Free SMS Tracker

Free SMS Tracker: How to Track Someone’s Text Messages

Have you thought of tracking SMS or messages of others? If this seems difficult to you then we have an easy way. Now, one can easily track the SMS from any device using SMS tracker. What is a SMS tracker? How to use it? What are it features? You can get answers of such questions here at If you don’t know the answers then we know. Read more to satisfy your mind as this seem to be impossible way of tracking SMS.

Free SMS Tracker: How to Track Someone's Text Messages

Free SMS Tracker: How to Track Someone’s Text Messages

SMS or text messages are the convenient way of communication which can be done anytime. One can easily send or receive messages from loved ones irrespective of their location at the globe. Earlier this was seemed to be possible but technology has made it real. Similarly, spying seemed to be a tricky task to many users. Nonetheless, people search for the methods of spying. Illegal ways and solutions of spying can cause trouble and thus most of them dreamt of a new solution.

Spy app developers have estimated the curiosity and need of spying and thus brought a complete new solution to the users. The spy software such as SMS trackers fulfill this unfulfilled desired of the users. The trackers as the name suggest tracks the messages on the device.

What is a Free SMS Tracker

What is a Free SMS Tracker

What is a Free SMS Tracker

SMS Tracking is a simple feature that records the message or conversation between the sender and receiver. It also records the time, duration, sender’s information such as contact name and number. This is what a SMS tracker is all about.

However, the desire of spying is not limited to the tracking of SMS. Users need more; they want to know what else spy software can do. But, a simple SMS tracker can simply tracks the messages and do no more than that. Therefore, the need of the SMS tracker is less in market. More advanced and latest spy software is there to fulfill the demands of the customers.

What more in the market of spy apps

FreeSpyPhone is supposed to be a complete application rather than SMS tracker. It does not have a single function. It is a multifunctional, multi-featured and advanced application to cater all the needs of the users. What are the functions that it can perform and its features? Read below to know the answers.

Functions and features of the spy applications

Spy apps that are easy to use and have attractive graphic user interface that is user-friendly are more popular in the market. These applications are said to have following features:

  • They are affordable means everyone can purchase it. Since spying is a risky activity thus developers sell the apps at higher price but not everyone can afford it. A good application is one that is developed for the common people who can use it. Thus, a cost effective spy app is best.
  • They are safe which means the user’s identity is kept hidden from the outside world. Anonymity is an essential feature of spying and thus developers are very much concerned about it.
  • The ease to use advanced features even if the person is not having much knowledge of software is yet another feature. Advanced features are the needs of user which give them ease to do multiple things. These features include SMS spying, call spying and more which we will learn in next section.
  • Compatibility is no doubt the most important feature of the spy apps. It is so because today various Smartphone are available in the market. They possess different operating system such as android, windows, iOS, blackberry and more. Spy apps should be compatible with all OS whether it is iOS or android.
  • Spy apps keep the safety of traced information and keep it hidden from the other users. It sends the information to the dedicated users.

So, these were the features of the advanced spy apps. Let us learn about the functions.

Functions of FreeSpyPhone App

Functions of FreeSpyPhone App

Functions of FreeSpyPhone App

Call spy

Just like Free SMS tracker, call tracker is also available that tracks the call details. A complete spy app has this feature as well. It can also trace the call list, contact name, call details, time, and more.

Instant messaging spy

Well, today you might be using text messages because so many messengers are now available that has made the communication much faster and easier. You can do more fun here such as share the media files, make calls via apps, chats and more. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more are some of the examples of these messengers. No doubt that most of us have account at one of these platforms. This gives us facility to connect to more friends and new people that belong to other country as well. Therefore, spying these messengers where you can read the conversations, check the friend list and check the shared files is also important.

Block the website and application

There may be rarely any application that allows you to do this. A spy application has that function as well. You can block the application which you don’t want others to use on their device and same goes for a website. This function is best for the parental control in case you have small kids at home.

GPS tracking

For this function, users have to download another application called GPS tracker or locator. However, downloading a single app called spy app is not even convenient but also useful in many ways. It can trace the location of device.

Peep into the gallery with view gallery function

View gallery function allows the user to peep into the gallery of device users. They can check out the latest photos, albums, videos and more using this function.

Remote control

Yes, spy app users can control the device remotely. This might not be possible when using SMS tracker, call tracker or GPS tracker. This application might have this feature but all spy apps have it.


So, instead of downloading multiple applications on device and giving away a lot of memory of your device downloads the spy app. Get all these features and function in one application at easy price.