Easiest Remote Computer Monitoring Ways to Take Advantage

Easiest Remote Computer Monitoring Ways to Take Advantage

remote computer monitoring

Do you want to know how to see what someone is doing on their computer without them knowing? Well, that is exactly what this tutorial aims to cover.

I understand the kind of judgment that people get when they decide to handle remote computer monitoring related topics.

They even suggest lethal injection for suspects who hack another person’s computer. But, don’t people do it anyway? Let’s face it – even the government is spying on you right now, and if anything, they are our role models!

Now, for the greenhorns reading this, it is essential to understand what it means to control another computer remotely. So, grab your Computer Monitoring 101 handout below.

What is remote control monitoring?

Occasionally, you may want to access another person’s computer without their knowledge. For whatever reason (am not going to judge, if you spy on another device, then that is remote computer monitoring.
remote computer monitoringIn short, it is the accessing another computer whose geographical location is different from yours. In most cases, you use a spy computer or your own to see or delete files or manipulate the way another computer works. Below are reasons why spying on another machine may be necessary.

Reasons you may need to monitor computer remotely

Many people plant spy software on other people’s computers to access files, control or just snoop on them. Do not be quick to judge them though, because some cases are genuine. Just have a look at some of the burning issues that may require you to watch other people’s computers.

  • Human Resource managers try to increase individual output by censoring the internet. Also, some bosses monitor the computers carefully to ensure that the employees do not send any sensitive information that could compromise the company’s reputation. In short, this kind of monitoring helps the company to keep the employees in check and minimize fraud.
  • Spouses are the most notorious when it comes to spying their partner’s computer. Well, love turns two people into one, and some people take that literally. Women who want to see what their husbands do on the machines are a determined lot. But, I’m not ruling out the presence of snoopy men either. Partners who want to dig out if their spouses are cheating can always monitor computers.
  • Controlling your teen daughter or son’s computer requires some knowledge in remote monitoring. Most times, parents want to protect their children from the perversions of the internet. In less euphemist language, remote laptop monitoring is necessary for helping your kids stay away from nudity or adult content. And, this means they must hack a little into the computers.

Anything wrong with remote laptop control?

If you are planning to hack a computer, then I understand why you’d ask what’s at stake. Before you embark on monitoring other people’s networks, you should know how far to go and the points beyond which you shouldn’t step. Honestly, as long as the computer you are monitoring is not your own, you are risking many things.

First, if you decide to hack into your son or daughter’s computer, then you should be ready to face the trust issues that come with it. If you put yourself in the victim’s shoes, maybe you can understand what this means. Knowing that another person is intruding into your privacy is sickening. So, if you must, maintain a low profile, or else you’ll blow up everything.

Second, people could launch revenge cyber-attacks against you if you are too persistent in the monitoring activity. For instance, if your employees find out that you have been prying on their chats, they could plan to hack you out of the network. You see, they are also smart, and they can use this trait to even the score.

Third, the law abhors hacking and snooping. Yes, this is serious even if it is ironic that the same government that is the custodian of the law keeps its nose on your activities. The US and most countries have laws that outlaw illegal hacking and spying. So, you must be careful to lest your curiosity down the rabbit hole turns out to be a prison.

Not all remote computer monitoring activities are illegal, though. As an executive, you need to protect the company’s software or business intelligence, even if that means spying on employees.

You should consider the employee’s right to privacy, though. Also, are not going to be in the wrong if you are only trying to protect your kid by watching their laptops. In summary, you need to keep a low profile when monitoring other people’s computer.

How to monitor another computer without them knowing

After your mind (and soul?) decide that you need to control someone else’s computer, now is the time to execute the plan.

Of course, watching what someone is doing on their computer is not as easy as leaning your neck towards your bus seatmate’s WhatsApp chat.

Instead, it is an investment in both time and resources. You see, watching someone’s PC means that you have to hide and implant a spy software on it.

When finding out how to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing, you must remember to be secretive. Otherwise, no one will allow you to snoop on them like ‘hey, see what I do when I am alone!’

So, you have to use some intelligent trick that will get the other person install spy software on the target computer

Anyway, you can monitor other computers in many ways. First, you can man up and go check out what the targets are doing. This means taking all possible risks.

Apparently, it is a stupid idea since all living organisms will alter behavior once they notice that someone is watching them.

Second, you can wait until the target gets off the computer and then analyze the activity logs. While this sounds a beautiful, viable idea, it has its downsides, too.

For instance, you cannot tell exactly what the person was doing on the computer by just looking at logs. It’d leave you guessing, and that’s precisely what you are trying to eliminate.

Again, the fact that you must be in possession of the computer increases the chances of being exposed, and no snoop wants that.

The third option is to use software, and it is the most recommendable method. With software, you don’t have to get worried about being caught, unless the target is an astute person.

In most cases, the software keeps a low profile, and it is indiscernible. If you are asking why remote computer monitoring software is better than the other methods, see below.

Why using the remote computer software is the best choice

There are many reasons as to why you should use a remote computer software, such as:

Smart and risk-free

Unless you tell the victim that you are spying on him or her, exposure is minimal. As long as they are online, you will monitor what they do and perhaps install other software too.

Some advanced monitoring software even allows you to give commands to the computer. Not only can you delete files, but you can also execute or alter them.

Real-time monitoring

Some software lets you watch what the person is watching or opening on the computer. They allow you to monitor remote computers as if they were live TVs. This means that you can tell when the person is opening sensitive documents or web pages. You can also know when the person is sending confidential information or which programs they are opening.

Read login details

This is the illegal part, but I will tell you about it anyway. Now, some computer prying programs go as far as reading the login details to sensitive websites.

Besides knowing the password to open the Windows desktop, you will also get the victim’s Facebook key. You need to understand this may be illegal, and if you get caught, don’t say I never warned you!


Some remote monitoring software can take snapshots anytime a keyword is mentioned. For instance, if you want to pry on your husband, you can set the software to send you a screenshot if your spouse mentions ‘love’ in his chats.

I won’t tell you what to do with the screenshots because you know it better, and I’m the trust-your-partner type. Keyword monitoring is critical in preventing employees from sending sensitive party info to third parties.

In brief, there are several ways you can use the remote computer monitoring software. Depending on the program, you can even use the webcam to watch facial reactions.

Most standard software brands allow basic functions such as tracking the user’s IP address, browsing logs and opening specific programs. Meanwhile, have a look at the top spy computer software available.

Best remote computer monitoring software

Do you want a remote monitor for laptops? Well, this list has remote controls for different devices and platforms. So, by the end, be sure to find one for your Mac, Android or Windows. If you want one for iOS, then you have to jailbreak it. To know whether your iPhone or any other device has spyware, check out our how to detect spy software post.

Now, when determining the best remote tool to hack other computers, it is essential to figure out if it can serve the purpose. Below are the criteria for finding the top remote computer monitoring apps.

  • The software should not monitor you in return
  • A good monitoring program must be able to send you notifications, often
  • The app providers should be professional. All the information they collect from your target should remain confidential, and only you should be able to access it
  • It must not be junky. The codes should be perfect, and it should run on minimal system resource

Of course, advanced programs have more advanced features. The best programs are payable, but you can also find excellent free computer monitoring software.

No doubt, the software coders ensure perfection so that they don’t expose their users. Anyway, here are some of the top remote computer monitoring software you can use.

1. Spector 360

The name sounds more like ‘inspector’ – and yes, it is! If you want to investigate something about your employees, Spector CNE Investigator will help unearth all hidden issues. This software helps carry out short and long-term investigations. Below are some of the features of the Spector App.

  • Regular 30 seconds screenshot
  • Storage and archiving of corporate emails
  • Stores all keystroke activities, although you can opt out
  • Records file names, types and time of execution
  • Copies instant chat from all social media sites
  • Keeps web history
  • Keywords monitoring
  • Spector 360 to search out suspicious keywords

Spector apps are ideal for formidable studios or companies that deal with sensitive files You will not get the Spector computer spy software free, but the features are right on the money. Quote a price on the site here.

2. ActivTrak

Human Resource managers keep employees on their toes. While doing this, though, bosses end up being on toes. But, with ActivTrak Employee Monitor, you can find out everything that your employees are doing.

The computer monitoring tool gives you a comprehensive detail the computer logs from all staff members. This feature allows you to find out who is working and who is not. Here are some of the features that make this monitor a good try.

  • In case an employee tries to do something unwanted, the software sends you a notification
  • It is possible to install the app remotely as long as the boss has a paid version of ActiveDirectory
  • It’s possible to set the intervals in which you want the app to take screenshots from the employee’s desktop
  • It sends you the stats of how each program is used

Setting up this tool is simple- log in to the control panel and start monitoring employees. Every machine requires a minimalist app, which tracks everything. There is a free version that allows you to watch three computers. If your company has five, you should pay $336 or $1920 for up to fifty users.

3. Parental Guidance Monitoring Tools

Every parent desires nothing but the best for their youngsters. With the increasing fascination with the internet, it is not easy to keep track of your children’s behavior.

The internet exposes your kids to an extensive store of information. When on the web, they can do stuff without you noticing. However, thanks to technology, you can apply remote computer monitoring techniques to take parental control.

Of course, you need to know whom your kid chats with, which site they visit or apps they love. Most kids won’t be happy when you hang on their shoulders every time they are online. They, too, need some privacy and you do not want to create trust issues.

So, it is crucial for you to be smart enough – do the same thing, but in a different way. By getting hold of the kid’s machine, you can watch their online or offline activity. There are two ways to do this. The first one relies on the Operating System’s control panel. The second method is to spy on a computer remotely.

4. WebWatcher.com Remote Monitoring

If you are looking to track your kid’s computer, then this is the perfect software. After installing this program on your child’s computer, you can control it from anywhere. The WebWatcher is a web-based remote monitoring software that allows you control and protect your kid’s computer.

This is good news for all parents who understand both the potential and dangers of the internet. So, you can order them a laptop, but monitor how they use the web. While this may sound intrusive, it is ideal for parents who love their kids. Otherwise, no parent wants to find a kid flipping through an adult site.

Of course, you always monitor what your children do when they are at home. But with this monitor, you can do it even while they are with their friends. If it is a home computer, you will have the freedom to travel, go for vacations or workplace without worrying much about what your little angel does on the computer.

The good thing about WebWatcher is that you can monitor the laptop you bought for your kid’s birthday celebrations without them noticing. This discrete feature of the software means you don’t have to worry about creating trust issues.

Using the WebWatcher is quite an easy tweak. You don’t have to read any lengthy manual to understand how it works. After signing up for a WebWatcher account, log in and start seeing your child’s inboxes. With the intuitive interface, you can also navigate through the content.

In a few clicks, you will find the content that you need. There’s no spam, so you can see what you are looking without any hitches. You can also filter out the unneeded results so that you can stay with what you are looking for.

From the information you get, you can protect the kids from malicious people. The monitor helps you to know areas in which you should advise your friends. In fact, you can even block people who want to spoil your kid.

5. RealTime-Spy.com – Smart way to Spy a Remote Computer

If you want to track someone else’s computer without getting caught, Real Time Spy is a convenient option. After registering on the site, you monitor other people’s computers as if they were your own. To avoid too much butter on your toast, here are the features of the Real Time Spy remote computer spy.

  • Allows remote installation and uninstallation
  • Track location
  • Too hard to detect on antivirus software
  • Bypasses the operating system’s firewall
  • Remote controls, including logging and shutting down
  • Monitor chat platforms
  • Screenshots

The installation is simple- after downloading the zip file, open and run it. It is light, and you won’t have to spend too time installing the app. If you plan to install Real Time Spy on someone’s computer, you only need to send a message that has an attachment. By just clicking on the document or attachment file, the target user will install the computer monitor. Then, sign in to your account and start spying on them!

6. Ammy Admin

Are you looking for how to access another computer without permission remotely? Well, search no more because Ammy Admin is the perfect secret computer spy tool!

In fact, it makes an excellent remote desktop monitoring software. Many people know Ammy as an educational and administration software. But, you can also turn it into a control program. It is simple if you follow the following procedure.

  • Download and run Ammy on the target computer
  • Copy Your ID, then open the settings menu
  • Uncheck all boxes apart from the one that reads ‘Start wait for session mode automatically.’
  • Tap on the ‘access permissions’ option. Choose the permissions you want from the target computer.
  • Remove the option for protecting settings from remote devices and hit the + button. Dial OK.
  • On the pop-up that appears, enter your password and hit Ok. To save all the data you’ve entered, hit OK again. The service starts after a reboot.
  • Hover to Ammy Home, then Service and Start. Next, close the app, and it’ll start running in the background.
  • Then, run Ammy Admin on your computer (spy computer) and enter the ID of the target device.
  • Set your copy to ‘view only’ and hit connect.
  • A password will appear on a pop-up. Use it to configure the remote PC and then hit OK.
  • After a few minutes, the two computers will connect, and you can even activate a voice chat to listen to the remote computer. If you want to access the remote computer’s files, go to the ‘File Manager’ option
  • To turn your PC into a wireless remote control, uncheck the ‘View Only’ slot.

How to use Windows or Mac OS settings to monitor a computer

With these two operating systems, you can control or filter out the content of your kid’s (and anyone else’s you want) laptop. If you are a parent, use the built-in features to block apps or filter out firewalls. Below are ways in which you can control what your kid does on the laptop.

  • Using both Windows and Mac OS X, you can block a site or app
  • On Both Windows and Mac OS X, block adult games or apps
  • You can set the limits of usage for both OSes
  • To avoid foul language, block it in the dictionary on Mac OS X
  • Use app features to block people who are a nuisance to your kids

If you want to experience the full potential of Parental Guidance, sign up for a child account. Just visit Apple or Microsoft here.

End Thoughts

By now, you know how to spy on a computer remotely free. We don’t judge anyone who decides to hack into other people’s computers anymore.

At least, I (alongside all my colleagues at FreeSpyPhone) do understand that there are situations that call for hard decisions. For instance, parents and HR managers can do anything to control other devices.

If you want to monitor people’s devices, the methods above are worthwhile. Meanwhile, feel free to tell us more ways of remote computer monitoring if you know. Oh, and who are you planning to snoop next, me? And if you end up getting monitored by someone, what do you think they will find out?


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