How to Spy on Kids Like a Pro Online

How to Spy on Kids Like a Pro Online

Spy on Kids

Parenting is not a walk in the park, and in most cases, it gets your head spinning. Especially, in these days when technology and the internet have taken over the world, parents just can’t get their noses out of their children’s business. It is inevitable to spy on kids online if you want to ensure that kids are safe, guided and disciplined.

Spy on Kids

If you want to raise responsible children, then you must be ready to see what they do online. Well, most of the chats, pictures, and videos that children engage in are secret, and they would not want you to find.

If you are planning to control what they can do, then you must be smarter. The days of hanging on your teen daughter’s shoulders when she receives a call are long gone.

If you walk to your kid and say you are planning to spy on them, you are going to lose it all. If you intend to work it straight up, you are also losing it. Instead, you need to install a kid tracker app on their phones.

Of course, it’s not expected of you to confiscate the phone from your children- they will feel so frustrated, and you don’t want that. You’d better do cell phone spy without access to the target phone.

Noteworthy, it is not easy to write off the fact that your kid needs a phone. According to the Pew Research Organization, 88% of teens aged between 13 and 17 either have a phone or have access to one.

Then, at least 90% of teens in the United States know how to use texting to communicate. So, the writing is on the wall – if the kid does not use your phone, he or she will use another device. You cannot take it away from them because they will suffer peer pressure at school, and this may result in low self-esteem.

According to a report by AVG, teens spend at least seven hours on phones and computer among other electronic devices. By the time they are in their late teenage, 33% of the teens have at least one thing they regret doing on the internet.

A prudent parent will play the guidance role without hurting the kid. Do not rely on the litany of evening questionnaires ‘where have you been?’, or ‘who are your friends?’ Instead, watch what they do on the phones without them knowing. As a parent, you are not alone – a study shows that 82% of American parents believe they have the mandate to protect their children online.

If you want to strike a balance between your kids’ privacy and efficient parental guidance, then you’ll need a tool that can help you. On the whole, FreeSpyPhone is one of the best apps you can ever use to spy kids.

If you are looking for how to track a cell phone location without installing software, give the FreeSpyPhone app a shot. The mobile application lets you know who contacts your kid, the websites the child visits or apps they use. You can also find the places he or she goes using GPS.

SPY KIDS 101 – Introduction to Spying on Kids

I am sure you understand what spying on kids means. If you don’t, we have the introduction course for you. Spying is whereby you pull out an FBI on your kid; you investigate them secretly. In the past, parents would read the emails and letters sent to their children. Of course, this resulted in lots of privacy concerns from the kids.

Today, life is broader with the advanced technology, and emails are no longer viable. Parents who want to know their kid’s friends, hobbies, interests, and addictions must learn to take hold of the communication gadgets they use. The phone is the primary target, and because the kids are conversant with technology, parents must keep up with smarter technological monitoring methods.

To spy on teens, you must be a really smart person. Unlike grade school kids, teens know how to navigate their phones pretty well, and they are always suspecting that you could be prying on them. But you don’t have to attend Quantico for intelligence training- technology has offered you all the power you need already!

If you do not want to plant a chip-card beneath your kid’s skin, then you must keep up with FreeSpyPhone. You can spy on your kids through installing apps on their smartphones. Some spy apps need installation, but others are online and have nothing to do with it. You can also use their Apple ID, which does not require you to install any app. Anyway, to find out different ways of spying on your kids (and anyone else?); keep reading this tutorial.

Why you should spy on kids

Before everything else, why should you spy on your child? Well, there are many reasons why parents should embrace kids spying. Parents can monitor their kids’ computers, phones or tablets.

It doesn’t matter if the device is iOS, Android or Windows, but as long as you have the right application, you can still watch what your children do.

Parents are caring a lot, and they want to see what kids do. Here is the rationale start monitoring and controlling what your children do with their phones, tablets or computers.

  • Help them concentrate on studies
  • Keep off indiscipline
  • Protect your kids from malicious internet users
  • Tame your kid’s ego
  • Guide your child’s access to sites. You can also limit their access to adult sites
  • For basic parental guidance

Now before moving onto the how to spy kids part, let’s first talk whether it is legal to spy on kids or not.

Is it legal to Spy on kids?

Three legal grounds give you the right to spy on a gadget. First, the phone must belong to you. Of course, you have the right to track your device. No doubt, the kid is using a phone that belongs to you, so you are good with that.

The second ground requires you to inform the target that you are spying on them. Well, maybe you are worried about how your teenage daughter will react if you break the news that you want to spy on her. Such a move would trigger a sudden change in behavior, which would result in the somewhat weird situation.

Luckily, the law allows the guardian to have dominion over a minor’s decisions. In fact, a kid does not have a legal ability to make a ‘sound’ decision. It is as if the law gives you the right to ask yourself, on behalf of the kid, whether you should spy on the minor and then answer back!

The third legal ground is that the parent or guardian has the legal mandate to offer security, education and necessary provisions to the child. The laws of the land stipulate that you should raise a good citizen of the country. Thus, to ensure you give the constitutional rights to your children, parents can go as far as spying on them.

In summary, the parent’s responsibility overpowers the kid’s right to privacy. If their right to privacy jeopardizes security, then the latter becomes a priority over the former. Thus, tracking your child is legal. You can confirm that from our dedicated article on whether spying is legal.

What’s the Best App to Spy On Children Online

By now, you are good to monitor your kids with little information further. If you are still stuck on how to do it, then you can use the mobile apps. The phone should be the first target for all prying!

The reason is simple – you want to monitor the chats, calls, browsing, and location. Smartphones are small computers, and you can get a lot of information from monitoring it. Well, versions of the kid tracking apps are also available for tablets and computer users.

Why Use Apps To Monitor Your Kids Online?

  • It is fast to track
  • Affordable
  • Some offer child phone monitoring free services
  • Tracks where the kid visits
  • Let’s you control the teenage mistakes
  • The kids cannot know when the app is running

The internet has infinite varieties of spyware. Determining the best amongst them is quite a hassle. Thanks to Spy Advice’s devotion to bringing you nothing but the best, we have scoured the internet for the most effective spying apps.

We do understand that the most popular apps are not necessarily the best. That’s why spy app reviews rely on the experiences of other people. The user-based reviews are more trustworthy because they give the actual picture on the ground.


Illegal spying is a federal crime that can attract a significant penalty. The apps should only be used to spy on your kid. Spying on other people’s private lives may be criminal. It may be legal to spy on your kid, but if you expose his or her private information to other people, this could be easily conceived as espionage. Anyway, our article is for informational purposes only, and how you use the apps is up to you.

Top 5 Best Kid-Spying Apps

Many people desire to know how to track a phone without them knowing for free. Well, it is important to appreciate that the best spy apps are premium and you must pay a monthly fee. However, some spying apps have free versions, and you can make use of them. Now, let’s go to the list of the best spy apps on Google Play and iTunes.

1. FreeSpyPhone

There’s a reason why FreeSpyPhone is the most popular kids spying app in the world. The accolades are fair. Apart from tracking the actual location of your child, the FreeSpyPhone app has multiple worthwhile features. It has GPS technology, which enables you to know the exact location of your child. If the phone gets lost, the GPS feature will help you find it, too.

Then, you can eavesdrop on calls using the FreeSpyPhone app. Listening to calls is an important feature because it helps you sort the good friends from the bad. With FreeSpyPhone, you can also tell whom your kid contacts and what plans they have.

Besides, you can read the target’s texts and secret chats. This includes spying on Skype, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. For the advanced features, though, you may need to pay a little more.

If you are planning to monitor the apps that your child uses, then you can use FreeSpyPhone. The app can let you see the target phone’s screen, right on your online dashboard. FreeSpyPhone also has an intuitive dashboard, and it is compatible with iOS devices, Windows, and Android.

2. The Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble is an art of the style kid-monitoring app because it has awesome tracking features. Their site is one of the most intuitive, and it has important tips for getting you to do the right thing. For instance, it has advice on online photo sharing. It advises teens to be careful with the pictures they share online because they can be used to harass or intimidate them.

Apart from advisory content, Spy Bubble has features that will help you know what your kid does online. Besides, it can let you block sites, apps and other phone features that seem distractive to your child.

What the app terms and conditions do not tell you is that you can use it to monitor your cheating wife or husband. Well, that is a sloppy topic, but if you are smart enough, you can still spy on your spouse without being caught. Our focus is about spying kids, and there’s no need to divert, for now…

With The Spy Bubble, you can track text messages, calls and online logs. This way, you will have all the details about your kid’s activities. There’s no need to be bothered about how to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone, try Spy Bubble free version.

3. MamaBear

You just bought your teen a car, or, he or she has a friend who got a driver’s license twenty minutes ago. Your mind is spinning like a slingshot because you fear that your lovely kid may get involved in an auto accident. If that’s your worry, then you are the reason there’s MamaBear.

It’s okay to be worried if you are allowing children to drive vehicles. Road accidents account for more deaths than fever and stress combined! Sadly, most of the victims are young people. Certainly, you must do something!

MamaBear app steps in to help you track the speed of the vehicle that your kid is traveling. Whether it is your son or daughter’s car, or their friends’, you must be vigilant. The app calculates the speed and then sends to your dashboard. This means you can know when the speed is dangerous. Of course, texting or calling them would be worse! The app is only to help you so that you can warn and guide them to road safety.

The downsides come to the realization that you cannot know anything else that the kid does with the phone. You will not tell what websites they visit or apps they install. MamaBear’s primary function is to track the speed of the car your kids travel in. For sure, this is a must-have for all parents with teen kids!

4. The Phone Sheriff

Some kids are excessively addicted to using phones. They can never concentrate on anything important, literally, because their minds are always on the phone. At school, all they want to do is play Pokemon Go or other smartphone games. Well, that’s where parental guidance comes in. The Phone Sherriff allows you to limit the amount of time that your kid can use the phone.

It’s like an alarm clock, and it allows you set the period when your child can use the phone. After the moment elapses, the phone switches off and locks automatically. This is an important feature because it helps you manage internet addiction.

Using The Phone Sheriff, you can remove certain users from your kid’s friend zone. If you hate it when your daughter receives late night calls, then you can set the app to switch off the phone after 10 pm. This may put off the ‘nasty’ callers, and keep your kid safe.

The app has a downside though – it will not monitor your kid’s phone, or tell you which sites they visit.

5. Mobicip

Mobicip is one of the finest kid tracker app. It allows you to block features that you would not like your child to be doing on the internet. While it is not a perfect tracking app, Mobicip has features that help in blocking the access to specific sites online.

If you don’t like what your son buys online, then you can block online shopping. In another occasion, when you think your child is too addicted to online betting, then you can block them too.

The app has two level for you to use. The first is the middle school, and the second is the high school level.

The middle school level allows you to block Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba among other online shopping sites. You can also block gambling, online dating, liquor and sexting sites or apps using the middle-level Mobicip app.

The Mobicip high school level helps block any content that touches on your kid’s morality. Especially, it addresses adult sites such as arms and violence sites. Again, the apps assist you in blocking drug and sexual sites so that your kid does not end up being immoral or addicted.

Oh, only luck can help you in case the child uses someone else’s phone!

Verdict: and the very best app to spy on kids is…

The best monitoring app is the one that allows me to track my kid’s phone for free, or at a reasonable price. Alongside the price, a good app helps keep tabs on children. An ideal spy app should also have GPS technology. But the primary focus should be to let you listen to calls and read encrypted chats.

While using such an app, you should be able to block evil apps remotely. Not many spy apps can do this. The apps listed above are good but if you ask for one stand-alone winner, it is no other than the FreeSpyPhone. FreeSpyPhone is one that’s most reliable and dependable, me alongside many of my mates have tried it, and I’m sure you will like it too.

Rounding up

Oh, sorry that the terse ‘caution’ in the middle of such a sweet article made your tea taste nasty. Well, smartphone monitoring is spreading like a bushfire, but there’s need for caution. Even a Ferrari is a good ride but still, has a braking system. In short, you need to know when spying is legal and when it is controversial. Luckily, it is legal to monitor your child. If you decide to offer smart parental guidance, then you will have to use FreeSpyPhone to monitor your teenage kids, will you?


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