Mobicip Review: Genuinely the Top Parental Control Tool?

Mobicip Review: Genuinely the Top Parental Control Tool?

Mobicip Review

In the past years, our lives have changed a lot. Above all, you can observe a massive change in the evolution of a child. Parents tend to give them a tablet or smartphone, and they manage to operate it pretty efficiently; even if one is just three years old.

In consequence, sometimes, the new generation has access to the internet more destructively. You might think your kid is playing video games or probably using the internet to find some information for school work.

But that is not the case, always.

By this said, a good parental control app is a necessity of this digital era. And one top-rated parental control program is, Mobicip.

It is an app that enables you to limit the gadgets usage of your kids and teens. With Mocicip, you can monitor your daughter’s iPhone without laying yourself down at that. And of course, can achieve many other similar things.


But the question is, does this app deliver what it promises? And of course, there are many other competitors to this – is this the best parental control software? And, how well it competes with the industry giants like the Kaspersky?

Mobicip Review

Read on to see if Mobicip genuinely is a true hero for parents who want to keep their kids safe online.

Well, We will need to find all that out!

For that, today we are presenting you an honest Mobicip review. In which we hope we can provide you as much information and understanding over the app, as we possibly can.

So, let’s get started with our review of Mobicip where we are going to cover everything about it!

What is Mobicip?

If you are looking for a quality parental control app, then Mobicip might be the solution for you. Nevertheless, the app is known to be a handy one to have a look at your children mobile activities.

It will enable you to take a look at some of the essential things one wishes to see on a teen’s gadget usage.

Such as, what is he browsing online – to give one example out of many.

Moreover, it gives the parent an opportunity to restrict the use of some apps, websites or even games on their kids’ devices.

Of course, that is not all; we are going to cover all the things this app is open to help you right down below in our ultimate Mobicip review.

Moving on, from what the market offers, the app is known to provide more flexibility than other parental control apps available today.

So, with that said hope you got a glimpse of this exciting app – now let’s move forward.

Mobicip Features

Since we want to provide you an ultimate Mobicip review, we just can’t miss to tell you about its features in detail.

Be that as it may, this trending app for parental control comes with a pretty wide range of features.

But, you need to know that the app has some of them available only with a subscription (to premium members). About which we will tell you in a while too (later below), but now I would want to talk more about its features as a whole first – right below.

Apps Monitoring

This feature gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your child’s activities on different apps. With it, you can review the usage rating of each app used on your kid’s device.

Besides this, you can receive instant notifications on your smartphone and apple watch, etc. In short, here you can be in touch with all the activities of your child over the apps he uses.

Browsing history

With Mobicip, you can review the browsing history through the app monitor that I told you about above. Also, you will find reports that are regularly sent to you.

What you need to remember is that you’ll not have to touch the devices for this information – because everything will come to you automatically.

Access request

When users you are monitoring (either your family or employees) find some content blocked for them – they can request the access to you. You then merely review and allow or reject those requests right from your account.

Internet Time limits

Internet Time Limit MobicipAnother great option you’ll find at Mobicip is the time limits. In case you want to limit the time your child uses the internet, you’ll be happy to embrace this option.

Even if anyone tries to access the internet beyond his/her time limits, you’ll receive the alerts.

Custom Filter Settings

With this option, you’ll be able to filer the internet in 3 easy ways. The first one will be to allow or block domains.

The second option is to customize categories that will be for each user profile or even a blacklist – where you can add some keywords or maybe some specific phrases.

The last option you’ll have is the ability to create an internet experience that is suitable for your family. With this, you’ll avoid any potential drama.


Here you can set the profile of the user at the monitor level. In this way, the child or other family members will have unrestricted internet access.

However, all the usage will get stored, and you could see it whenever you need.

Content Filtering

The app uses a very interesting algorithm to make everything secure online for families. Based on a combination of safe search enforcement, database lookup, and just-in-time dynamic analysis.

This feature is perfect because it keeps you in touch with all the changes happening in the internet world. Lastly, you’ll have a very safe environment with Mobicip.

Multi-user and multi-device

With a user profile, you’ll be able to manage multiple devices. Also, you can have multiple users as administrators of your account.

BYOD Support

For this part, we will give you an example. Suppose the school your child is at has a filtering system, you only have to exempt the school network.

In this way, the school administrators get to control the internet usage there, and you can take over all of the other times.

Let’s have some design and user experience talk

As like most of the parental control suites; all your children online activities are going to be right there in an online control panel for you to monitor.

You will just need to open your browser from any device and access it from anywhere you want.

The next thing you need to know is that Mobicip has a dashboard where you can create profiles of all your family members separately and spy on them.

Indeed, you should talk to your children and members first that you want to monitor them for their wellness. From there you can control, track them, manage what they can see and everything that happened over the day to them.

The app also offers a free extension named “Mobicip Monitor” that you can download from Google Play.

This separate app works as a mobile monitoring app that parents or administrators can install on their phones, and ultimately, monitor activities of their children/employees quickly on mobile.

How about the user experience?

Overall, the tool’s design for both web browser and the mobile app are kinda cool. They catch your eye, and give you a lot of logic during your time over the settings; and even the part when you are creating rules for a new device.Mobicip Review 1The app is pretty flexible, and you can get to understand it quickly.

In case let’s say you encounter some problems, Mobicip offers an icon of FAQ next to the settings within the app. Admittedly, that is an excellent helping hand to new users.

Another thing we would want to talk about is regarding the iOS design. The tool comes with a very well designed iOS app and provides a quick and easy look over the internet history.

Everything stored in weeks, months or even day, so you can look back too – without much trouble.

In fact, the Mobicip monitor, that you install on your phone sends you notifications regarding your children’s activity automatically if you want.

Lastly, those notifications will go either to your device or your Apple Watch.

Mobile Platforms

At this point, I hope you got to learn a lot from this Mobicip review 2018. Now, let’s start covering different experiences with the app when it comes to mobile operating systems.

For the iOS readers, you’ll need to disable all the browsers and just keep the Mobicip one.

While someone browses with Mobicip installed on iOS; all the activities could get monitored on the Mac or Windows devices by the administrator.

Mobicip Compatibility

What’s different at the Android version?

The Android version has a higher level of control and is much more extensive compared to the iOS one.

So, in this version besides the fact that you’ll be able to monitor activities conducted thru the Mobicip browser – you can have a look at all the used apps.

From how long your children spent on an app to its rating, everything will be in front of your eyes to review.

Mobicip Performance

Now, we have come to another important aspect for you to find more about. The company claims that the app scans all the content from the visited page.

So, from this (and form our tests), we assure that the app doesn’t use a backlogged database. In this way, you get a more efficient app that works fast.

In fact, not using the backlogged database allows this app to speed up blocking process alongside making it smoother on the resources of a system at the very same time.

If you compare the performance of Mobicip to some other well-known providers including Norton Family, it will come out on top.

You might be wondering why right?

The reason is; it has entirely cloud-based and dynamic filtering feature.

This feature of Mobicip worked behind the scenes, completely. And as far as our research is concerned, it is far more superior than what the Norton Family posses.


The Mobicip app provides different kind of subscriptions based on their consumers. We think you will be happy to hear about the first plan, as Mobicip free is a reality with it.

This super plan includes the option to block content with a pre-defined filter.

Also, you get a safe browser app for the phone and one for desktop with protection.Mobicip PriceSubsequently, the premium plan has some different costs based on the number of devices you want to monitor.

That costs $39.99 for five devices per year, $79.99 for ten devices per year, $119.97 for fifteen and lastly, $159.96 per year for twenty devices.

Besides, it has an Enterprise plan created for institutions and schools.

But, you need to know that the app doesn’t offer a monthly plan.

Now that might be a disadvantage of the Mobicip app for some people who would want to upgrade from their free plan to premium, we believe.

Mobicip Installation and Setup

Easy installation is one excellent method that companies can take advantage of when it comes to luring more users to their online services, without improving an inch of their service.

And, most of the modern services online try to make their installation quick and easy.

That is exactly what Mobicip has done.

The installation of the app is pretty simple. We can say from our experience during this Mobicip review that it will take you just about three to four clicks – to get your membership even if you start from their homepage.

We do not think any of its competitors offer as simple sign up and set up process as the Mobicip does.

During our Mobicip review, getting it to set up on devices our editorial team wanted to use on – was a pretty straightforward process.

We got an installer for the Windows handling heavy-lifting on desktop/PC, whereas a lightweight application download on the iOS and Android got our team running on the mobiles within just a couple of minutes each.

You just complete the signup process, which takes about three clicks – and then install it on the mobile (or any other device) you want to monitor.

And then, install on your device if you want to monitor via the app and not its browser control panel. Not clear? Let me elaborate on it, further.

So, first up you sign up on their official website

Apparently, you should sign up with a plan according to what number of devices you want to monitor.

For example, if you only need to monitor five devices – the premium plan will do the trick for you.

Right after the subscriptions, you will receive an email from them immediately – containing your account details and getting started links.

On the next step, you should install the app on the device you want to monitor and then log into your account.

As soon as you are logged in, you’ll reach the central dashboard of Mobicip. Here you’ll find out everything you need regarding the family set-up.

Next, you’ll need to create the filter profiles for every single child that you desire to monitor. The next step will be to choose which kind of blocking options you what.

The blocking options include Monitor, Strict, Moderate and Mature.

The first three among all four work quite similarly to other parental control tools, putting Mature around the range of children about 16+ years, Moderate for the kids from 8 to 15, and then Strict for ones under 8 years of age.

Another choice, however, is the Monitor that gives selected children’s profile full access to all parts of the web alongside the caveat – even regardless of the location wherever they go, but all of their actions will get monitored and stored.

Another thing I would want you to know about is; Mobicip is compatible with iOS, Nook, Mac OS, Chromebook, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire.

Its compatibility with lesser-known devices like Kindle Fire and Chromebook is quite crucial because kids aren’t the ones who always have the bleeding-edge devices.

The coverage for such options is an excellent solution for parents who probably bought their kids a budget beat-em-up gadget – before the kids qualify for the one similar to an iPhone.

Mobicip VS ( Net Nanny and Qustodio)

Since we want to get you a comprehensive Mobicip review; we thought of making a comparison with some other top parental control apps. So, in this way you get an even better view of the app.


The app comes in a free version, however, has some limited features. The app is available for Windows PC, Mac OS, Nook, iOS, Kindle, Android, and Chromebooks.

You need to know that the app doesn’t offer any social media control, monitoring or even for spying on texts or phone calls.

The premier version can protect over five devices for $39,99 per year, which is quite affordable – because it is going to help a lot to keep kids safe.

Lastly, you need to know that the app might look a bit awkward to you if it is your first time using a parental control app – while setting it up.

However, the app can provide you things you were looking for a while in a parental control app.

Net Nanny

To start with, the app costs $59.99 for a year and can support five devices. The next option is for $89.99 for ten devices, and the last option is for $199.99 that covers fifteen devices.

Moving on, the app is available for iOS devices, Mac, Android, and Windows.

But, far from this, you need to know that the app offers some advanced internet filtering, blocking, social media monitoring, reporting, and overall monitoring features.

Another thing that is different from Mobicip is the fact that it has a detection seek.

Wondering what is detection seek?

Well, it looks for bad phrases, keywords to detect if your child is being bullied over the internet or maybe stalked by sexual predators.

With this feature of NetNanny, you’ll be there to avoid any dangerous things that your beloved child can encounter over the internet.


Our last option of comparison will be of Mmobicip vs Qustodio. Well, what is different about Qustodio is the fact that it is a browser-based website – and also a pornography filter.

By making your kids to only use it as a browser, you enable yourself to keep a teen safe from any danger over the internet.

When it comes to prices, it can support five devices for $54.99 per year – and for ten you will need to pay $96.95 per year. Far from the fact that Qustodio is a website blocker, it also is a useful tool for combating sexual predators.

Lastly, the app has some other great features too including social media monitoring, ability to track the phone’s activities such as messages and even phones calls.

Who wins?

Now, it all depends on your preferences – you decide which app is the best for you.

All three of them make you achieve almost the same things, yet have different prices.

But you have to put in front your most important features you are looking for.

Having said that all, we believe you have a good view over all of them to make the right decision in lights with your current needs.

Any known faults of Mobicip?

As like anything on the planet, this app is not perfect. We discovered in our extensive Mobicip review that it lacks customization in the monitoring features.

Also, it doesn’t have any social protection feature as it does not offer social media monitoring.

Still, our research tells us that the app didn’t receive any significant complaints regarding this issue.

Granting that you are a parent and want a parental control app, then Mobicip can be a good option for you. Indeed, everything depends on your very own needs.

The Verdict

If you a parent and looking for an easy way to protect and monitor your children there are not so many options to beat Mobicip.

It has many of the very same benefits that one can get from the top providers in the parental control software market, on both of its versions, free and the paid subscription.

Since their premium plan is not exactly the most affordable solution out there (costs $39.99 a year), you can save some bucks to invest in a top mobile monitoring software like mSpy – and keep using its free version as that does everything the paid subscription can do.

But please note, go with the free plan only if you are okay with the preset restriction themes.

Even though we found a couple of faults during our detailed Mobicip review, as listed above, still, it is more than worthy to try. Because of its ease of use, cool parenting control features and variety in subscription plan (you get a free plan for as long as you want, nothing to lose).

And of course, its fantastic cloud-based dynamic detection cannot be ignored at any rate.

All in all, besides some small issues, the company is still one of the best parental control suites available on the market – and is worth a try.

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