12 Best Free Spy Apps You Need to Know Now

12 Best Free Spy Apps You Need to Know Now

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Noways, things are becoming more and more uncertain. Mostly when it comes to having trust in others, as in your loved ones and not just. You see that your spouse is hiding something from you. That’s a clear sign that they might be infidel with you.

Parents can find their children acting weird, as lower grades or a different kind of behavior. Or maybe your employees are lower in results at work.

But, this kind of problems have solutions. That’s why I thought of setting a list of 12 tracking apps. In this way, you’ll get to see what is going on. Also, don’t worry about money, because I already thought of this and they are free spy apps.

1. Children Tracking

children tracking

Parents care about their children and desire to know what is going on with them when things seem to become tens.

Moving on, Children Tracking is perfect if you want to see what is really going on. The internet is full of dangerous things and I know you want to take care of this problem.

As a result, Children Tracking is part of the top apps to spy free that you just have to install it. Secondly, you have to run it and be sure to hide the app and you can begin tracking the phone online. Lastly, you need to know that this app is available only for android users.


  • The GPS works at its high potential;
  • You can view in real time where your children are;
  • The app provides 24/7 support in case you have problems’


  • After downloading it has too many ads that pop up.
  • If you get the old version of the app, come with some errors;

Download link: Children Tracking

2. Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker

If you find yourself in the position of tracking someone, well a great undetectable free spy app for android is, Cell Tracker.

Most of the time, you desire to see what are your employees up to. So, I want you to know that this app is perfect for this kind of idea.

Moving on, some of the features that this app has are as, you can collect data regarding the device.

Maybe wondering how? Well, the app collects it thru GPRS/WiFi. Besides this, you have the option of deleting the data of the past locations.

Even more then this, you can export the tracks as a text thru email. Lastly, you need to know that this app is available only for android users.


  • In case you have problems with the app, you can contact them thru the email provided;
  • Has a nice history of where you have been in the last few days;
  • The app has a low impact on the battery;


  • Needs 10 min to collect information about the location;
  • Sometimes has problem with accuracy;

Download link: Cell Tracker

3. Sneaky Cam

Hidden Camera Without Icon

If somehow you want to spy on someone and you don’t want to get found. Then this app is perfect for your needs. Because has a hidden cam and you can keep track of some interesting things.

Moving on, what is amazing about this app, is that when you start using it you can return to your things on the phone. You can listen to music, browse something around the phone or whatever you want. So, you can continue taking phones of what your desire without getting caught.

However, before you proceed with this you must know that the phone needs to get rooted. This procedure is for android phones. because the app works only for this kind of phones.


  • The app starts automatically after rooting;
  • Supports both front and back cameras;
  • Records during calls;


  • Consumes battery even after you stop using it;
  • Doesn’t have the option to store the data on the SD card;

Download link: Sneaky Cam

4. Spy Message

SPY Message

If you are looking to send some secret messages, yet you want to save some bucks, Spy Message is part of the free android spy apps. Which I believe is perfect for those who love this kind of spying.

Some of the features, for example, this app has are, as you can time does messages to get deleted. In this way, you are not leaving any trace. Also, you are able to send secretive messages to someone, so you’ll never get caught. This app is available only for android users.


  • This amazing app has a user-friendly interface, so by this said you’ll not have problems using it.
  • You can time the messages when you want them deleted;
  • The last amazing thing is that you can customize your friend list. More exactly to who to send or not the messages.


  • The app has sometimes problems connecting to the server;

Download link: Spy Message

5. FreeSpyPhone

5. FreeSpyPhone

5. FreeSpyPhone

If you are looking for a spy phone app free download, then Spy Phone App is perfect for you. Some of the amazing things about this app are that you can use it on both Android and iPhone. Moving to the other features, which are as tracking incoming and outgoing calls or messages. Has a GPS tracker, is also a spy app WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line, and Skype. Another great thing about this app is that you spy remotely. Basically is a spy app without target phone, which all of us we are looking for.


  • Has many features, making it a complete app;
  • Is an easy to use app;
  • Offers free trails to test the app;


  • Takes to much time the installation;
  • The free trial doesn’t offer many things;

Download link: FreeSpyPhone

6. Hide Calls Automatically

Hide Calls Automatically

Another free spying application is perfect if you want to hide your contact icon to get seen by others. Also, the app deletes the incoming calls or outgoing ones, to not remain registered in the phone. So, nobody will know who you talked if you want to hide something from others.


  • Hides the icon calls for the curious eyes;
  • In order to use the app you have to dial a number;
  • You can import contact from your phone book;


  • Has too many adds while using it;
  • The app didn’t have a recent update for improvement;

Download link: Hide Calls Automatically

7. Spy Video Recorder

Secret Video Recorder

Sometimes, you might want to surprise some interesting things about your employees or maybe your children. Yet, you don’t want to get caught. That is why best apps to spy for free is spy video recorder. To illustrate some of the best features of it is that it can record during a call, doesn’t have a sound the camera when using it. Lastly, the most interesting thing about this app is that you can schedule to record a video at a specific time. The app is available for Android users.


  • You can record as many as you desire;
  • Very easy to use;
  • The records are being protected with a password;


  • It works to slowly, sometimes it blocks;
  • Has problems while working remotely;

Download link: Spy Video Recorder

8. Fake Call

Fake Call - Fake Caller ID

There are times when you have to make a step and start managing problems. So, another free of cost spy mobile app is Fake Call. The app comes with some really nice features, as it can pre-record the call, customize SMS or you can even schedule calls. With this app, you can prank very simply your friends.

Lastly, the app is available only for android users.


  • You can customize with the number, the picture and many other;
  • You can schedule calls;
  • The last pro about this app is the fact that you can create a fake voice from the app;


  • Is not updated to the recent versions of smartphones;
  • Not so many fake voices;

Download link: Fake Call

9. Secret Agent

Secret Agent

One of the best apps to spy for free is Secret agent, that will take you into the world of James Bond. Some of the things that it makes the app special are the fact that, has an infrared style camera filter, a compass, also a secret audio recorder. Lastly, the best thing that it makes it more special than others is the sound analyzer. You have to know that the app is available only for android users.


  • Has an SOS mode, in case you have problems;
  • Comes with a QRcode reader;
  • Save the pictures in HD;


  • The app is not really good explained and the users don’t really know how to use it;
  • Not all the tools work properly;

Download link: Secret Agent

10. TheTruthSpy


Not all of us have money to invest in apps, that is why I thought of looking for a free iPhone spy app. TheTruthSpy is an incredible app that will work undetectable on the iPhone you are spying. Don’t have to worry about getting caught, because will not be any kind of icons around there.

Moving on, some of the other amazing features is that send you copies of conversations had on Facebook, SMS or other kind of social media conversation. Comes with a GPS motorization and you can also see the internet history. Lastly, the app is available only for iOS users.


  • User-friendly app;
  • Has many features for a free app;
  • You can use it remotely;


  • Doesn’t have the best precision when it comes to GPS;
  • You need to pay in case you want some more features;

Download link: TheTruthSpy

11. Ear spy

Ear Agent - Super Hearing Aid

If you are looking to distract people well, Ear spy is perfect for spying in secret. Using the earphone you can amplify sounds that are around and so in this way you can catch tons of information from what are others talking. Also, the app can simply equalize the sound so you don’t get distracted by the surroundings. However, I recommend you to hide your earphone under your clothes. Lastly, the app is available only for Android users.


  • Comes with an equalizer;
  • Amplifies sounds thru your microphone;
  • Has a high security;


  • The equalizer doesn’t work at high capacity;
  • Slows the phone down;

Download link: Ear Spy

12. Mobile Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Snapshot

Our last option when it comes free spy apps is Mobile Hidden Camera. If you are looking for a fast shoot then this is the perfect app. You have to activate it and then go to the black screen and can go for fast snapshots. Also, the app comes with capturing videos too. As soon as you went into video mode, the app will start recording until you choose to stop it. Lastly, the app is available only for android users.


  • Records and take pictures at a high quality;
  • The icons are being hidden while recording or taking pictures;


  • The call for activation doesn’t always work properly;
  • Comes with too many adds;

Download link: Mobile Hidden Camera

Highly Recommended the Very Best Professional Spy App

My last option I am highly recommending it to you because I already used it, is FreeSpyPhone app. Used by more than million users, becoming a very popular app for spying. What is great about this app is that you can use in many operating systems as Windows, Android, iOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. You might pay a few bucks to use this app, however, if you don’t pay yet you can check the 7-day free trial provided by the app.

However, I would like to give you a short idea of the app with some of the key features of it.

  • Monitoring internet use;
  • You can manage calls as the incoming and the outgoing;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Control apps and also programs;
  • Access to emails;
  • Access to read the instant messages;

For more details regarding the FreeSpyPhone app, you can check right here.


To conclude, if you are looking to start looking for your children, spouse or employees these 12 amazing apps are perfect. They can give you a glimpse of how a spying app is, in case you are on a budget.

Lastly, if you enjoyed this article I would be more then open if you would leave a comment with a feedback. Also, if you have any suggestions or you have experienced these apps let me know about them in the comment section.


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