tracking with Keywords: You’ll receive a report over the recently typed, email, SMS. Even the words used in the browser.
  • Unlimited devices: You can have FreeSpyPhone only on one device, yet this is possible at a time. So you can change the android phone anytime you want, without purchasing a new license.
  • Contacts: All the new contacts entered on the phone and also the contacts from the phone, you will have access to all of them.
  • Time on social media: The time your target (let it be your kid, employee or spouse etc.) is going to spend on social media is also kept for you to know.


FreeSpyPhone offer tons of help with their online support center. You have the options to speak on an online chat or with someone from a call center. So, you’ll receive all the technical support you need.

Besides this, if you don’t know what version of Android you have don’t worry. Go to your phone’s system settings and search for the about phone tab. Finally, scroll to the firmware version to know your Android version.


Uninstalling FreeSpyPhone is easy! To do that, go to “Phone Settings” and then” Security”, next “Device Administrators”, then “Update Service”, next you need to click “Deactivate”. After that get back to “Settings”, next “Apps”, then “Update Service” and finally “Uninstall”. That is it!

Alternative to FreeSpyPhone: Android Spy

Alternative to FreeSpyPhone: Android Spy

Alternative to FreeSpyPhone: Android Spy

The second app that we recommend is a free android tracking software. Such amazing apps are available on Google Play. More than this, they are free android spy software. These kind of apps are not as reliable and functional as like FreeSpyPhone, but you don’t have to pay even a single buck.

So compared to our recommendation these get the job done (even if not comprehensively) for free. We are taking in consideration even people with low budget. So, we made you a short presentation below on how to work with such apps, in simple steps.

  • First, you have to take yourself to Google Play and download the app on your device.
  • The best results that you’ll receive there will be, Android Spy – or you can go with anyone you think is worth trying. Hint: Look for real user reviews there.
  • Install the app Android Spy (or whatever you’ve picked) on the target phone (the phone you need to spy on), and yes, we recommend to install the application on both the phone you own and the phone you are tracking.
  • After installation, click “Open” so you can start spying on the phone. Please note that you select “free download” option for the Android monitoring app you just installed.
  • Then fill all the information that it requests in the boxes. Take a look at the agreement for the user and then finish with “Submit”.
  • Now you have to check the Log in info being your username and password, information that you set up earlier when you first opened the app.
  • All good now, from here on you simply take a look at the logs. In this way, you may now be able to know and track the phone usage and all the things you are open to spy on the phone you are targeting.

Even if it is a free Android tracking software, you have many choices. As you can choose to spy on Messenger, YouTube, Gmail. Also, you can have a nice view of your target’s location with GPS and many other features.

Obviously, the most efficient feature (and most used as per my experience and online research) is the SMS one, where you can find out who sent the messages and also to whom your target sent texts. So all in all, the Android spy app will give you access to an amazing list of features you can benefit from – for free.

As a final point, this amazing hidden spy app for Android is perfect if you are on a budget. Now we have money to invest in spying on others. This recommendation of ours is the best to try if you are only looking for a free option to spy on Android of someone else.

So, if you think your children are hiding things, employees might be doing something wrong or your spouse is cheating – you have got a free tool to stop guessing and enable yourself into actually see what is going on. Having said that, have in mind the fact that a free app to spy on others Androids are good but still, these might not have the results as like the one that you paid. Yet, it is worth trying.


To conclude, two amazing apps made for different kind of people. Why do we say this? Well, they are different and offer choices based on how much you pay. In the end, the one that you choose to pay will worth more than the one you want for free.

In my opinion, I recommend FreeSpyPhone because of its high rate of success and ease of use. It’s an app that for sure you won’t get to regret afterward. Because it has a much more secure system. The app will not unveil itself on the phone that you target, ever.

And because of the fact that the free Android spy apps do not cover social platforms properly (they are good just for basic monitoring like SMS or phone location tracking as a matter of fact), and nowadays everyone spends time on social media – there is the place to dig. So unlike the Android Spy or any other similar free app, FreeSpyPhone can also enable you to spy on WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, GPS etc.

FreeSpyPhone gives support in case you are having problems while using it. You don’t get to find your phone infected with some viruses or find yourself spied, in the end. The are many reasons why not just me but all my colleagues recommend you to choose to pay a subscription on FreeSpyPhone. And before I forget to share, you can always benefit from the FreeSpyPhone free trial where you can test it out for 7 days without paying anything!

On the other part, Android Spy is perfect to have a look at how an app like this works. Yet, you’ll not receive the results you were looking for. Indeed is a free android tracking software, but you won’t have the results you are searching for.

So, if you are so interested in spying we recommend you to go for the FreeSpyPhone. It’s easy to use because of its amazing control panel. If you don’t have your phone you can go online and check your stats. All in all, if you are looking for a smooth experience with an Android spy software – FreeSpyPhone is the right choice!

Finally, we hope our article gave you a good brief on what will be the best way to spy on Android. And yeah, spying might sound science fiction, yet, it is no longer. If you tried these apps or any other, leave us a comment and share how was your experience. In this way, we (alongside many other readers like you) get to know the apps better in different cases. Thank you for reading, happy spying!