25 Best Spy Gadgets to Trail and Track Anyone You Want

25 Best Spy Gadgets to Trail and Track Anyone You Want

25 Best Spy Gadgets

Spying is not new to anyone now, and spies exist everywhere in every single corner of the world – in fact, Russian spies have been in the news many times. Let’s put the news aside; everyone is not news addicted – right? But you must have seen some spy gadgets in the movies used by secret agents, detectives or government officials.

These days offer us many opportunities to choose to spy, either you decide to employ a private detective or to do it yourself. I thought I might come and give a hand to help you with choosing some of the best spy gadgets that you might find on the market.

You never know when you might need some invisible ink or maybe a hidden camera in pen to spy on someone in real life.

25 Best Spy Gadgets

Above all, before I start talking about the top gadgets to spy – you must see yourself if these devices are “actually” needed and legal to use in your case. More precisely to check if they are legal or not in the zone you are living. So, by this said I suggest checking the laws.

Now to get back to the point, let’s get started with the very best spy gadgets you should know as a must right below:

25 Best Spy Gadgets

So, down here I made you a list of 25 best spy gadgets that I’m sure will help you a lot on your journey of getting to discover the truth being things that feel unclear.

Car Tracker

Car Tracker

Maybe you were tracking your target (let it be your spouse, kid, relative or employee, etc.) on foot. Well, this is kind of hard sometimes. That is why I suggest you a car tracker that you can attach to the target’s car. A good tracker must come with a GPS and has to be magnetic.

You also have to pay attention if the tracker you are purchasing is waterproof, you never your where the car can go thru (and of course, the sky can send in some rain anytime). Some of the other features that might be nice to have are; SMS tracking and movement, from which you receive constant updates regarding the target’s current location.

Camera Pen

Pen Camera

If your target works in a corporation or maybe is one of your employees that you desire to have a check over it, then a camera pen would do miracles. You can find tons of things by using a camera pen. Consequently, you can pass it thru the security easily without getting noticed.

This kind of devices can differentiate when it comes to storage, come in 16 or 32 GB depending on the model. Also, most of them have USB, in this way you can upload the videos to your computer. They can record in HD or to a 720P video quality and offer many other cool features.

Drone with a camera

Drone Camera

These days, drones have become some of the trending spy gadgets. It can be easily managed and give you tons of information about your target.

People will not even notice your thoughts; they might think you are just testing your new toy. If you want to get one, drones come in HD, 4K or other kinds of video recording standards. Of course, it all depends on your budget and how much you intend to invest.

Apart from the video recording quality you prefer, another cool feature you need to pay attention is the gimbal and we suggest a three-axis one -this makes the drone more stable. However, you might find different sorts of the drones on the market.

Goggles for night vision

Goggles for night vision

Being as James Bond is not smooth, but sometimes you might have to take action even at the night time. Yet, for each moment there are spy gadgets and a pair of goggles for night vision would be a significant investment in such a case. Indeed, all depends on the problem you have and if it is worthy – since advance drones can cost thousands of dollars.

Standard ones usually have a lightweight adjustable either for right or left eye. Some of the other features that they come with also include a built-in infrared as an illuminator. It is great when the darkness is stygian. Besides, night vision Goggles come with single push button for control and all-glass optics depending on the models.

Directional Microphone

Directional Microphone

Let’s say you are tracking your target, and at one point he reaches a restaurant – and meets someone. You might be curious regarding the conversation in progress there, right?

Well, this kind of situations is ideal to have a parabolic microphone. Such spy gadget collects the sound waves and sends them all to a receiver. In this way, you can hear the conversation you want.

Moving on, when buying a device like this, be careful to get an extended range pickup. Also, go with a directional microphone that has the ability eliminate background noise and is wind resistant.

Document Recovery Software

Document Recovery Software

If you are lurking for some real-world James Bond spy gadgets, then one you might be happy to find is a document recovery software. As you might or want to recover some shredded documents from someone, and would want to find things out – some companies can offer you a hand over this.

These kind of software are capable of reconstructing documents by respecting a few steps. They get you the collated, segmented, reconstructed and the final report about the records you wish to recover.

Moving on, you can e-mail it, copy or print the final result. You need to know that this kind of software is also used by, lawyers, police departments, and security agents. A license for such software will cost you anywhere from $90-$120 per month.

Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier

Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier

This gadget is part of the top spy gadgets that I suggest you should try must. Maybe your employees are acting weird, and you have to hear what are they talking with each other.

Or perhaps, you want to keep your teen safe and want to hear what he/she is up to with the friends. Well, ear amplifier will be perfect in either case.

Such spy devices magnify the sound, and you get to hear all the conversation. Some can even reach the target from 20-50 m away, as they amplify the sound to 50 decibels. Nonetheless, the more money you invest, the better ear hearing amplifier you get.

Subsequently, you can attach these spy gadgets to your belt, shirt pocket. Also, these devices have volume control – hence, you don’t need to worry about the sound volume you want to hear either.

Camera recorder in an air freshener

Camera recorder in an air freshener

One of the cool spy gadgets to make at home is masking a camera. You might not want to spend money on things; then this might be a perfect idea.

Many parents have nannies that come to their home and need to have a look at how things are working. Some people might think of checking for the camera in the teddy bears, yet that is not always there.

To put it briefly here, all you have to do is buy a small camera that records and place it nicely in an air freshener.

Cell Phone Spy Reader

Cell Phone Spy

Maybe for a while, your beloved one, was acting weird (especially when he picks up the phone) and you had some thoughts of checking over him. Well, there is a spy gear based on the combination of both software and hardware solution that might give you an excellent hand in such cases.

You only have take out the sim card of your spouse and place it on the cell phone spy device. Then, you connect that to your laptop and access the data – simple. It will be able to view, save and even edit files from it.

Also, you can recover the deleted files (including texts and photos) with this spy gadget and get to see everything that you suspect your spouse removed – right on your laptop. One good phone spy reader I can suggest you is BrickHouse Security’s Cell Phone Sim Card Spy (just google it), which will cost you $149.

DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera

This spy gadget is also part of the family of cool spy gadgets to make at home. Maybe wondering why a DSLR Camera. Well, I believe you already have an excellent zoom lens at it – if so, you are on the road tracking the person. You don’t need to get close to it to get your evidence. Is the idea still not clear?

Well, because you can take some nice pics of the target with a zoom from 70-200 mm. And by the way, your DSLR with Wifi might even allow others to spy on you too (just that you know nothing is hard-to-do in this tech-driven world now).

Getting back to the point, for this, you can check the cameras from Nikon, Canon or any other. All of them have high lenses and have the same base.

Since you are not a pro photographer, I suggest to go for the semi-professional line of cameras and buy a good lens. The lenses cam have prices from $300 to $1000. Apparently, the cost of a specific lens will reflect its quality – pick what will be more suitable for you.

Spy Camera into a car keychain

car keychain

It is another spyware tool that will make everybody say, is this possible? Well, it is. The James Bond alike real-world spy gadgets are invading our lives. And if you are looking to have a look at who is your spouse traveling within your car, then a camera hidden in a keychain is perfect for you.

Such fantastic spy gadgets have features as recording a video for 2 or 3 hours and can detect even motion. Also, they can capture images at 1280×960 pixel, which is nice. In fact, it is only you who decides how to use it and when – and on who.

Mouse Transmitter

Mouse Transmitter

It’s not hard to buy a transmitter, yet certain ones have to fit some places. Provided that, many of us use a mouse, and sometimes we carry it with us on trips. It is nice to buy a transmitter and place it inside the mouse. In this way, you get to know where your spouse or children are heading to.

Such spy gadgets cost more than what one might think at first, considering their size and theme that comes to mind at a flash. You will need to spend somewhere between $450-$1200 to get your hands on a suitable mouse transmitter that does what it says.

USB Voice Recorder

USB Voice Recorder

Another useful gadget to spy on someone is a USB flash drive that records voice. These days companies are in a race of creating and selling such spy products. As a result, there are tons of spy gadgets like this you can choose. All in all, it is just a voice recorder that is on a USB flash drive – but very effective.

Some of the usual features of good USB voice recorders include 2 to 4 hours of working, and ability store 50 to 100 hours of audio. If you desire to charge them, you only have to plug into the USB port of a computer.

Also, they have a memory from 8 to 32 GB. In fact, this is a nice solution in case you desire to record your business meetings or discussions with others on any personal topic – and then listen to them later again.

Wireless Earpiece

wireless earpiece smallest spy gadget

Moving on, one of the best spy gadgets you can look for on the market is a nano wireless earpiece. There are tons of companies that create such spy gadgets.

In case you have a very close meeting in a group this is a real rescue, being very small. You can just place it into your ear, more precisely at your eardrum. Then you can remove the magnetic strip. It won’t be wrong to name it as the smallest spy gadget available!

Even though it is tiny, this gadget creates an evident sound similar to an earphone. Please note, it is not recommended for loud places. Also, you can plug it into your phone or hide within the pocket to get the information you want. As I said above, many providers produce this sort of spy gadget – but the one I “personally” liked is the one unseeyn.us offers.

Portable Alarm Clock for Spying

Portable Alarm Clock

Probably wondering how an alarm clock might help you with spying. Well, it actually can, because a portable spy alarm clock is not a usual alarm clock. These devices have a DVR camera that even can detect motion too.

They can record from 40 min to 100 min of video. As you can guess, this depends on the storage one clock has. Also, these gadgets come with a remote control. In this way, you can have full control over the features you want to use.

Spy Watch

Spy Watch

Continuing our talk on the gadgets to spy, I am returning to real-world James Bond spy gadgets. A spy watch sounds like a nice deal. In this case, for sure, you’ll not get caught. This kind of watches has a camera hidden in the dial, more precisely in number 6 (most of the times).

One of the primary features a standard spy watch has is a memory from 4 to 8 GB. Besides, you can take pictures and record both video and audio on it. These watches have a 2MP 30fps camera, which can record a 1280×960 pixel video or even higher.

Also, you can get all of your captured data stored on your computer. To attach them to your computer some might even require a driver (provided by the supplier), but the high-quality ones do not need it as they are plug-and-play mostly.

Spy Glasses

Spy Glasses

You can leave the google glasses home. They are easily recognizable. Also, the market now offers many branded goggles that are easy to use. Because what is unique about having a pair of spy glasses is that they have a hidden camera, which can record HD for around 2 hours.

Moreover, these glasses come with a 280mAh Li-ion battery. Most of them support both Windows and iOS systems when you desire to look at the things you caught on them.

Subsequently, they can be either sunglasses or eyeglasses with having the almost same kind of features. So given the features and look of such spy gadget, it will help you handsomely on your escalation on becoming a spy.

Spy button

Spy button

You can always sit around a table having a cute shirt on you, with buttons as usuals. Yet, one of them is a bit different. It actually hides a camera in a button that can record non-stop if you set it correctly. These kind of spy gadgets are perfect because they are hard to be getting seen.

Most of the spy buttons record on HD 1080p video and are capable of capturing very high-quality images. Moreover, you can charge these gadgets on mobile power supplies.

Usually, such spy cameras will need to have three lights of power to run correctly. All in all, it is an excellent investment in case you need to catch some critical things.

Audio Bug for GSM

Audio Bug for GSM

In case you desire to receive a call from anywhere in this world on your mobile phone for any noise created at a particular place, you need an audio bug – on which you just have to insert GSM sim card. After this, you’ll have to program it to call on your number.

You need to know that these spy gadgets work only on some of the specific quad-band frequencies only, which include 1900MHz, 1800MHz, 900MHz, 850MHz.

In short for you, this spy gadget calls you whenever there is sound its vicinity – and you ultimately end up listening to all the voices/conversations going there. Cool, right?

Socket with a spy camera

Socket with a spy camera

To start with, these kind of devices are tough to recognize. If you have your kids around and need to have an eye on them while you are not around, this spy gadget is perfect. Because it has a built-in camera, placed on the socket.

Such devices usually have a motion detection, so the camera starts working as soon as it detects some movement.

Consequently, it has an SD card that stores what it captures. Because of the SD card/storage, you can check what you’ve recorded on your computer. Lastly, you’ll just need a card reader to attach it to your computer.

Voice Changer Gagdet

Voice Changer Gagdet

You might reach some really hard times when you need to go a bit farther, then you expected. As you might want to call a person, maybe the one you have been targeting lately. In this case, you want to change your voice to gain some information.

Under those circumstances, one of the best spy gadgets is a professional voice changer. It will change your voice very well (and not just the way many free voice changing mobile apps do), in this way nobody will notice you.

Power Case with Spy Camera

Power Case with Spy Camera

In this case, the iPhone users might be the ones that have an advantage. Because there are some pretty nice cases for spying that are only made for iPhone (especially 4 and 4s). They take some short videos and still shots.

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about charging – because these cases come with a USB cable. Also, what is incredible about such cases is that you don’t need the phone because they can work without them. This spy tool is perfect to check on people when you leave the phone alone.

Most of the cases are password protected, and you can simply download the videos recorded and photos on your computer.

Gadget with lasers for car

Gadget with lasers for car

Another item among the trusted spyware tools is a gadget with lasers for a car. This kind of gadget is part of the new car technology. Well, such gadgets have a developed laser placed on the back of your car. They have a projectile which contains a wireless transmitter, battery, and a GPS receiver.

So, you can attach it to a car and can track it in an effortless way. All the data comes back thru a secure internet connection. This kind of tracker is different from what we discussed up.

On the whole, I believe such a spy gear can help reduce the criminality a great deal. And if not on the personal level, this is being used by governments on a large scale (primarily by the motorway police in various countries).

USB Keylogging software

USB Keylogging

If you desire to take on a bit of spy work over someone, a keylogging soft would be the perfect tool to make use of. In the case of USB keylogging software, you will start accessing the target’s computer in no time.

You only need a USB connection to a keyboard. As long as it is connected, there is going to be tons of time to get what you desired.

You attach such USB to the target’s computer and let it collect the information (keylogs) for as long as you want. Then you just take that out and check on your very own computer what you got. It is that simple!

Digital Binoculars with stealth view

Digital Binoculars

My last suggestions for you guys is a pair of binoculars. Owning something like this is perfect for trying to view things that are far (from your current physical location).

Some of the quality binocular can go up to 600 feet, which is perfect – and also, they are great for both day and night. For night view digital binoculars have a built-in infrared technology that ensures you get a clear view of the darkness.

A good Binocular will also allow you to transmit the produced images to video camcorders, television screens, and laptops via video output port. You should also pick only the one which has weather resistance feature; you never know in which situation and weather you could need it.


In the end, I hope these 25 amazing gadgets to spy on someone will help you a long way. The market offers many options; I just presented the ones that are nice to look for. From here is your choice what to choose. And of course, as now you know what the latest spy gadgets are – it is just the matter of a Google search now, and you will have many choices in front of you for a specific spy gadget to chose from.

Lastly, if you have feedback regarding the article, please leave it in the comment section. Also, if you tried any some (or any) of the spy gadgets among the ones listed above – let me (and many other general readers like you) know about your experience with them.


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