11 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Snoopers

11 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Snoopers

Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Smartphone security has always been a significant debate in the online world, especially when it comes to Android.

And, as the discussions on Smartphones collecting information gaining momentum chronically, it is high time to emphasis on increasing awareness as to how we put our data at risk while using them.

So these days, everyone depends on their smart gadgets that carry out their essential data, messages, contacts, and payment transaction details.

And, according to the reports, Smartphones are more appealing devices for the snoopers to attack.

The openness of a Smartphone boosts the adaptation by wireless careers, Android manufacturers – and allows them to bring free applications.

On the other hand, its openness also makes it an easier target for the cybercriminals and malware coders to attack.

Keep Smartphone Safe from Snoopers

The fact that, these days, we mostly store all of our vital data like passwords, banking details, and emails (to name a few) on our smartphones is more than enough reason to make some serious efforts for mobile safety.

Therefore, in today’s world, it is hard to keep your Smartphone safe from prying eyes.

Still, it is not impossible, and in all honesty, not that difficult.

There are some useful exercises that you can do to protect your Smartphone from all those big brothers watching you online!

And, in this article, we will shed the lights on 11 easy yet efficient ways to keep you safe from snoopers and stop malicious parties to target your beloved Smartphone.

1. Always use a secure PIN/key log code

The latest research has revealed that 54% of the US Smartphone users don’t set complicated passwords on their mobile phones.

That results in the valuable data getting stolen, and indeed, the person having steal Smartphone can register unwanted services.

Whereas, if you setup complicated password then it will allow your Smartphone at least 40% protection from outside attackers. The ideally complex passwords have some upper and lower case letters and special symbols.

On the whole, creating a secure password will stop the cybercriminals to hack into your Smartphone and steal your valuable data.

Besides, even if you lose your phone somewhere – rest assured any of your private data won’t get accessed by anyone getting hands on your device.

Subsequently, many Smartphones offer a pattern lock that you need to draw for getting access to the phone.

Understandably, an easy to guess password is less secure and more appealing for others to attack.

So, we recommend you never to set “1234” and similar ones as your passwords as these are easy to guess.

Now you might ask, pattern locks provide more protection than a password?

Well, everyone’s preference differs; one should prefer the pattern lock to get access to the phone quickly, and other should prefer the security of long password over an easy pattern lock.

A complicated password is a barrier between you and the vulnerable cyber world. Note that!

2. Boost your internet security

So, now that you have a hack-proof password make sure that you have a secure connection – too. To encrypt data you probably use a protected router at work or home.

But when you are outside home, then you might have to use public Wi-Fi, which is not an entirely safe option.

It means that is easy for the hackers to intercept your information or data on the way of its transmission.

The most straightforward thing you can do to secure your internet connection is to consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

On the whole, for you, a VPN is a source of secure connection which protects your data whether you are at home or using public Wi-Fi.

And here, just in case you wonder for our opinion regarding the best VPN to use – we would recommend going with ExpressVPN if you can afford to pay a few bucks.

3. Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentications (2FA) are also known as multi-factor authentications, which as the name suggests, is another layer of protection.

Two-factor authentication not just requires your password and username, it also needs another security code which is sent by email or message to verify your identity.

Fortunately, two-factor authentication feature is available on almost all the widely used applications that are available on standard smartphones. For big guns such as Google, you could turn the 2FA on by just playing with your account settings a bit.

4. Install only the trustworthy application

While installing any application on Smartphone do you notice why these applications need your permission?

In short, that way many applications become the medium between you and rest of the world.

But what about the applications that don’t require any permissions, are they safe to install?

Well, we would not label them secure either, we recommend you avoid installing applications from all untrusted sources.

You should stick only to the official Google Play Store in case of Android and iTunes Store if you have an iOS. So that you don’t end the day installing malicious applications on your gadgets.

5. Install security software

Indeed, security software is the best choice to increase your safety online from the snoopers.

It allows you to avoid many dangers associated with the internet-connected Smartphone.

In brief, security software offers you firewall protection, malware, spam, and its GPS ability allows you to see the location in case your Smartphone gets stolen.

Furthermore, if your Smartphone gets misplaced in the house, few quality security software send an audible request to the Smartphone to ping its location.

With security software, you can even lock and remove the sensitive data from your Smartphone remotely if you think it is in the wrong hands.

Understandably, if your Smartphone is in suspicious hands, he will not use it for watching your gallery photos or funny videos. He could do anything, even the stuff you didn’t have in mind that one can do with your phone!

6. Give up on public Wi-Fi


don't use public wifi

For every free thing, you pay in an alternative way –
same goes for free WiFi; it could cost you a lot later. Image Credit: Twenty20

Whenever you have a chance to save the data plan you probably will switch to the public Wi-Fi network. Here at FreeSpyPhone, we always suggest not to check your bank accounts while using the public Wi-Fi network.

Let me clear it why.

A public Wi-Fi hotspot is the breeding ground for cybercriminals and hackers, and they actively look to get into people’s safe profiles and bank accounts over free WiFi connections.

So, whenever there is a need to do so, here again in this (as like the boosting your internet security) — you should use a quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure no one tries to be your big brother while you use a public WiFi.

7. Think twice before clicking any link

Well, this is the most efficient and oldest way to stay safe from prying eyes. In case you receive an email which looks suspicious, you should not click on any link in it because it may infect your device immediately.

This technique, tricking people into clicking on spam links, is called “Phishing” which is mostly used by cybercriminals.

Besides, do not click on any file you receive from someone you don’t know.

And be aware of offers that sound too good to be true because that can be a tactic to attack your gadget or Smartphone.

8. Install quality cell phone spy software, only

Installing quality spy software on your teens, employees, and spouse‘s smartphone benefits a lot when it comes to protecting your vital information.

Henceforth, it is important to have trusted software that will never violate private information at any cost.

Now you might be wondering to know which is the best cell phone spy software available on the market. Well, you need not to fret.

Because here at FreeSpyPhone we have tested and reviewed many mobile spy software, and based on excellent results during thorough research and review, our honest recommendation is to use TheTruthSpy.

While using the spy software, you will be able to access your Smartphone remotely and remove the sensitive data from your phone in case it is stolen or lost. So, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive getting into suspicious hands.

9. Secure your sensitive data

First up, by sensitive data on your smartphone, we mean anything you would not want any third-party to have a look at.

That can be anything from your private photos to your bank account details, anything worth securing.

A few years back, passwords and PIN entries were all you would need to secure as a sensitive data of yours.

Whereas, now, you carry a miniature computer (smartphone) with its removable storage.

Therefore, you cannot get relaxed by just not leaving any room for someone to unlock your device. Because now, your data can get retrieved by merely removing the microSD card or plugging the smartphone into a PC.

Thanks to feature-rich smartphones we have today; you can protect your sensitive data with ease. You can just go there and make use of any of the good software out there to encrypt folders and files.

Whatever your mobile app store is, you will be able to find many good ones on it – one app that we can recommend here is Encrypt File Fee (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

So, once you have a data encryption app installed, if someone wants to open your private information — a pin code needs to be entered to view the file.

Apparently, it is essential to ensure that any sensitive information is not readily accessible, so it is wise to install such security software.

10. Practice safe surfing and online shopping

If you are using the credit card to shop online, then there are some risks that you should take care of. Make sure that you are using your credit card on websites starting from Https, not just Http.

Here “s” indicates that the site is using secure protocols. In case if you don’t see the URL with Https, then your credit card can get used to buying something without your consent. So, in brief, stay away from all the sites that do not have https.

11. Do NOT let the advertisers monitor you

Notwithstanding, as we know advertisers are always watching our digital activities. In fact, our internet providers deliberately provide our digital footprints and location to third parties.

Although it is quite challenging to immobilize this connection, still it is not that difficult, at least you can manage to disable few connections that allow advertisers to extract your information, online searches, and location.

Well, you can disable this by changing settings on your Smartphone – quite easy, right?

However, this may not secure your Smartphone at full from the advertisers — as your Internet service provider will have all information, but still, it will protect you to an extent.

That’s it. We have covered all the possible ways to protect you from the snoopers hunting online to steal your valuable information. All you need to do is implement the above methods to stay safe all the time.

Having said all that, below we have covered 3 top privacy applications as a bonus for you to safeguard your Smartphone while you use internet on it.

Bonus: Top 3 Privacy Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

Let’s get started with our 3 top privacy applications that you can install to stay safe from snoopers, right below:

1. To secure your all IMs – Signal

As far as the vitality and need of using anonymous messaging apps are concerned, our top recommendation is to use Signal.

It is an Edward Snowden-backed secure messaging app, that tells a lot about the app – right? It provides better security than its well-known rivals.

In fact, alongside stealthy privacy, it brings all essential IM features that you need in your footsteps.

Remarkably, Signal’s IM features include VoIP calls, group chats, and the end to end encryption. Because of its strong encryption, snoopers and even the Signal staff won’t be able to monitor your messages, calls, and chats.

To enjoy this fully featured application, you’ll have to install Signal on your Smartphone and also convince your friends to install it because this app only works with other Signal users.

2. To browse snoop-freely on Android and iOS smartphones – Orbot

Notably, you all have the reasons for visiting websites, and you might like to keep that reason to yourself. Orbot app provides you with the blazing fast browsing and messaging on your Android and iOS smartphone.

The app makes sure that messages you receive or send get anonymized and encrypted.

Subsequently, Orbot is easy to use and straightforward — and fits underneath your other applications such as browser and Facebook.

3. To secure your Smartphone on public WI-Fi – Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a 100% free VPN (Virtual Private Network), which blocks ad trackers and allows you to hide your IP address.

As we all know, these days, some apps are unreliable and difficult to use, but Turbo VPN will enable you to jump-start to protect yourself at public Wi-Fi — in no time.

You just download it from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your device, and click a button to turn it on — and start enjoying the private browsing!

It will secure all the information traveling in and out from your smartphone so that anything does not go into wrong hands. If you are looking for an ultimate source of free protection online, then you should give Turbo VPN a shot.

Final Words

When in this digital spy era, it is easy for a family member or a friend to snoop into your Smartphone to see photos – then just imagine, how easy it will be for a cybercriminal with advanced knowledge to extract your vital data without you knowing.

Undoubtedly, risks surrounding smartphone security are huge even if it is in your pocket.

Hackers and cybercriminals are opportunists that are always looking for a way to steal the essential information and sell it to marketing companies.

That is why it is essential to protect your device (specifically not just Smartphone) from snoopers and professional hackers.

Follow the above-provided pieces of advice carefully not to allow anyone to hamper your smartphone and spy on your critical data. Do you have any other idea in mind to pitch us to protect the smartphone from snoopers?

If yes, then do let us know in the comment section right below and we’ll add that in our roundup (if you end up sending something useful for our readers). Also, share this article with your friends if you find it helpful.


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