Mobile Parenting is a Must in this Digital Age

Mobile Parenting is a Must in this Digital Age

Mobile Parenting Is a Must in The Digital Age

It is high time for parents to do some serious efforts for raise strong and healthy kids in this digital spy age.

What are your children doing online? Does this bother you as much as it bothers most parents these days? Recent research had stated that nearly three-quarter of parents keep checking on what their kids are doing on their devices. Parents have also claimed that this is an act to protect their children from the dangers.

The study was conducted by which is a parenting tool that proactively helps parents understand how their children are using their mobile devices.

Mobile Parenting Is a Must in The Digital Age

It is high time for the parents to make some ‘serious’ efforts for raising active and healthy kids in this digital spy age.

The survey was conducted in the United States where 2000 parents were surveyed. The shocking report stated that parents are really concerned about what the child is indulging in when they use their digital devices.

The report also found out that most children are aware of technology much more than the parents. This makes it quite difficult for the parents to monitor their children’s use of the digital platforms. Nearly 58 percent of parents, whose children are of the age group 4 to 10, already think that their children are more knowledgeable about the online world.

Subsequently, only 4 out of 10 parents think that they can actually detect what their children are doing with their devices, while most of the others said that their children are way too advanced, and can do things even without their parents knowing. 9 out of 10 have mentioned that they are worried about what the child is being exposed to as the internet is a place for many treacherous activities and unsafe interactions.

Social media seems to be a common concern for most parents. Although the platform is a great way to communicate and break barriers of many kinds, it can invite strangers into the lives of innocent children. This is highly unsafe as children might not be aware of the consequences of such friendships.

Undoubtedly, today the digital media is mighty and inevitable, too. Children can use the technology to great extents for many things like education, research, entertainment, games and a lot of other things. However, there seem to be many loopholes in this arena, and this is terrifying the parents (as it should).

Steve Horst, from Parentwise, spoke about the concept of mobile parenting. This is a child-friendly approach to be aware of what children are doing on their devices, while also making sure they are not invading into their activities.

He brought to light that mobile parenting is a must in this age as we are using the devices almost at all times. In this process, parents are sure to be challenged in many ways. Some of the most prominent challenges are safety concerns, having patience with children, providing all the necessities to children without spoiling them, discipline and a lot more.

But as the risks from technology growth are getting bigger, the benefits it offers has increased too. Some excellent tools can be used by parents to get rid of these concern slowly.

One such tool is mSpy; it has a dashboard with information for parents that will help them in this process. On top of mobile and other devices’ monitoring, the tool has the location-based alert system as well as social media spying features, which help parents know of any misleading activities on the internet.

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