Facebook Attacked by German’s Spy Agency for Failing to Handle Fake News

Facebook Attacked by German’s Spy Agency for Failing to Handle Fake News

Facebook Attacked by German’s Spy Agency for Failing to Handle Fake News
The head of domestic intelligence agency of Germany has accused Facebook. Because failing to take proper accountability for inappropriate material on their site. All in all, for, undermining democracy by not distinguishing between opinion and fact.
In a conference on cybersecurity held by Germany’s Handelsblatt daily, Hans-Georg Maassen said,
Today we are discovering a ‘fifth estate’ that makes claims but up until now does not want to take any social responsibility.
He further added,
These are huge digital companies that only see themselves as conveyors of information and hide behind the legal privileges enjoyed by platforms because they do not want to take over editorial verification of their content.
These are the companies who don’t want to take any editorial verification of their content. They hide behind the legal authority and see themselves as the agents of information.
Yet, Germany is at the top as a supporter of strict rules and regulation against social media.
Recently, they passed a law and introduced fines up to 50 million Euros. In case they don’t perform well against removing wrong and offensive post.

How Facebook reacted to the fake news after Germany rules?

Although, on the other side, Facebook has replayed to strict rules in Germany by employing more workers. The workers will watch the reports of the content restricted in Germany.
Maassen said it was prominent that Facebook had admitted the users had seen ads which are politically divisive. He said, “Democratic pluralism loses its foundations if it is no longer based on facts and reality is reduced to opinions.”
He further said he was happy that there had been no significant suspicious or hacking news leak before the election. At the same time, they had received so many warnings. He added that was due to his domestic intelligence agency’s work and not a reason for complacency.
Facebook replied that it took measures ahead of Germany’s election. Just to make sure their site was not used as a way to manipulate the public. Facebook said they took down tens of thousands of bogus accounts.

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