The Only mSpy Review You Need to Read Before Buying it

The Only mSpy Review You Need to Read Before Buying it

mSpy Review

Is your partner cheating on you? Or, do you want to find out what your employees are saying about you? Do you fear that someone could be snooping on your kid’s phone? Well, if there is someone you want to pry, mSpy is said to be the best software to have! But the question is, whether it is the mSpy app free (trial) or the paid version, will you enjoy the sound results? Let’s find the comprehensive details in our mSpy review below.

mSpy 101

Well, the Internet has a wide array of programs for you to download. If you want an app to spy on your kids, spouses or employees, mSpy could just be the perfect solution.

mSpy Review

Is mSpy a reliable spy tool? Read on to find out!

Now to the mSpy definition; it is a one-stop monitoring app for phones, computers, and tablets. It sends you the logs, web histories and other relevant info from the target device. mSpy also helps you find out where people are at a given time.

In fact, with a premium version of the mSpy spying software, you can even listen to other people’s calls – with its latest release you can see only the call logs and not recordings though.

Moving on with our mSpy real user review (as I have used it personally alongside my other colleagues), it has an intuitive web-based dashboard, which makes it easy to monitor the target phone, tablet or PC in real time.

From the interface, you can see the target’s emails, passwords, internet history, pics and videos, downloads, and chats. To do this, all you need is to install the app on the target’s device. Then, it will camouflage inside the systems, and no one will notice.

Now for a little bit of its history, the mSpy started in 2010 in London – before spreading over to the world. Since then, the mSpy monitoring app has earned several accolades from many trustworthy reviewers.

In 2016, the company came up with a friendlier version for Android- mLite. mSpy’s reception is warm, with almost 2 million users in the USA, Europe, and South America.

The large user base is owed to the fantastic features that mSpy has to offer. This review of mSpy spying software will help you understand these features, for sure.

Things mSpy Can Do

No doubt, the mSpy app has many functions. The reasons why you need mSpy include spying on your lover, kids or other people.

mSpy Features Mobile

The app is an investigation tool that comes in handy anytime you want to dig out information.

But you need to install it on the target device before anything else. This way, it will integrate into the system, hide in it, and become your secret FBI agent!

iPhone is an exception among all the supported devices though where you don’t need to install it – you will know about it in detail too, later below.

So let’s get started with the things you can do with mSpy, first.

Spy on your spouse

Ladies, you pretty know how it feels to have a man you cannot fully trust. And nothing seems better than catching your cheating husband in the act. If you want a software to spy on your spouse, mSpy is just the best!

Apart from getting you the key to his phone, this husband monitoring software tracks all his calls and chats. It is not for ladies only – men and everyone else can use it.

mSpy lets you track the exact location of your spouse and possibly manipulate their phones or computers. The app is light, and they (the target) won’t know about it!

Track your children

Admittedly, children may not be the best people to spy. Catching a cheating wife using software is more thrilling. But it should not overshadow the importance of protecting your children.

Kids are vulnerable to social engineering and dark internet. You can control which websites your kids visit, what apps they use and know the places they go.

In case you sense that someone is trying to spoil your child, you can block them on iPhone, computer or tablet. mSpy keeps a tab on your kids, which makes it a must-have for all caring parents. If your child loses the device, the app will help you regain it.

Foster your employee’s honesty

You need to get your money right – that’s what business is all about anyway. If you think that your staff may be untrustworthy, then you need a software for assurance.

Money does not grow on trees, and thus, you should not let rogue workers ruin your business. Yes – you can get monks for employees, but as a boss, you’d still need some backup, just in case.

MSpy monitoring app lets you know when they open the job sites and how they do the schedules. This is of particular importance because it allows you to monitor the time they spend at work.

Again, you can know how much time they spend on their phones or social media in a day. mSpy also lets you see what websites your employees visit and how they use their devices. Thus, you can tell when they are trying to pull out an Edward Snowden on you!

In short, mSpy can help you do many crucial things. First, mSpy is an app to catch your cheating husband. It also is a smart way to find an adulterous wife.

Again, mSpy is an intelligent software to grab a thief who masquerades as your employee. Then, mSpy is an application that helps parents in monitoring how their kids use technological devices. The monitoring app lets you watch the following phone features, too.

With mSpy, you can snoop on Calls, Chats, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Emails, Browser history, notes, Skype, Events, Media, IM Chats, documents, and downloads.

Whichever reason do you want to use mSpy, it is a detailed review of how this spy software works.

How it works

mSpy sign up email

The company sends you an email containing all the essential information, immediately after you sign up.

So moving on with our extensive mSpy review, you must be wondering how does mSpy work to spy on other people – right?

Well, all spies have one thing in common – they dig out secrets without getting caught!

Precisely, this is how mSpy works. After installing the application on the target device, you can choose whether to have the desktop/home screen icon. The good news is that the target user cannot manipulate the spy app settings. To be safe, it is better to opt out the icon, though.

After the installation, the app starts collecting info and sending it to you. All you need to do is access the data on your online dashboard. That is where you can see the texts, calls, weblogs and precise location of the target.

To do this, the app relies on the internet connection to the target device. Thus, the phones or computers that you are targeting must have an active internet connection. It does not matter where the target is in the world as long as they have a reliable internet bandwidth.

In my experience when I used mSpy for review testing and personal reasons, it is not necessary that the target device should have an internet connection always.

Even if it connects to the internet for once in 48 hours, it will send all the logs to your dashboard as soon as the internet is there on the target device.

Wait: Do know how to Choose the Best Spy App?

If you are looking for a top monitoring software, then you need to pay attention to a basket of factors. Of course, not all the apps can suit your purpose.

On your checklist, there must be a reason to spy the target. Other causes may include the nature of your target.

If he or she is a person who never has a reliable internet connection, then things might get a little nasty for you. But, when all contributory factors are favorable, be sure to check the tips below.

mSpy version

Having the latest version of the mSpy app is essential. At least, it helps you enjoy optimum discretion and performance. Updated versions of mSpy tend to be lighter and more efficient.

Type of phone

The model of the phone you are targeting is crucial in choosing a good app. An Apple device needs a different app from that of a Blackberry, Android phone or Nokia.

No doubt, the phone type determines the memory space, OS or battery life. Oh, if the target phone is Nokia 3310, please give up on cell phone spying!

Size and memory space available

Some programs can be cumbersome and too strenuous for the system resources. It is crucial because it might reveal about you. If you do not want the target to know you are snooping on them, then you must keep a low profile. This means getting an app that consumes minimal memory space.

The operating system of the target device

Apps and programs are created for specific operating systems. Not all applications are compatible with a particular operating system. For instance, an Apple device needs an app version that’s compatible with iOS or Mac.

Target device status; is it jailbroken or rooted?

It is crucial to find out if the target device can allow spy software. Android phones need rooting while Apple requires jailbreaking. Jailbreaking helps you install non-native apps on iPhones.

Main features of mSpy

Not a single one among all the best mSpy app reviews available on the internet is completed without talking about its main features.

Functionality in this spy software is in-depth, and it has more than just tracking the location of the target device. While ordinary spy apps only have essential features, mSpy has sophisticated functionalities.

The free mSpy version has simple features, but the paid variety can do multiple other things. So, let’s get down to a description of each mSpy feature.

Keyword Alert

A keen parent who wants to maintain manners for his or her kids finds this feature worthwhile. Bosses might find it worthy too…oh, and, the jealous spouses of course!

mSpy Keyword Tracking

You can set the program to notify you for any given word or phrase that gets typed or searched on the target device.

You can set mSpy to alert you when the target user types a given the word. Whether it is in the chatting escapades, emails or internet surfing, the spying tool will keep you in touch.

This feature lets you know when an employee tries sending business intelligence. Also, you can understand what they are doing with their phone. If you want to know if your wife or husband is seeing someone else, you can set the spy app to track keywords.

For instance, you can set the tool to alert you anytime they type ‘love,’ ‘tonight’ or ‘hotel.’ This way, you will intercept the discussion and fix things before it is too late. Oh, and if you set your keyword as ‘Spy Advice’ you will know when they are looking for tutorials on how to stay safe from being hacked by you!

In most cases, mSpy sends you an alert email, but you can always find that on your online dashboard. Whichever method you use, you can also take charge of your children’s discipline.

Chat monitor

One of the most important things to track on a user device is the messaging features. mSpy lets you monitor incoming and outgoing texts.

The app can also send you notifications in case the text contains a sensitive keyword. You can see deleted texts on your online dashboard. Again, it’s possible to employ the blocking feature if you find a suspicious contact.

With the premium mSpy version, you can also monitor several instant messaging apps. For instance, you can find out what’s happening on Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat, iMessage, Google Hangouts, Telegram and Tinder among others. With mSpy, your target’s secrets are all yours!

Real Time GPS location alert

Know where your kid’s phone is by using this simple tool. With mSpy, you can even tell whether your husband attended the weekend business meeting he claims to be going.

The GPS tracking tool can let you know where on the map the target is using the device. This feature utilizes the phone or computer’s inbuilt GPS system to find the exact physical location.

The mSpy app also uses Wi-Fi to tell the device location. The tool then analyses the location on a map. This makes it easy to tell fine details of the geo-location of your target.

Alongside, you can use Geo-Fencing to know which zones your target goes most. For instance, you can find out when the target arrives at work or school, when they leave, and where else they go.

It is important in identifying safe zones and those that should worry you. Whenever the target exits the safe zones, you receive a notification. This assures you the peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about where your kid or spouse is.

mSpy Keylogger

In the past, the keylogger feature was only available for Android. Recently, it’s upgraded to work for iPad and iPhones too.mSpy KeyloggerThe keylogger technology lets you know anything typed on the target device. So, when the user enters logins, you can find that out. These logins can come in handy when you want to access their profiles.

The keylogger also lets you see things that the target user types on the clipboard. This means that you can even find out unsent messages. Everything appears on your online dashboard, provided the user types it on the device.

Web and App blocking

Does mSpy allow blocking websites and apps? Well, if there’s something that parents and employers want badly, it is the ability to block some sites and apps.

Website monitoring is necessary because it helps parents guide their children on the internet. You see, it’d be absurd to find your teenage son on an adult site- you know what I mean! So, a website blocking feature is most welcome.

The mSpy web blocker lets you view the sites that the target user visits, their bookmarks and searched keywords.

Because you cannot hang on their shoulders every time they are browsing, this feature fills in the gap for you. mSpy is so efficient that it will extend a copy of their screen to you. Thus, parents find this feature worthwhile in taming their wild teens.

While watching websites that the target users visit, you can also block some. Yes – when your thirteen-year-old daughter becomes an avid visitor to a dating site, there is no option.

You can also find it worthwhile to block social media from employees. The spy app lets you block specific websites on Chrome, Android, Opera and Safari among other internet browsers.

If the kind of mobile applications that your target uses angers you, you can have it blocked.

For instance, you can limit your kid’s interaction by blocking Snapchat. Or, you can increase the study time by preventing some game apps from the smartphone. This makes mSpy a useful tool for parental guidance.

Manipulating calls

If your target has a smartphone and you don’t like people who call them, you can block them. For example, if you buy your kid a smartphone, you can lock out obstinate callers.

This feature allows you to schedule for blocking calls, or to blacklist some callers permanently. So, instead of forcing your daughter to submit her smartphone at 10, you can block all incoming and outgoing calls till 8 am.

If you are not willing to block calls, then you can still access the logs. Analysing these calls can help you know how to handle your target. Even if the target user deletes the call records, you can still restore the history on your control panel.

Access to emails

Emails could be a possible chatting alternative, so, you need to check out on it too. On the mSpy control panel, you can read the target user’s emails without them noticing.

It is vital for suspecting bosses to keep an eye on what their employees send. The spy software lets you access the email addresses, names, and files sent or by a contact. Like in the chats, you will still view deleted messages.

Please note though, to utilize this mSpy feature, you need to have your target device rooted (if that is an Android one).

See and manipulate the target device

Although you cannot watch the target device, you can see many things about it. On your online dashboard, you will be able to access information on the phone.

While some details are only for information purposes, you might find some that might reveal some hidden features. For instance, mSpy can dig out the inbuilt functionalities and any other feature worth watching.

Some of the features that might be worthwhile in your spying process include battery life, model, and telephone service provider. You can also check whether it is jailbroken or rooted- this helps you know the mSpy version you need.

Apart from watching over the device, mSpy allows you to execute some functions remotely. No matter where you are, you can wipe the phone in the unfortunate moment when it gets stolen. This is especially important when spying on your kid’s iPhone.

Then, you can look the remote features on your dashboard to lock the device. If you notice someone trying to trick your child on the phone, locking it can be substantial. It is also prudent to lock the device to avoid absurd downloads or sensitive viewing.

If you install remote monitoring software on the target device, you may need to reboot it. In such a case, mSpy is worthwhile.

You can also remotely break the link to the target device, which would terminate the spying activity. Again, you have the freedom to disable the mSpy from the target device.

At times, you want to put a record of logs. In such a case, you can remotely store them in PDF, XLS or CSV formats.

If you send a text message ‘777’, you can restart mSpy without hinting it out to the target device. That is what you do when the target device is invisible from your dashboard, which mostly happens when the target device has no internet for a couple of days.

Compatibility of mSpy

mSpy CompatibilityOf course, the first thing you should check out when purchasing software is its compatibility with your device. The mSpy app is no exception, and you need to ensure that it can run well on your phone model, OS or computer.

To experience the best of the app, then it’s worthy that you root your Android and jailbreak the iOS device. Yes- the most recent Apple products will not allow you to jailbreak.

If you have an HTC phone, you are safe. The same case applies to iPhones from iOS 6.1 to iOS 9.1. mSpy is compatible with up to Android Nougat OS version 7.0. Meanwhile, below are some of the ways to check if your device is compatible with mSpy.

Android phones and tablets

  1. It must be Android 4.0 or later
  2. Strong internet connection is compulsory
  3. You need to access the target device

iOS Devices – iPads and iPhone without Jailbreaking

  1. If you say mSpy was built for Apple phones and iPads, you are ok because it can run on any iOS version
  2. Active internet is compulsory
  3. No need to have physical access to the device- instead, you only need the target’s iCloud logins. If iCloud backups are disabled, you may require physical access

Jailbroken iPads and iPhones

  1. Internet connection
  2. Target user must have iOS 9.2 or versions between 6 and 8.4
  3. The physical access is a requirement

Mac OS Computers

  1. mSpy is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan 2, Mac OS 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  2. You must have physical access to the PC

Windows Computers

  1. mSpy app is compatible with Windows Vista x32, x64, Windows XP x32
  2. Windows 7 x32, x34 and Windows 8, 8.1.
  3. The physical access to the Windows computer is a fundamental requirement

mSpy Free Trial

Are you like me who seeks to try a product for free first before purchasing it? If so, mSpy has got your covered! mSpy offers a free seven days trial where you can try it out without purchasing, no payment at all.

While on the free trial of mSpy, you will have access to all its features – no limitations even on trial, which is a great thing. Finally, once the trial is over it is not “must” for the user to purchase a license. You can either purchase a license and keep spying on whoever you wanted or just uninstall the app.

mSpy Installation and Setup

mSpy Setup installation

The process of mSpy depends on the type of target device. Installing mSpy on Android is different from installing on Windows.

You will also do something else to install the mSpy app on jailbroken devices as compared to iPhones without jailbreak.

Given that you have got a mSpy account now either by purchasing a license straightaway or starting a free trial, below is a detailed compilation of each method.

How to install mSpy on Android

  1. First, you need to have physical access to the Android phone to download and install the .exe file. Preferably, go for the mLite version, which is lighter.
  2. Then, go to the control panel and hit ‘Android.’
  3. Follow the prompts that come up.
  4. You don’t need to root your device if you only need essential features. The process may be worthwhile if you need mSpy for Snapchat, Gmail, and Facebook, WhatsApp among other instant messaging apps.
  5. After the installation, start spying on the Android phone

How to install mSpy on iPhones without Jailbreak

  1. First, find out if your iOS device is jailbroken. If it isn’t, head to the next option
  2. You must have the iCloud login details; otherwise, you may be required to have physical access to the device
  3. Then, log on to your online dashboard and choose the file that’s compatible with the target device.
  4. Follow the instructions therein
  5. Ensure that the phone has mobile internet, then check to confirm that the iPhone backup is enabled. To check the backup, go to iCloud Backup option in the settings menu.

How to install mSpy on iPhones with Jailbreak

  1. mSpy with Jailbreak works well if you first install the complete version to jailbreak the device. Later versions of iOS may not allow for jailbreaking.
  2. Head to the iPhone option on your control dashboard
  3. Continue with the installation- it takes about 30 minutes

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about mSpy

Want to know the essential mSpy review facts? Here are answers to some of the most popular questions about mSpy. If there’s something you’d want Spy Advice to clarify for you, just type it in the comment section below, and we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

1. Does mSpy work on iPhone?

Yes. You can refer to the compatibility of mSpy above.

2. Getting the software

If you want the mSpy on iOS- no jailbreak or any other of its supported OS, you can download it on the mSpy homepage after completing your order.

3. How do I know if there’s an uninstall attempt?

If the target user tries uninstalling the app, you will receive an alert. It is the same case when if you don’t pay your monthly or annual subscription.

4. Is mSpy Legal?

Yes – it is a professional monitoring tool for parents and business owners. It allows them to legitimately access phones. But it is not legal to use it to access phones without permission. You need to install on phones that you own.

5. Do I need the physical access to the phone or device I want to track?

That depends on the type of phone. Check out the compatibility section of this article for details.

6. Is mSpy detectable?

mSpy is a light, smart tool that hides in the target phone. So, it is not detectable. You need to delete the desktop or home screen icon, though. Oh, and even if someone tries scanning the target device using antispyware and antimalware apps, he won’t’ find mSpy.

7. How active is the technical support?

mSpy has an active support team. If you ever get stuck, you can always try using the demo site. So, you can contact them anytime, 24/7. Here are the contact details.

  • mSpy customer phone: +1 855 896 0041
  • Email:
  • mSpy replies emails within 30 minutes.
  • Submit request–

Chat responses take less than 2 minutes. You pay an extra $12.99 for the support, though.

8. Can I eavesdrop calls?

Yes, was the answer from the past. If you had the premium option, you could listen to calls via mSpy. But now, the app doesn’t allow call recordings – you only get call history.

9. What’s wrong, mSpy not updating?

Typically, mSpy without jailbreak updates in 24 hours or so. The backups may require sending gigabytes of data to the Cloud. Thus, it may take some time. The thumb rule is to have a reliable Wi-Fi or bandwidth connection.

mSpy price

mSpy Price PhonemSpy is affordable, and you need to choose between three packages. mSpy Basic has standard features such as texts, Call logs, GPS and web history. The Premium version has the advanced features.

Also, you can choose the subscription period you need. For instance, you can have Basic mSpy for a month, three months or a year. mSpy Premium comes in a month, three months, six months or a year.

Apparently, more extended subscription periods are cost-efficient. Then, the monthly subscription is more convenient for people who want short-term spying. However, it all depends on your taste.

Basic mSpy

mSpy Price PC


  • SMS
  • Web history
  • Calendar monitoring
  • Email
  • 24/7 email support
  • GPS
  • Gallery monitoring
  • Keyword alert
  • No app monitoring
  • No instant messaging

Basic mSpy Prices

  • 1 Month $29.99/month
  • Three months $19.99/month, total of $59.99
  • 12 months $8.33/month, a total of $99.99

mSpy Premium

  • Has all standard services
  • Geo-Fencing
  • App and Web monitoring
  • Instant messenger app monitoring, e.g., Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, iMessage, etc
  • Keyboard logging
  • 24/7 chat and email customer support
  • Remote lock and wipe

mSpy Premium Prices

  • 1 month $69.99/month
  • 3 months $39.99/month, $119.99
  • 12 months $16.65/month, or $199.99

No Jailbreak mSpy

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Whatsapp
  • GPS
  • Gallery
  • Keyword alerts
  • 24/7 chat and email customer support

No Jailbreak mSpy Prices

  • 1 month $69.99/month
  • 3 months $39.99/month, $119.99
  • 12 months $16.65/month or $199.99

Apart from offering lucrative pricing and convenient features, the MTechnology Ltd. company has secure payment platforms. So, you can pay via PayPal, credit and debit cards.

They also offer a 10-day money back guarantee. Their products are stable, and you are inevitably going to like them. Then, you can always pay less with the mSpy coupon codes – and you need to stay tuned to FreeSpyPhone for that as we post updates about deals and coupon codes whenever they come.

mSpy Review Summary


  • Undetectable
  • Pricing
  • No jailbreak
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Smart solution to finding stolen phones
  • Free trial


  • You pay for the support through Team viewer, in case you need
  • No call recordings, you can just see the call logs

mSpy Video Review

Not just me, we all at FreeSpyPhone are a big fan of helping people and making others happy. In this case, you, our readers. If you wish to watch a video review of mSpy, just let us all know by commenting via the comment section that you need a video review – and we will create one for you!


For parents, employees, and spouses, spying is a significant activity. Although it sounds illegitimate – spying is worthwhile in cases of protection of people or property.

A married couple needs trust, and openness builds it. Likewise, a boss requires trustworthiness from the employees and parents want their kids to grow in the right environment. In all these cases, a tool to help do that is more than welcome.

As seen in this mSpy review, the software has fabulous spying features. With this tool, you can monitor texts, block calls and manipulate a device remotely, without the user noticing it. mSpy has several benefits such as parental guidance which is useful.

All in all, mSpy is a great app – has the ability to help with anything one can think in regards to spying. Even though you more likely won’t get stuck in such a situation where you would need support, but still, the fact that you will have to pay for the support is not entertaining. Except the support being paid though, everything else about mSpy is unmatchably awesome in my opinion.

Although some pundits argue that mobile spy programs have outlived their usefulness, it is not easy to ignore how valuable they can be. I believe this software will change the way you view spying. To end with just one example out of many, I guess you will not have to go around worrying about taming your teens.


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