Best iPhone Keylogger Apps (No Jailbreak, Hidden)

Get 12 Best iPhone Keylogger Apps in 2018 (No Jailbreak, Hidden)

The Keylogger for iPhone is a tool with which one can easily gather all the typed keystrokes that are made on the device keyboard. There are many cases wherein one needs the Keylogger. You probably will find yourself into the position of being concerned about leaving own device with the kids also at times you had forgotten the device into the office and when you return back you fell like that someone has checked the device. Among various reasons, one common reason is that finding that whether your spouse is cheating on you or not.

Get 12 Best iPhone Keylogger Apps in 2018 (No Jailbreak, Hidden)

Get 12 Best iPhone Keylogger Apps in 2018 (No Jailbreak, Hidden)

In order to avoid all the issues or want to have the full eye on everything, then it is better that one makes use of the iPhone Keylogger rather than simply guessing and embracing not so good result at the end. For such application just get relief from tension and everything will be secured for all. Here in the article, we are going to share about the 12 best Keylogger tools for iPhone. No doubt all those will definitely make a big difference in user’s life.

Know about Keylogger in detail

We believe that still most of the users are not aware of what Keylogger actually is. It is nothing just a spying tool similar to the other spying tool. A keystroke logger records everything on the targeted person device. It being a keystroke logger can secretly do the spying over the full activities of the iPhone that was made by the targeted person. This app is usually used by the criminals and spies that would like to track the activity of a particular person and ultimate desire of those is just to steal out personal details for own selfishness.

Also, the Keyloggers are used by the employers for tracking down the activities of the employees. The parents are using the iPhone Keylogger to keep a full eye over the activity of the activities of kids without getting traced. In this way, one can easily do the tracking over the device of anybody easily.

What is the Keylogger uses

Given the fact that Keylogger is the tracking tool for tracking iPhone and discover all the activities of the victim over his/her phone. Here are few uses that we have listed down here that one should know-

  • Parental control- It is the best way for the parents to track down the activity of kids without letting them get any information of being spied. Also one will get the notification of quickly the page that the kids have accessed online, the real-time location and several other important things. With the help of some great Keylogger like “FreeSpyPhone” many parents used to control the browsing history of their children.
  • Security- If one needs to be ensured that the employees are fully respecting the rules of the organization, and then a user will be getting the notification regarding the activities through the best Keylogger app.
  • Tracking spouse activity- If in case a spouse senses that the things are indicating that the partner is cheating, and then using the Keylogger will be a lot helpful for iPhone cell phone that will let one in knowing all about the spouse activities.

Let it be all over internet powered programs like snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or even cell phone SMS, everything can be traced. So, all in all, the Keylogger application can help one in easily tracking down all the activities the respected person. Make the use of typical Keylogger and get everything discovered.

Criteria for choosing the best Keylogger app

Nowadays, we are living in the era of digitalization; it might be very much easier for one to track the mobile through online. The advancement of technology has discovered good Keylogger apps. Today the Smartphone is super connected globally, thus tracking iPhone becomes a lot easier without any hassle. The iPhone Keyloggers had gone to another level as compared to the past because these apps are having many advanced functions. All the spying tools providers available are claiming to be fully best and reliable; reality is that everyone is not at all good as they claim to be.

In order to help you out here, we have listed few important and helpful criteria that one needs to keep in mind when choosing the best Keylogger app-

  • Installation- Mostly the Keylogger for iPhone is quite easier to install. A user might be thinking that how one can install those for free remotely. Some apps complete the task easily without the need of having physical access so that the device of the targeted user can be accessed via remotely. Some of the apps are there that have figured out the thing will full success and still some needs user to have complete access to the device of the targeted user. It not at all matters whether the app needs one to have full access or not, the thing matters is the easy installation of the app.
  • Functioning- At this part many things one needs to necessarily keep in mind. It depends on the needs and what are the greater priorities of the user. Some core functions of the best Keylogger app are spying over Facebook messages, WhatsApp spying, email tracking, call, and SMS tracking etc. Also, the other desirable function of the app is GPS location tracking so that seeing whereabouts becomes a lot easier. Another important feature of the Keylogger is tracking internet history and easily blocking suite and calls and even apps. One should look at all these features before choosing Keylogger app.
  • Untraceable- If in case a Keylogger app doesn’t function in stealth mode wherein the targeted user can easily trace; it will be of no use. There is nothing wrong in using the tracking tool; the thing that matters is that one should not get traced easily. Choose the Keylogger app that 100% guarantees to work in hidden mode.
  • User-Friendly- The Keylogger app can be a lot useful if in case reports to be fully easy to understand and dashboard of Keylogger should be easier to navigate. One should only choose the app that is really reporting user easy to understand. A good app will let one in checking the data in current time.

12 best Keylogger apps for iPhone device to know

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

Well, mostly the people have tried figuring out many ways of spying the iPhone of other users. There are various features of such apps one would find out that will definitely confuse a user. If you are one seeking for the help of the best companion then using the FreeSpyPhone is the one that you needs. Today this tracking tool has gained too much popularity as it is leading on the top to be the safest way of bringing 100% safety.

This tool is working on modern technology and has created the up to date platform for those that have tired of the notorious actions of the partners, kids, and employees. All that one needs to do is install the app on the device that one needs to hack and begin hacking like the pro.

No doubt Spyadvice as a tracking tool can be used for many purposes. The development of such technology is nowhere lesser than a boon. One will surely find the Keylogger facility in this tool and is really advanced. Choosing this tracking tool will definitely is what that one can do the best. Once the app is installed into the device of the targeted person, it will fully track the activities of the user and will let one to detect the action done fully on the keypad of the iPhone.


Read IM- The app is good enough in reading out all the send/deleted/edited and received messages from the targeted person device with full info (date/time/sender and reviver info).

Calls spying The tool helps the user in easily spying over all the calls that are made/received and deleted with complete details like time, date and person details.

Call recording The tracking tool helps its user to do the recording of the calls of a specific person. Set the particular number on call recorder and when calls are made or received, the recording will begin instantly.

Tracking GPS location The tool helps the tracker in tracking down the real-time location of the victim with full details and tells the user whereabouts of the person. Also if a person has lost the phone, it can trace the device location in addition to help the user in finding out the destination easily to reach faster if missed out way.

Ambient listening- The tracker tracks the surrounding activity of the iPhone users, one just has to make a hidden call and begin to hack.

KeyloggerThrough this tracking tool viewing all typed keystrokes becomes a lot easier. This way one will easily come to know all the password of various social site accounts used by the victim.

Spying over social sites activities- The tracker is good enough in tracking the activities of various social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

Multimedia file spying- With FreeSpyPhone one can track the available multimedia files of the iPhone like videos, GIFs, photos, images etc.

How to use it

Download the app from the official site ( While doing so ensure that the device has proper configuration and Wi-Fi/internet connection. Make changes like enabling the unknown sources. Now download the app in victim device and own device. When the downloading is finished installation will begin. It needs few minutes for completing the installation process. When the installation is done, create the user account using the valid username, ID and password.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

Wherever one goes, second top Keylogger app for iPhone is TheTruthSpy Keylogger. This app allows one in monitoring calls, read IM, control apps, track internet history, track GPS, hack over social sites. It is one of another mostly used Keylogger app and geofencing features are used widely for tracking iPhone. One thing with which one needs to be aware of is prohibited locations. Lastly, the service provider offers all the details regarding the installation. Everything is provided in the mail after the user creates the user account and then finalizes the payment.

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy

Another reliable and trustworthy app that is listed on the top 12 apps for iPhone is FreePhoneSpy Keylogger that lets one in having good control on kids’ device remotely. The main feature of the tool is include tracking keystrokes, monitoring web activities, spying SMS and tracking social site apps. Moving to the process of installation of Keylogger, it is pretty easier as long as the guidelines are followed carefully. After the installation is finished, a user can begin monitoring the activities from the phone or desktop.

#4 XySpy

The next tracking tool is XySpy that is having impressive features like GPS positioning, managing calls, accessing messages, app control, and SIM change notification etc. To use the app one needs the internet connection. To use it, one has to create the user account on the official site of XySpy and download the app for cracking iPhone. Another amazing thing that one needs to know is that there is no rooting needed.

#5 FoneTracker

When one looks at the FoneTracker, he/she will surely say that this app is really very much interesting as it is having user-friendly interface and is accessible spying tool as a whole. Some of the spying activities this app does are spying SMS, GPS location tracking, hacking videos, photos, call logs spying etc. FoneTracker offers two different packages to the users like premium and ultimate and to use it, one can get the ultimate version.

#6 SpyEra

If seeing for the reliable Keylogger, SpyEra is the right choice. It works through analyzing device activities deeper and delivers the report to the user account. The greater features are listening live calls, email monitoring, SMS spy etc it as a Keylogger also let one to check VoIP apps, targets rear camera and spy on messenger logs etc. It is a good tool for monitoring the activities of others.

#7 KidLogger

It is free iPhone Keylogger that is used to spy activities widely. It keeps full track over the device acts like time tracking, highly used app and access to website etc. Also, it tells how the spouse is using his/her device. Some of the thing that the app does is SMS tracking; monitor Emails, spying over calls. This app does monitoring remotely.

#8 iKeyMonitor

It is developed as the iPhone monitoring tool and the thing that one can achieve here is monitoring SMS, calls, clipboard logs, GPS location, websites, multimedia files and keystrokes of course. The amazing feature of the app is that it records surrounding activities of suspected person device. Also, it controls the critical functions remotely as through control panel a user can switch it on or off. It records logs and forwards it to email automatically.

#9 HoverWatch

Another good app is HoverWatch Android Keylogger that functions perfectly for monitoring others. As this app holds many good features, using it can be good. One can get access to keystrokes, SMS, calls, web history etc. It too catches the multimedia files and notifies the user if the SIM card is changed. It keeps full track over the keystrokes or the data of the device. It works in 100% hidden mode, so getting traced is almost impossible.

#10 Hello Spy

You might have heard about this tracking tool, it is another most well-known solution for the monitoring device. Some of the features of the app are that it offers the user like tracking calls and internet history, GPS location, phone book, and SMS. The exciting thing that one can know is that a hacker can view location and screen the device live. The app offers the free trial facility to uses.

#11 TopSpy

If one wishes to monitor the device activities of a person faster, the TopSpy is the right tool for users. Some of the main features of the wizard are like GPS location tracking, SMS spy, calls spying, web activities tracking and it also keeps the track to various social media apps. The app offers to users free trial and after that one can choose the premium packages and of course as per own desirability.

#12 1Mole

The last one is 1mole it not only logs keystrokes built it completely tracks full iPhone activities of the suspected person. It is freeware Keylogger for iPhone that is 100% Keylogger app that actually effectively traces the device every typed keystroke. Some of the attributes of the app are keystrokes monitoring, GPS location tracking, web history tracking, calls tracking, SMS tracking etc. The installation of the app is a lot easier and it offers the users proper keylog recording at full effectiveness.


These all are the top 12 best iPhone Keylogger app in 2018. It is obvious that seeing all those 12 apps with good functionality and services one will get confused. At a time only one app can be used for tracking the iPhone. Using FreeSpyPhone will be the right choice as it is listed on the top and is having amazing features and works in hidden mode.