How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone and Android

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone and Android

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone and Android

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone and Android

How to record the phone calls on android and iPhone OS

Are you worried about your kids and is willing to know about with whom are your children making plans on calls? Do you have employees working in your company and you want to know that what talks are going on over phone calls so long? You also fear about your partner’s disloyalty towards the relationship. Many such circumstances enter into the life of a person can make him or her to become completely miserable. You become more willing to know what is being said on the phone calls. With the FreeSpyPhone you can easily discover everything.

FreeSpyPhone is the cell phone call recording app that easily tracks down call logs completely and also does the live call recording. Thus a user will come to know exactly with whom and what talks were made. Not only a user will have access to the phonebook but a user can have access to the other things that are available into the target phone.

How to record the phone calls on android and iPhone OS

How to record the phone calls on android and iPhone OS

What actually a hidden call recorder is

FreeSpyPhone is having the feature of live call recording. This feature permits you to do the recording of the calls automatically that is made or received. The phone call recording and listening is also done at the same time. If in case a hacker skips listening to the live conversation going on phone calls, no need to worry the app records the calls completely and in good quality and share it on the app online dashboard.

The recorded calls details will be known by the target person like with whom talks are done, contact name, number, date, time, duration, etc. All the details will be accurately uploaded on the web account. This process is hidden and chances of getting tracked become nil. This hidden call recording facility is available for leading OS such as iOS and Android.

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Qualities of the hidden call recorder app

  • Begins doing calls recording of all types of calls instantly when made or received
  • Records the call when made to or from the particular contact
  • All the call recordings are updated in high quality on the web account
  • Remotely the settings are done like start recording or stop recording
  • The call recording done can be downloaded and saved into own device
  • Every call is recorded in a silent mode without making any noise unnecessarily

How does the application works

Simply move into the homepage of the FreeSpyPhone using this address. Setup the user account by using the appropriate details like username and password. Now click on the download option to allow the downloading process to begin and once done with that, allow the app to install. Remember that the app is to be installed in the target phone also as it is needed for acquiring all activities details. Once done with all that, you must log in to the FreeSpyPhone user account and hit on recording section. All the recorded phone calls are available here.

Original webpage – (

That‘s all a hacker has to do to record all calls on android and iPhone in a hidden mode.


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