MobileSPY Review: Is This Best Spy App?

MobileSPY Review: Is This Best Spy App?

MobileSpy Review

If you are looking for the ultimate MobileSPY review, then apparently, you just found it! It is not the regular review of Mobile SPY that only tells you about the features, prices and then concludes by recommending the software. If that is what you are looking for, I’ll be honest enough to urge you to go find it out on the MobileSPY official website!MobileSpy ReviewBut I am pretty sure that you came here to find how it feels to use this spy mobile app. You want to know why people like or hate this smartphone monitoring software.

No doubt, what you are looking for is a person who can give you a brutally honest answer to the following questions. Is it safe to use MobileSPY?

What are the downsides of using Mobile Spy software? Is it anything close to being the best monitoring tool? Then, is MobileSPY worth the money?

Well, those are the question that my review intends to address. Do not boo if I throw in some of the formalities- they are just part of the explanation.

I know how vague and shallow online Mobile SPY reviews can be – I have read them too. Some of them have misleading links, while others use superfluous marketing language to persuade online safety enthusiasts into purchasing the dubious software. So, I will keep mine straight up, honest and brutal!

Mobile SPY Meaning

Could I be writing this to a person who has no idea of what we are talking about? Well, I will not overlook that either. Notably, there are many programs, on the internet, which help you track phones, computers, and tablets.

The software lets you find out what the targets do, who they contact and how they spend their time. For many years, government’s security agencies have been a monopoly in spying on citizens. But with software like the Mobile SPY, you can join their league!

In brief, MobileSPY is an app or software that lets you spy on other people in an ethical manner. It allows you to know what websites they visit, read their texts and at times, monitor their calls. Some users believe it is a handy tool to control their kids, while employers find it an excellent way to watch their staff.

MobileSPY came to the market in 2003, as the first iPhone spying tool. Since then, the app has continued to thrive in a market flooded with similar apps. Now, why would you need to purchase Mobile Spy? Let’s find out!

Why You Need Mobile SPY

As I mentioned above, you can use the MobileSPY app for any purpose you want to fulfill. But the essential functions of this app are to monitor employees and children. Well, there is no need to hide the truth from you- some people even use the app to track their spouses.

Anyway, that’s a story for another day. After installing the software on the target device, it plays the role of an FBI agent, telling you everything that happens on it. In brief, below are the things that Mobile SPY can do for you!

Spy on Your Staff Members

Starting a company is one thing, yet running it is another. Many companies fall off a cliff due to the negligence of the employees.

If you are managing a business that is full of rogue employees, you need to spy on them. Monitoring employees help you save the company from possible losses.

In the past, companies such as Microsoft and Booz Allen Hamilton have suffered severe losses due to leaks by their employees.

When your employees plan to ruin the business, MobileSPY steps in to save the moment. The app also monitors on time spent on social media or other time-wasting sites. With this spying software, you can improve the productivity of your staff members.

Track Children

Teens are hyperactive, and so are other kids. Pew Internet Research says that 80% of kids in America get their first phones by the time they are seven.

This exposes them to the dreads of the internet, and you need to act. Traditional parenting measures are significant, but for sure, they seldom work for internet users. Thus, you need to put in place ways to know how your children use their devices.

MobileSpy Review Kids

MobileSPY app monitors the chats, calls and web history on your kid’s smartphone. It is an efficient way of notifying you about the change in your children’s change in behavior.

With such information, you can know how to guide your children appropriately. Likewise, you can remotely block contacts that tend to be spoiling your beloved child. For a detailed guide, see our article on online teen safety.

Monitoring Spouses

For married couples (or those looking forward to tying the knot), it at times becomes apparent to have tactics that can save the union. It is the same case with a relationship- forming one is always easier than keeping it!

Because relationships are built on trust, some partners prefer to know be open enough and understand what their better half does. This is when they use an app like MobileSPY.

I don’t know why but lovers love to catch their cheating partners in the act… Anyway, this app can be helpful in such instances.

MobileSpy Review Features 4

Is MobileSPY Legal?

Well, after going through the things that MobileSPY can do for you, the most likely question on your mind right now is on the legal implications of using the software. Under a headline dubbed ‘Is Spying Legal?’

I have written a comprehensive post covering all you need to know about law and spying. If you are concerned about going against the law by using spy software, have a look at our article on is spying legal or not topic.

In brief, the law guarantees everyone the right to create, use or possess any software they think of. That freedom is protected in the Bill of Right’s right to education, conscience, and creativity. So, you should not worry about it.

All that you should keep in mind is that you should not use your rights to jeopardize that of other people. For instance, you should be cautious about how you spy on other people.

First, you should own the device you are spying on. Second, the target should formally allow you to spy on him or her. After you have these two things in place, then you are free to start snooping on your target!

How Does Mobile Spy Work?

First, you should install the app on the target device. Then, it will run in the background and send you alerts of what the user does. To get the alerts, you will not have to be anywhere close to the phone, tablet or computer.

In fact, you can monitor a phone that is as far as South-Eastern Asia, even when you are actually in Brazil! But the majority of the advanced spying software requires you to have physical access to the target device during installation. It is that simple, but you will have to do a couple of other things.

MobileSpy Review Features

Purchase MobileSPY license

First, you need to buy the software license. This product key allows you to use the software. What you only need to do is visit the MobileSPY official website ( and spend a few dollars, and then you will be good to go.

The site takes you through some agreements where you are supposed to confirm a set of terms of service and legal requirements.

Then, you will get to the pricing and subscription page. After you succeed making the license purchase, the company will send you an email containing the product key.

MobileSpy Review Price

Download, Install MobileSPY

The second step involves downloading and installing the software. It is simple- in the email; you will find the login credentials alongside with the license code.

To access your online dashboard, you will need these details. The panel is where you will access logs and alerts from the device that you are spying.

The email also contains the links to the files you need to download. In most cases, it is customized depending on the type of device you intend to spy.

If, when making your subscription, you chose to spy on Apple Mac OS X or Blackberry, the link will let you download a compatible app. Again, the email will have instructions to guide you through the installation process.

MobileSPY does not allow for remote installation, and so, you must hold it. This is necessary for confirming that you have permission to carry out the espionage. See the guide below for how to install MobileSPY. After the installation, you need to edit the settings.

Adjust the Settings

The third step is about setting your newly installed software to suit your needs. When adjusting the settings, choose the activities that you want MobileSPY to monitor on the target device.

Then, dial the button that leads you to start monitoring. Of course, you must have a reliable internet connection for successful spying.

Login To Your Dashboard, And Start Spying!

The fourth step involves signing in to your dashboard to start monitoring the device. To do this, you need to make use of the details in your email. You can reset your details anytime.

From that moment, the software collects info about all device’ activities and then sends them to the dashboard. Then, you can start accessing all the stuff you need to know. After this, you can now start monitoring a phone remotely without the person noticing!

How to Choose the Top Mobile SPY App

Remote monitoring software costs a fortune, and you do not want to make a bad purchase. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the app is the right one for you.

No doubt, an app may be useful according to an online MobileSPY reviews forum, but that does not necessarily make it worthwhile for you.

Everyone has a unique reason for spying on people, and this should be the guiding factor when making the decision. These factors will also guide you to choose the most suitable subscription plan.

Memory Space

Although the Mobile Spy executable file is light, it requires space to install. The MobileSPY apk needs to fit in the phone storage.

Otherwise, it may not install correctly, and this is not what you want. You also need to ensure that space is available to avoid any risks of straining the system resources or slowing the device. This could be a way to detect spying software.

How Long You Want To Monitor

Sometimes, all you want to do is find out what secrets the target is keeping. At other times, you may need to learn the behavior pattern of the person on whom you are spying.

If you want to scout on your spouse, you only need a few days to tell whether he or she is cheating on you. In such a situation, it is wise to go for the monthly or other shorter pricing plans.

In case you intend to monitor your kid’s phone activities, then it means you are going to do it over a more extended period. That requires a software with a more prolonged plan – a year or more.

What is Your Budget?

You need to appreciate that free mobile spy software seldom makes the best monitoring solution. Thus, you should figure out how to get one that you can afford. Of course, quality software does cost a fortune.

The thumb rule is to spend your money on priories such as school fees and mortgage. If your budget allows (I believe it does!) then you will easily slip into the best remote monitoring software in the market. The budget should also guide you in choosing a subscription plan.

Does the Provider Offer Active Support?

Anytime I intend to purchase software; I first test the support. Many people forget to do this though, and they end up launching complaints everywhere.

Well, the support page is where you get assistance in case you are stuck. A reliable company has an active support to help its clients. Also, they must reply ASAP, and they shouldn’t take days to solve problems affecting their customers.

MobileSPY has a dedicated support team that works round the clock to assist users. The Technical Support team relies on Live Chats and support tickets.

Version of Device

Of course, I don’t expect you to download a MobileSPY executable file meant for Mac OS X when you are targeting a Toshiba Windows PC.

Likewise, you will not go for an app intended for Androids if the target is running on Symbian or BlackBerry. So, it is essential to find out if the app is compatible with your phone, tablet or computer.

Type of Device

There are versions for computers, tablets, iPads, and smartphones. You need to understand that a computer software may not work on a smartphone and vice versa. But it is easy to choose when signing up for the service.

Type of Operating System

The Operating System of the device you intend to monitor is an important factor to consider. MobileSPY has an installable file for each operating system on the market today. You can get Mac, Android, and BlackBerry, iOS or jailbroken iOS among others.

Compatibility of Mobile SPY

Which device do you want to monitor? No need to answer- MobileSPY is a reputable company with versions that are compatible with all the modern operating systems.

In 2003, MobileSPY started out as a spy tool for iPhones. Later, it embraced the Android, Mac, and Blackberry devices. The app works well for devices that run on these Operating Systems.

MobileSpy Review Compatibility

MobileSPY iPhone

Mobile Spy iPhone tracking app was originally for Apple products only. Today, the service stretches to other platforms as well.

That is an unseen benefit for the iOS platforms because the developers have vast experience in making quality iPhone spy. You can use MobileSPY on any version of iOS.

Mobile Spy Android

The cell phone spying software works well on nearly all Android platforms. Well, it is advisable to ensure you are running on the latest Android OS, but even if you have the old versions, MobileSPY has you in mind.

There are versions compatible with Android 2.3, all the way to Android 6.1. If your target runs on any Android version between 2.3 and 6.0.1, then you can use Mobile Spy.

Other Platforms

MobileSPY for iPhones or Android is not the only way that you can use the app.

In fact, the app runs well on BlackBerry-based devices like HTC, Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry phones. You can also run it on T-Mobile, 02, Verizon, Orange, AT&T and Orange among other carriers.

Best Mobile SPY Reviews: Features of MobileSPY

For any post to be considered as a comprehensive review of MobileSPY, it must have the significant and unique features of the phone-spying app.

As one of the oldest spy app on the market today, MobileSPY has many seasoned features that may interest you. Below is an explanation of each function that Mobile Spy has to offer.

MobileSpy Review Features 2

Live Dashboard

When monitoring a phone remotely, a live control panel is necessary. It is on the dashboard that you find the call logs, GPS location and web monitoring among other alerts.

Chat Monitoring

Phone messaging is necessary because it helps you find out what targets say or think. It also lets you decipher the way the target thinks.

Parents, employers and spouses, I am talking to you! MobileSPY monitors iMessage for iPhones, PIN for BlackBerry and other text messaging apps.

The keyword alert technology helps you know whenever certain words are typed on the device.

Web Monitoring

The internet is a vast metropolis, with all kind of people. Some web users are predators, and they are dangerous to your kids.

The web-monitoring feature lets you control who can talk to your children on the internet. If you fear that your kids will access adult sites, you can block them using MobileSPY.

You can also make sure that the child does not end up being a victim of social engineering.

The same case applies to monitoring your employees. You see, it is vital to ensure that they do not leak business intelligence. So, you need to spy on their emails and webs they visit.

The app also alerts you in case a keyword is entered or searched. If you are spying on your spouse and you notice that he or she is reading a Cosmo ‘How to cheat on your partner,’ you know what to do!

GPS Tracker

What would you do if your kid’s phone got lost? Well, many people result in asking their friends to help them find it. But the most efficient method is to use the GPS tracker.

This app has GPS technology that alerts you about the places that your target visits. This is necessary because it enables you to restrict movement. The online dashboard shows you a Google Map of the target’s location.

Then, the MobileSPY app has Geofencing technology that allows you to set a perimeter from which you do not want the target to travel. Geo-fencing is important when dealing with teens.

Multiple Device Monitoring

Do you want to spy on various phones? Well, you only need to add multiple licenses to your online account. This feature is unique for MobileSPY, and it is helpful in managing a large task force at the workplace.

Call Logs

The app sends all call records to your online dashboard. It lets you see who calls your target and how long they spend talking in a day.

Social Networks And Instant Messaging

Gmail, Windows Live, and AOL are some of the apps that people like to monitor. Gtalk, WhatsApp and Skype are also crucial to track.

Well, monitoring social media is essential because it helps you know what the target thinks or communicates. If your child is on Facebook or Twitter, you need to follow and pry their profiles as a way of protecting them from cyberbullying and predators.


One of the most advanced technologies in the spying world is the keylogger. This feature records the keystrokes made on the device and then sends them to your dashboard.

For instance, the keylogger sends alerts whenever the target user writes a draft or enters a text using the phone. You can know the saved and unsaved documents. This means that you have access to the notes, schedules, and shopping lists.

I don’t want to put this up…but I promised to be frank! Well, the keylogger also records the login credentials. I don’t want to say that it can make a MobileSPY hack technique!

Remote Control

With Mobile Spy, you can control the target phone remotely. This includes locking the phone, blocking apps as well as deleting and uninstalling them remotely.

Monitor the Gallery

Well, you never know when the target may receive or create inappropriate files. MobileSPY lets you spy on the media files on the target’s phone. This includes pictures, videos and music files.

Extra MobileSPY Features

MobileSpy Review Features 3

Sniperspy for Computers

This software lets you spy on Mac on Windows computers. SniperSpy is not MobileSPY, but it is an in-app purchase.

You may have noted that MobileSPY does not cover computers. That’s why the company created Sniper Spy to step in the gap. You can find our review of SniperSpy in a separate blog post.

Active Tech Support

The MobileSPY technical team is vigilant round the clock, and they will help you anytime you are in problem.

If you get a glitch, head to the support page and chat with the representative. You can also pick a support ticket and explain the nature of your problem.

Video Summary of Mobile Spy Features

How to Install Mobile SPY

For the best experience, you may need to root your Android or jailbreak the iPhone. This is necessary for users who need to get the most critical features that Mobile Spy has to offer. Then, follow the following guideline.

Purchase Key

You can do this on the official website. Noteworthy, you can upgrade from one plan to another, any time you wish. processes all MobileSPY app. VeriSign guarantees the security while Norton ensures that the data you provide remains private.

Download Mobile Spy APK

After a successful purchase, MobileSPY will send you an email containing a link to the MobileSPY apk file.

The email also has a set of instructions on how to install and login to your dashboard. Be sure to click on the link and download the app using the target phone. Then, allow it to get installed.

MobileSPY Login

After you have finished installing the app on the target phone, head to the Mobile Spy login page and enter your credentials.

Start Monitoring

Now, head to your online dashboard. You can choose the functionalities that you would like to monitor. These include texts, web monitoring, and GPS tracking among others.

Price of Mobile SPY

Anyone who tells you that this is a free mobile spy app for Android is a definite liar! Well, it is true that the mobile phone monitoring app requires a subscription.

The prices are friendly, though. The features that come along with the subscription are worth the price. There are two plans- one is the basic, while the other is the premium. Here are the full details.

Basic MobileSPY Prices

  • $49.97 quarter, or 3 Months
  • $69.97 for half a year, or 6 Months
  • $99.97 for a year or 12 Months

Features of Basic MobileSPY

  • Online Commands
  • GPS Locations
  • Call Information
  • Social Media
  • Gmail & Email
  • Apps Installed
  • Blackberry Pin Messages
  • Calendar and Tasks
  • SMS Commands
  • Optional Icon
  • Support Tickets
  • Photos
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Web Activity
  • Multimedia Messages
  • iMessage
  • Application Blocking
  • Contacts
  • Cell Id Locations
  • Alerts
  • Live Chat

MobileSPY Premium Price

  • $64.97 quarterly = 3 Months
  • $89.97 for half a year = or 6 Months
  • $139.97 for a year = 12 Months

MobileSPY Premium Features

All Basic features plus the following:

  • Live Control Panel
  • View Instant GPS Map
  • View Screen Live

Unbiased Mobile SPY Review Summary

Mobile SPY pros

  • Detection
  • Flexible pricing
  • Easy to use online control panel
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple device monitoring

Mobile SPY cons

  • You must install software to spy
  • More expensive than ordinary spy apps
  • Does not permit to spy on computers
  • Recently, MobileSPY reviewed their privacy policies and the app icon now shows on the target phone.

Mobile SPY Video Review

We might do a video review of Mobile Spy, depending on the readers’ demand – stay tuned for that.

Verdict: Is it Worthy Purchasing MobileSPY?

I am hoping the review has been helpful. But there is one question I haven’t answered, and I guess it is the most important. ‘Is Mobile Spy app the best app?’

Well, I did not intend to address that because as I indicated above, the best monitoring software varies from person to person. But what’s necessary is whether the app is worth buying. I promised to maintain an honest Mobile Spy review, and that is “exactly” what I intend to do!

First, it is vital to appreciate that the app has many benefits. Mobile Spy is a seasoned company in the world of phone monitoring.

Their products are advanced and top- of the world; at least, we must give them that!

In fact, MobileSpy is one of the few multiple devices monitoring apps. If you have checked out our mSpy review or the review of FlexiSpy, you will notice how unique this feature is.

But I do have one complaint though – the company has changed the app. Today, the app sets a large icon on the target phone.

The problem with this is that it leads to the loss of the element of surprise. What is spying anyway? I thought it should be a secret way of knowing what other people are doing.

Nothing else would make sense for me. I know this can be convenient for parents who intend to monitor small kids or employees. So, I won’t judge if you still love MobileSpy. But I recommend mSpy over it because with that the target won’t be able to know if you are spying, that is “real spying” I guess.

Anyway, do not forget to share this with your friends and colleagues. Sharing is caring! You may also find it worthy to see other spy software reviews on this site. Have a successful spying, will you?!


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