Facebook Makes its Privacy Tools Easily Accessible

Facebook Makes its Privacy Tools Easily Accessible

Facebook Makes Its Privacy Tools Easily Accessible

Facebook has introduced a new privacy hub so that its users can have greater control over their privacy and security settings. Over the last month, Facebook has been receiving many critical comments on how it has exploited the users’ data. However, this did not stop the company from working hard towards making sure people are safe on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Tools Easily Accessible

The social giant, Facebook, has made it super-easy to change your privacy settings and delete the data you already shared with the platform.

Facebook mentions that it has heard the cries of people who kept bringing up the fact that it has been very difficult to access the privacy tools on their account. As a response to this, Facebook has enhanced the platform by making it user-friendly, by keeping the users aware of what choices they can make over the information that Facebook holds.

This is what Facebook has done

The entire setting menu has been revamped and made easier for the users. The settings are now found in one single place. They have also outdated all the old data and it is quite clear as to what apps can access a person’s data.

There are many things that you can now control on Facebook, and this includes what advertisements you see. Earlier, there was an outrage about this issue as users were seeing only advertisements that were curated based on their interest. Nonetheless, now users can control the kind of advertisements they can see.

Subsequently, what Facebook has brought to its users is quite interesting. With the new option to access your information, Facebook allows a secure way to control all your posts. This includes pictures from the past, comments and more.

Also, the social giant now allows you to access your settings on a single page and they are not spread across the various pages within your account. The social media giant promises its users a friendly way of managing their account by making security settings and privacy easy to find, clearer and visually appealing.

Facebook has also taken a huge step to tell its user the kind of information that it holds. Here is how you can figure it out; in fact, how you can see your Facebook data and delete it if you want, anytime:

  • Click the down arrow that is found on the top right and click on settings
  • Under general account settings, you can find an option Download a copy of your Facebook data
  • You will find a green button which says Start My Archive. When you click on the green button you will be asked for the password again
  • Next, a dialogue box appears saying it may take some time to put together all the information that Facebook has about you
  • Next, you have to click on “Start My archive”
  • The next dialogue box will pop up which states that they are gathering all the information and it will be sent to you by e-mail
  • You will get a notification on the collation of your data, after which you can click the green button that says Download Archive. You will have to give your password again here
  • You will receive a zip file immediately in your system. The file will have folders with all the information that Facebook has gathered about you since you had an account.

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