Facebook launches facial recognition feature in Pakistan

Facebook launches facial recognition feature in Pakistan

Facebook launches facial recognition feature in Pakistan

With the expanding technology on the internet, Facebook has become everyone’s social media platform (definitely with you inclusive).

Every individual wants to share each detail about him/her on a daily basis with family, friends and with the general public of Facebook as a whole.

This experience sounds quite remarkable for you but how about someone or an organization that you don’t recognize sharing your photos online without your knowledge? That is disgusting, right?

Facebook launches facial recognition feature in Pakistan

Facebook, however, has introduced a feature just to care for your privacy and security on the social platform — and the function in question is Facebook facial recognition feature.

The feature will now notify you immediately when your photo gets uploaded to Facebook from anywhere in the world.

Facebook facial recognition will also tell you who uploaded your image. That sounds great, right?

For Facebook facial recognization background

As we all know, Facebook thus far, allowed to tag friends in photos by adding just names of the mates you like to include – and this had nothing to do with the security of the individuals or their privacy.

Now the social giant has gone an extra mile with this feature which will identify your photos as soon as they get uploaded, and notify you immediately.

One con here is if you have those friends and family members who love taking a lot of pictures and at the same time like tagging you each time they post, then it could get annoying with every notification.

But is it not better than when your photo gets shared by someone you don’t know or in a situation that you like?

Facebook facial recognition Pakistan

The feature will give users confidence that their pics will not float around Facebook without them knowing.

Besides, this facial recognition tech will allow individuals with visual impairments an opportunity to take control of their Facebook video or photo.

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We know you must be asking yourself how but it is quite simple than you can guess.

What it will do is to generate audio that will then give the information clearly about the individuals in the photo.

Basically, in Facebook, you are your very own boss controlling it as you wish what the public will see and what it is not supposed to see.

Hence, you choose whether you leave yourself untagged, or tag yourself or you can contact the person who has posted the photo in cases that you have a concern about it.

Nonetheless, the worst thing everyone dislikes is impersonation, especially on social media.

We are quite sure you won’t smile when you come across someone using your photo to refer to him/her, and all that gets posted in totally abusive or against the terms and conditions of Facebook itself.

That is the type of security that Facebook has tried to give by the launch of facial recognition feature in Pakistan today.

Turning Facebook Facial Recognition Feature on or off.

Facial recognition technology has been there, but now it got launched in Pakistan. Congrats to everyone in Pakistan!

All that is required for you to allow this Facebook facial recognition feature scan your photos in Facebook is like having a piece of cake.

You have control over this feature as it is you to decide whether it should be on or not by default.

We understand you may think of changing it especially when you are not happy with the idea that Facebook will be all over your photos analyzing them — making you think to some extent that it is going too far into a personal issue (a disadvantage of the feature you can say).

Indeed, it is always good to have options and in this case, joining and opting out at will means not everyone is bound.

But for you who may think to opt out then the following steps will help you achieve what you feel is right for you regarding facial recognition:

  • First, get to settings,
  • Click on More option you see there,
  • Then click on privacy shortcuts,
  • Click on more settings,
  • You will now get an option on Facial Recognition, so click on it,
  • Get the option Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?
  • Now here you make your decision by selecting No to disable the option or select Yes when you want to enable it.

Everyone needs privacy, and we see this step by Facebook a nice one.

Besides, we would say, going forward even more firms and organizations should also take it as an example to introduce a similar option for privacy protection of individuals.

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