Spy chiefs helped Trump to draft surveillance program support tweet

Spy chiefs helped Trump to draft surveillance program support tweet

US spy chiefs urged trump to tweet supporting NSA spying

US spy chiefs urged trump to tweet supporting the NSA spying re-authorization

Early on the last Thursday, the USA top spy officials knotted in the white house to restate and support the President Donald Trump for a divisive surveillance act after he trashed it in the morning time on twitter.

In fact, director of CIA, Dan Coats the director of National Intelligence and the advisor of national security McMaster convinced president Trump in Oval office to restate his criticism.

And there is another catch here, someone else who could not reach the White House also joined the meeting.

Can you guess who he was?

Let me help you.

Paul Ryan, R-wis – the House Speaker. He joined in by the phone.

Moving on, the meetings of the security officials and other house speakers were declared by the people similar to hasty conferences.

US spy chiefs urged trump to tweet supporting NSA spying

US spy chiefs urged Trump to tweet supporting the NSA spying re-authorization

However, the spy agency leaders and Ryan entreat president Trump not to demoralize the hard work to reinstate the snooping act known as 702 Law of FISA surveillance amendments – that was up later on the day in the White House for the votes.

As a fact, the administration of president Trump wanted the lawmakers to get ahead of the measures.

And on Wednesday the White House passed an announcement in their support.


When President Trump saw a report regarding 702 FISA amendments act on Friends and Fox TV, he started posting complaints on twitter about that.

According to the tweet, he said with the help of phony dossier the act may have been used – to surveil badly and abuse Donald Trump’s campaign by others.

Apparently, he was hinting towards previous administration.

The time before the scheduled house votes the congressional leaders and intelligence agencies saw the post; they twisted to convince the President to restate his official statement.

What they urged Trump to do?

The national security officials, CIA directors, and the house speakers tried to explain the 702 act.

What importance it has in their lives and how the law enforcement and intelligence agencies implement it in their work.

The security officials in the meeting were trying to come with a language for the tweet that President Trump could send in support of the program.

And ultimately, urge the US lawmakers to reauthorize it.

Then, as a result – Donald Trump said this:


Nevertheless, the director of CIA and the national intelligence refused to comment on this tweet as there was no such immediate response from the President’s white house.

An official from the US national security confirmed that on Thursday morning, the director national intelligence met president Trump to explain the need and importance of 702 surveillance act.

The official also said that he was present at the time when Trump’s tweet went out, and he was a senior official dealing with the FISA 702 law.

Does anyone still need to know the basics of NSA spying?

Well, the program allows the American spy agency to monitor and collect the infrastructure of foreign intelligence target located outside the country.

Even if a national intelligence agency is spying on someone located overseas who communicates with the Americans; the NSA has a right to hamper the conversations without an official authorization from a Judge.

Therefore, the officials of national security say that it’s a valuable program that is used to protect Americans from the terrorists.


On the other side.

The American citizens need more guaranteed privacy as their communications are cleaned up by this program, says civil liberty advocates.

What’s up?

Last year the top officials of national intelligence declared the 702 program as their first priority. And without it, the U.S. will lose a great tool used to fight against cyber-attacks, terrorism, and espionage.

Ultimately, the white house passed the law by 256 to 164 votes. Still, if Senate does not pass the bill – as a result in next week the surveillance program will end.

At least, officially.

What is your take on this? Do you think the NSA surveillance is going to end, ever? In all honesty, I do not think so. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me and many other readers like you!

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