How to Download & Install Free Spy App

Technology in the world is increasing more and more. Nowadays, mostly everyone has a smartphone to use. From children to old people are using a smartphone and doing different kinds of things on the phone. If you want to keep your children away from cyberbullying, then you have to use spying apps to protect them. The spying app has all the evidence of your kid’s smartphone. So no need to back up everything. Nobody will find that you are spying on someone if you follow the instructions to install properly.

The best part is that no one will know that you are spying on a particular person because it is undetectable. There are many spying apps available on the internet; some are free and some and are used by paying money. Different spying apps have different features in it. So before downloading any spying app, make sure to see the features of it. The features should match your expectations then only it will be helpful for you.

Download and Install The Free Spying App

Download and Install The Free Spying App
Download and Install The Free Spying App

Today, Free Spy Phone will be replaced by AppSpy ( with a new design and more features.

Please read the steps properly to avoid any issues in the future.

Step 1: Download FreeSpy.APK File

Go to your downloading browser and allow it to install unknown sources if you do not allow it won’t start.

Go to the particular website from where you will download the FreeSpy.APK. Click on download, and it will start automatically.


Step 2: Prerequisites

When the download is in the process so now go to Google play store. Go to settings and disable Google play protect. If you do not disable, then the person will get notifications of spying app which says it is harmful to your device, after seeing that he will understand that someone has installed the spying in his or her smartphone.

Now go to smartphone notification settings. In that find Google play store. After finding disable the notification of the app.

Now when your spying app FreeSpy.APK has been downloaded-go to your browser from where you have downloaded. Go to settings and then clear the particular history that you have downloaded the spying app. By this, the person will not know anything because there is no history at all of the downloaded app.

Step 3: Install

Install the downloaded FreeSpy.APK. The app will ask many different kinds of permission. Remember you have to allow every permission which the spying app asks. Because if you miss or not give permission, then the app will not work properly. It will not show all the features of it.

After allowing all the permission, the app will ask to create a new account from where you will see the activity of the targeted smartphone. You have to create an account the app will ask your information you have to fill it properly without any mistakes because in the future you may not get the targeted smartphone back to use. After creating the account, click on start monitoring. This means all the activities will be recorded from now.

Now the main things are you have to hide the particular spying app. Moreover, now everything is done on the targeted smartphone.

Step 4: Monitor

Now the next step is on your phone from where you will monitor the activities. You do not have to create a new account. You have to sign in the account of now what you have created on the targeted smartphone at From your phone, you will see all the activities.


Both the smartphone should have a stable internet connection. If anyone of them does not have then the app will not work properly.