12 Best Free Keylogger Apps (No Root & Jailbreak, Hidden)

Free KeyLogger Apps: 12 Best Free Keylogger Apps (No Root & Jailbreak, Hidden)

Have you ever heard of this term “Keylogger”? If you don’t know anything about keylogger and how you can be benefited via it, then continue reading this article. A keylogger is basically software that allows you to gather information or data through a number of keystrokes that have been typed by the suspect. On regular basis, there are millions of keystrokes made on the android & iphone device.

Free KeyLogger Apps

Free KeyLogger Apps

Nevertheless, there comes a time when you actually need a keylogger. Every single individual finds himself or herself in position when is concerned about kids or spouse.

Or there comes a time when you forget your cell phone and a number of thoughts like are someone checking my cell phone in my absence? However, do you know the most concerning thing out of all the possible reasons? It is a cheating spouse (LOL).

If you want to avoid or overcome such issues and situations then you need to keep an eye over the kid or spouse. It is better to use a spying tool to gather information regarding the keylogger and embracing all unpleasant results. You can get real-time results using the best and free keylogger available in 2018.

For sure all of your tensions and worries get eradicated using the keylogger tracking apps. So, this post helps you to know 12 best keylogger apps specially built for the Android & iPhone device in 2018. Each and every single app makes difference in an individual’s life and you can distinguish which one will suits your requirement the best.

Small detail on keylogger

It is evident that most of the users don’t know what keylogger is and why it is used. Well, it is, in general, a tool that records all the activities of the suspect or the person you need to spy on. The keystrokes can reveal most of the things about the suspect.

There are lots of keystroke spying apps or spyware that can secretly or directly track messages and emails no matter what kind of android version the suspect holds.

Keylogger spying app is used to detect the criminal or spy suspect by tracking their activities. The ultimate desire is to gather or absorb information or data that may be personal or professional.

Subsequently, it allows you to go through the complete app history present on the suspect device. Besides all this, parents can also make use of the keylogger spying app so as to track kid’s location without having their cell phone.

Uses of Keylogger app

Uses of Keylogger app

Now you are well known with the fact that a keylogger works like a tracking software for Android and it has following uses that are mentioned below-

Parental control using the tool mentioned in this article you can track the real-time activities of the kid without fear of getting caught. In addition to this, you are notified or send an alert stating that kind of activity your kid is performing such as visiting a particular site or about their current location. If you are among those parents that wish to control the browser history of children, spouse or employees then use the keylogger app.

Security- if you wish to have a sure staff field then the colleagues must be respecting and honest. How you will find such a situation? This can be very well understood using a keylogger app. It will notify you regarding all the activities of the employees and give daily updates. In this away, the employers can keep a track on the company details and essential reports so that it can’t get leaked by any of the disloyal employees. Surely it will benefit you immensely.

Spouse activities tracking if you find any of the signals of been cheated by your better half such as been less interested in you then you can try the keylogger app. It surely brings something useful and it can even bring truth related to the suspect. There are lots of internet-powered programs and out of all such programs, the best one is the keylogger app. It can gather information from a suspect mobile browser, snapchat, WhatsApp, and this makes the cell phone tracking easier. The basic aim of the keylogger app is to track spouse location.

Criteria to have a good keylogger

In this era of spying, the best thing one can do is using a keylogger. This spying tool can bring tremendous results related to the suspect. The apps presented in this article are advanced level keyloggers that can function incredibly fast and this way you can get immediate results at speed of light. The espionage abilities of the keylogger app can provide you immense relief and this can a good sign that everything would go right in your life.

Installation there are lots of keyloggers that needs to be downloaded on the android app. You might be wondering if you have to pay a buck for the apps presented in this article or not. This answer is surely not, you just have to download it on the android device and that’s it. You can have the free keylogger from the site made available in this article. Physical accessing of the device is not possible so it is best to make use of the advanced and technology-based keylogger app. You can quickly target the suspect without going into the complex or tough mechanism of the applications.

Functioning- functioning is that part of the app that would allow you to get a drop-down menu of features. It doesn’t depend on which feature is set on priority because each and every single feature mentioned is of great importance.

Some of the core features of the good keylogger are WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger spying, email tracking, Viber, and SMS tracking. Another feature that is desirable to use it GPS location tracking so as to see all activities such as locations or places visited. You can see the particular or specific location visited by the suspect. This is the vital features of the keylogger app that would enable all users to track or block activities of the suspect. You can even block calls and other sites that seem to be harmful or hazardous.

It is user-friendly- since the launch of keylogger, the use of it is getting more common as it generates easily understandable dashboards. The easy to navigate dashboard makes the accessing of the online account more awesome. The user-friendly dashboard presents all the reports and understands related to the suspect that makes navigation much easier. You can easily check suspect account on the device in real time.

Undetectable- the keylogger work in stealth mode that means the suspect can’t detect the spying activities performed by you. Spying secretly is all about spying under someone’s nose or without getting caught gather all the information. So long as the installation and downloading process are completed you can get all the information at your fingertip. You can potentially make use of the app by fulfilling all the criteria.

Now it is the time go through the entire list of top and best 12 free keylogger applications available in 2018. The keylogger is presented after detailed research and test; you can pick anyone as per your requirement.

12 Best keylogger apps for android

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

Whenever you search for top and best keylogger in the market the very first app you will get is FreeSpyPhone. The app is responsible for monitoring browse history, calls, and control apps, read instant messages, and track GPS location. You can even monitor activities performed by your kid on the social media apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc.

Furthermore, it is the only app that offers numerous features along with android keylogging feature. Apart from it, a special feature known as Geofencing feature allows you to see a prohibited area that the suspect has entered. This way you can avoid all the problems that come in the way of the suspect. Suppose the suspect is your kid or spouse, you can know the location and safeguard him or her easily by presenting yourself on time.

The company offers all essential information regarding it that can be read on the official site (freespyphone.net) and you can create an account so as to finalize payment criteria. The price of this app is just $0.00 you can even have the free trial of around 7 days. It supports devices such as windows, MAC, and iOS.

#2 NetSpy Keylogger

Maru Chikako

Maru Chikako

Website: https://www.netspy.net

Another unique and trustworthy keylogger in the market is NetSpy Keylogger. It is basically an android spying app that allows you to excellently control all the activities of the kid.

The main and chief features of the Keylogger app is monitoring of social media, monitoring of internet browser, and ability to read and record text messages. All the current activities that mean live activities can be monitored easily. Besides all features, the app is completely free for devices and you can get the android version for FREE.

This app is free for windows, and if you want a premium version then you need to take plan for the android device. It is compatible with Windows, MAC OS, and iOS.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy

Website: https://thetruthspy.com/hidden-keylogger/

TheTruthSpy comes next in the list of picking the best and reliable android keylogger app. One of the interesting facts about the TheTruthSpy is that you can have it absolutely free. The features are quite impressive and you can take other free options from the market.

The key features included are message accessing, SIM card notification, call spying and management, GPS positioning. You just need to download the TheTruthSpy and create an account for easy monitoring.

Last but not the least the interesting thing about the TheTruthSpy is that you need not have to root it for monitoring.

#4 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

Give a quick look to another interesting and useful app known as AppSpy. This keylogger can bring information in reality. The app comes with an intuitive interface that makes the platform accessing easy.

Some of the things you can do are read messages, track videos, photos, and locations. Even you can track call logs screenshots. Total FREE.

It supports iOS device only. You can get more information on the website.

#5 PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

If you want a keylogger that can outbox all the information in seconds then you need to go for PhoneSpying. The will allow you to analyze all the activities in dept with reports. Other features of the app are track locations, monitor files, emails, listen to ambient calls, and read SMS message. You can even check out VoIP apps so as to check passwords and target suspect through rear camera remotely. It is a good keylogger that monitors phone activities and tracks social media apps from employees and kids cell phone.

#6 KidLogger

Website: http://kidlogger.net/

KidLogger is a spying tool specially designed to spy on kids. The evolution and increase in social media apps have spoiled the minds of kids. In order to protect the kid from all the awful and inappropriate activities like cyberbullying and other thefts, you need to install it on your device. It is the best keylogger app available in the market. It allows you to track browsing logs and access to sites visited by the kids. Other features are monitoring calls, monitoring browser, read SMS and emails.

#7 iKeyMonitor

Website: https://ikeymonitor.com/

Another keylogger in the market that has baffled the minds of users is the iKeyMonitor. It is created for Android, iphone and other devices for monitoring. Things that can be achieved are voice messages, GPS, clipboard logs, monitoring calls, SMS tracking along with keystrokes monitoring.

The app can be obtained at $49.99/month or at first; you can have a free trial. It works well on Mac os, IOS, and windows.

#8 HoverWatch android keylogger

Website: https://www.hoverwatch.com/

One of the excellent and most used keyloggers in the market is HoverWatch android keylogger. It perfectly works on the Mac OS and Windows. Some of the things that can be accessed are conversations, search results, text messages, and keystrokes. It works in stealth mode and you can get all the information without being detected.

#9 Shadow kid’s keylogger

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=simpllekeyboard.main&hl=en

The name suggests that the Shadow kid keylogger is like a shadow that is always around your kid. It can track everything present on the suspect device. You can even know the current location of the suspect. You can get the app from Google Play store. You can easily download it without giving a single penny. You can set input settings and enable “SimpleIME” if you don’t like the default setting. You can finish by setting the configuration in which mode you need to spy the target.

You can gather information from the device of the suspect in seconds without being around him or her. This way you can prevent your kid from harmful means and online threats. It is absolutely free and it can work on all devices.

#10 HelloSpy

Website: http://hellospy.com/homepage.aspx?lang=en-US

A keylogger with a pretty simple interface in the market is the Hello spy keylogger that is known to offer solutions for all kind of monitoring. You can browse history, read SMS or IM chats, phone locations, and track contact list.

The price of the app starts at $29.99/month of cost. Moreover, you can get a free version of around three days. It works awesome on iOS.

#11 Free Phone Spy

Website: https://freephonespy.net

Moving on to the next keylogger for android is the Free Phone Spy app. You can get a list of features in the app that not only tracks keystroke but also track other apps too. It is completely safe and you can use it on iPad, iPod or iPhone. It is 100% reliable keylogger that can give real-time information. Even the dark side of the suspect can be known to the parents, employees, and spouse. It is a one-man army for those who need to spy on spouse or kid. Straightaway you are offered with keylog recording.

#12 TrackMyPhone

Website: https://trackmyphone.net

TrackMyPhone is a monitoring keylogger that offers information within seconds. This tool can monitor SMS, keep track of IM chats, and monitor GPS location of the suspect. It is completely free and you can meet your needs easily. It is FREE. You can first try the free 48 hours trial version. It supports devices like Windows, Mac OS, and iOS.

Other than this you can look down the procedure of downloading and installing the software so that you don’t confuse at the time of obtaining it from the site.

You can acquire it from the official site. To know other feature you need to click on various articles present on the site.


So, we have introduced 12 best and reliable Android & iPhone keylogger that would allow you to track kid, spouse or employee activities.

Alongside some of the paid options, you can try the free trial version so that you get an overview of the keylogger app mechanism. You can pick a free version and try it on your kid that not at all listens to you.

Far and wide, you can choose any of the apps from 12 keylogger app.