How Can I Know Other’s Mobile Location

How Can I Know Other’s Mobile Location

How Can I Know Other's Mobile Location

How Can I Know Other's Mobile Location

Learn Way to Know Other’s Mobile Location

If your child goes to college or school or picnic and you are worried about your child. You want to see your child location and ensure the safety of your child. So GPS tracker is the best tools for you. Today many apps offer you GPS tracker feature that you can easily use to catch the location of your loved ones. This app is very popular on the internet and many people are using this app. FreeSpyPhone app is the best app because many apps provide you only a live location, but this provides you past and lives both locations with time.

Learn Way to Know Other's Mobile Location

Learn Way to Know Other’s Mobile Location

What is a GPS tracker

Full form of GPS is a global positioning system. The full form of GPS tells itself meaning. Means no matter where you are, you can track your child location and this feature also record the location with time.

How you to use FreeSpyPhone app

You don’t need to learn any coding or other computer languages to use FreeSpyPhone app. You just need to visit its official website. Visiting you can efficiently download or install the app. After downloadingthis app, create an account by using your email id or password. Then you need to do the registration process and click on the start button.

Once you login this account on your kids mobile, then you need to login the FreeSpyPhone account on your mobile. When you open the account you will see the dashboard, here you need to do some setting and start a GPS option.

FreeSpyPhone app has extra other feature apart from the GPS tracker that you can use for spying the targeted phone. Some of the features are-

  1. Social media spy: – This feature accesses all social media activity. With the help of this feature you can see all social media posts, videos, images and blogs. If you want to block any person on their account so you can easily block from your phone.
  2. Browser history: – This feature provides you all history of your target phone, what they search and what they have watched.
  3. Call and SMS spying: – With the help of this feature you can listen to all call and read the whole messages of your kids’ phone. This feature also records all the call and sends you on your dashboard. You can also able to see the contact list, call logs with time and duration. With the help of this feature, you can read all text messages, multimedia messages and also read the social media messages. If your child delete any type of messages but you don’t need to worry. With the help of this feature, you can still read that messages.
  4. Keylogger: – This feature records all messages, password, contact and any other word which is type by your kids and sends you all the information on your mobile.


FreeSpyPhone app has many more features; you can visit its website and read all the tools with details. This app provides you all time technical service. Hope this article helps you to track a mobile location.


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