12 Best Apps for Employee Monitoring

12 Best Apps for Employee Monitoring

12 Best Apps for Employee Monitoring

12 Best Apps for Employee Monitoring

Get the Best spy Apps for Employee Monitoring

Smartphones are one of the greatest inventions done by technology. It not only helps people to get in touch with each other but there is a lot more than smartphones can do. Being the owner of an MNC company have you ever heard about the talks that one of your male employees never does his work on time? Have you ever seen any of your employees busy in his or her phone whenever you entered the office? If it is, then it is quite worrying because this will not only damage the reputation of your company in front of your clients but it will affect the profitability ratio of your business as well.

Get the Best spy Apps for Employee Monitoring

Get the Best spy Apps for Employee Monitoring

There are times when we offer each of our clients, one company’s cell phone that they can use for the company purpose only. If your employees are using the phone as well as an internet connection for other purposes other than the company’s works then it is important to keep a track on their activities. But, how will keep a track on each employee’s activity because there are a lot more things for the owner to do in the company. Well, do not worry as there is a solution that is employee monitoring apps available that you can use to monitor the activities of your employees.

So, this article is dedicated to all the employers that are in search of best employee monitoring apps so that they can monitor the activities of their employees. But before that let’s know what employee monitoring app is.

About employee monitoring software

The software is mainly used by the businesses so as to keep a track on the activities of their staff such as internet browsing, software usage, ideal computer time, networking interactions and more. Owners or the managers of the company can use those reports that are generated through the software to easily evaluate the performance and output of the employees. Hence they will be able to plan strategies in order to improve the reputation and productivity of the company. They can even monitor the activities of all the devices that are used by the company’s staff from the central location.

Here we have mentioned the 12 best employee monitoring apps that you can use to monitor your employees.

Top 12 apps for employee monitoring

1# FreeSpyPhone

1# FreeSpyPhone

1# FreeSpyPhone

If you are searching for the application that can easily help you monitor the activities of your employees than this application is best for you. Its amazing features and benefits keep it stands first in the list of top 12 best employee monitoring applications. FreeSpyPhone works in the hidden mode and can work on all types of devices. The application is 100% undetectable and allows users to read all the messages, conversations done between the two employees or employee and the competing companies.

To use this application you simply have to download it from the official website that is (freespyphone.net) and install it on the target device. Once it is downloaded and installed on target device you can create a new account and login with it. Now you can start the monitoring process by filling the required details of the employee device.

  • Compatible
  • Undetectable
  • Offer 24 hours customer support service
  • Does not require special knowledge and skills

Download FreeSpyPhone Now

2# Tanda

2# Tanda

2# Tanda

Website: https://www.tanda.co/

It is an online employee monitoring solution for the employee roistering and onboarding payroll and timesheet administration. The application is easy to use and can perform multiple functions and automates various administrative duties so as to allow you easily concentrate on your business-critical concerns. It helps you manage the employee scheduling and on-boarding, monitor mobile apps and time clock as well as payroll management. The application is available free of cost and can help you perform different functions at the same time, improving productivity at the same time.

  • HR scheduling software
  • Employee time clock app
  • Shift swapping
  • Leave management
  • Live wage tracker

3# flexiServer

3# flexiServer

3# flexiServer

Website: https://www.nchsoftware.com/flexi/index.html

Its productivity and attendance software that helps you track the employees working hours as well as computer usage. The software is developed by NCH that mainly works in two different ways. The application works in the background of the PC, it is installed in the computer thus it automatically logs the working hours rendered by the staff. With the help of its attendance feature, you can monitor the sick leaves and vacations. It can even count the keystrokes and the mouse clicks. It is available for use at a price of $159.

  • Automatic attendance logs through computer usage
  • Detects breaks as well as idle time
  • Option to enter working hours
  • Stores all emails sent by the employees
  • Counts keystrokes

4# Pivotal Tracker

This is a user-friendly and story-based monitoring application that enables users to know the feedbacks and reviews of an employee over a single project. It offers the feature of tracking real-time updates of the project. With the help of this application, you will have complete control over the projects through absolute visibility. It helps to create clear as well as effective communication between the team members’s related to documents and other information. The application is available to use online for $300.

  • Automatic planning
  • Story points
  • Labels
  • Multiple teams
  • Real-time collaboration

5# Rescue Time

This is time management application that usually measures the productivity while monitoring computer use. This software can help users to track the computer activities, websites visited, active windows and programs that are used so that people can analyze how much time is spent throughout the day by an employee on the computer. It can even monitor the phone calls as well as meetings. The application has the option to easily view the extracted information. It can help you record computer activities and track trends and log highlights. The price of this application is $9 for a month and $72 for a year.

  • Monitor time spent on phone calls and meetings
  • Compare productive/ unproductive days
  • Blocks all unauthorized distracting websites
  • Tracks trends
  • Track offline activities

6# Hubstaff

It is time tracker software that runs on the mobile and desktop which makes it easy for the user to track time. When the time is tracked, you can easily invoice the clients; see in-depth reporting, pay-roll of employees and much more. It allows contractors to track the time of any individual projects. This will help you monitor the time spent on every website. You can take screenshots, track activity levels and track mobile apps used by the employees. The basic cost of this app is $5 per month and the cost of the premium is $9 per month.

  • Advanced reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Automatic payroll
  • Mobile app monitoring
  • Screenshots
  • Activity level monitoring

7# Time Doctor

This employee monitoring application provides you a precision tool that will help you track work time. It is done by showing the regular screen captures of the employee screen monitor. This, in turn, will help you know which website employee has visited and which application the staff is using. It offers a thorough analysis of where and how the time is spent regardless of where the person of your company’s staff is located. It helps you track the work time, distraction-free, extensible platform, capture screenshots and much more. The cost of this application for a month is $5.

  • Accurate time tracking
  • Distraction free working time
  • Client’s access
  • Editable settings
  • Website and application monitoring
  • Reporting and analytics

8# Active Collab

It is simple yet powerful project management as well as a collaboration tool. The tool helps users in tracking the time, task management and billing. The application even helps you in keeping all the data in one place where the whole team can easily communicate. This even prevents the employees to share the confidential data with others as it has complete control over the stored data. You can take the application in six different plans such as free trial, small $25/ month, and medium $49, Month and large $99/month and more. You can choose any of these plans as per your convenience.

  • Team collaboration
  • Expense and time tracking
  • Calendar
  • Project management
  • Email integration
  • File management
  • Task management

9# DeskTime

If you are searching for a time tracking solution then this article is right for you. This tracking application works on both mobile and desktop devices. It enables employers to easily know what their employees are exactly doing on their mobile phones and computers in order to ensure that they are giving their best in the company’s working hours. It helps you save valuable financial resources and a lot of time, making the employees do their best in every task.

There are several benefits of using this application like it maximize productivity, computer use monitoring, automatic time monitoring and coordinated time off. The application is available to customers as a free trial for the first time and then you have to purchase its premium package that costs $7 per month.

  • Productive analysis
  • Automated time tracking
  • Offline time tracking
  • Online data monitoring
  • Tasks and project management
  • Auto screenshot function
  • Custom email report monitoring

10# ScreenshotMonitor

It is a screenshot and time tracking monitoring application. This application helps employers to easily track and monitor their employee’s computer activities and time. With the help of this application, companies can easily find different ways to boost up the workers work efficiency and productivity. This will also ensure that their workers and employees are doing their task on time and using all the resources in the right manner. It is a user-friendly app that monitors the working of employees, helps in web management and keeps the record of employees working. The cost of this application is $9 per month that helps you track time, activity level and more.

  • Activity monitoring
  • Manual time tracking
  • Screenshot taking
  • App use monitoring
  • Website monitoring

11# BrowseReporter

It is a currentware employee monitoring application that helps in tracking in the bandwidth usage and internet activity. This monitoring application primarily monitors the internet usage and pinpoints all those sites that employee has visited and the specific he or she is running. If in case they are using the internet for personal use like running social media sites or something this will also be tracked with the help of this application. Other than internet monitoring, the software monitors the internet bandwidth. This will help you identify computers high bandwidth usage. The complete cost of this application is $999 which you can purchase on monthly basis.

  • Monitor web browsing
  • Generates detailed reports
  • Non-intrusive program
  • Schedule URL tracking
  • Remote installation of clients
  • Bandwidth monitoring

12# Veriato 360

When you are in need to monitor your employee’s activity on a regular basis then this application can be of great help. The application offers employers premium visibility which helps them monitor their employees online as well as communication activities. It is designed and developed both for in-office and outside purpose. You can easily track all the data that is available in your employees mobile or PC. It offers benefits like productivity management, recording and screen capture, individual monitoring and alerts.

  • User status tracking
  • Reporting function
  • Quick view panels
  • Alerts and screenshots
  • Web activity tracking
  • Application activity monitoring


So, these are the 12 best employee monitoring apps that you can use to monitor your employee’s activity. Well, if you will ask anyone to choose the best among all the 12 apps, they would have definitely told you FreeSpyPhone. They will choose it not only because it comes first in the list of 12 best monitoring application but it even consists of various benefits such as:

Protect sensitive data– this employee monitoring app can easily help you track the unauthorized activities and helps prevent further essential data from damage. The damage can be done by disabling database access, wrestling control over laptops, blocking emails and more. The software offers users with critical information about employee’s activity so that they can check the potential dangers.

Ensure employee efficiency and productivity– by closely watching and monitoring the activities of employees, you can spot the idle time or wasteful tasks while initiating the necessary response over it. Freelance contractors and remote teams are susceptible to the underperformance and often delays when the work is left on their own shoulders. Thus, employee monitoring software helps in constant touch with the employee and their whereabouts.

Accurate billing– whether you’re tapping contractors or servicing clients, you are assured of transparent billing down billable in the working hours. This monitoring application time tracking feature captures productive hours for fair billing and helps avoid disputes.

Get access to employee’s social media accounts– with the help of this employee monitoring application you can easily get access to all the social media applications that your employees run. This will easily help you whether they are sharing any confidential details with other clients or not. You can even know with whom they talk and whether they are using their phone in working hours or not.

Well, on one hand where FreeSpyPhone offers you such amazing benefits, there on another hand it offers you several special and basic features also. The application is not only used by employers, if you are a parent who is concerned about your kid then this application can also help you. It can help you record all the conversations done between the employee and another person on the call. You can access their social media accounts and view all the shared videos and photos.

Sometimes clients share their company’s pictures on social media sites that are sometimes not appropriate to upload. But if it, then you can instantly those pictures by getting access to that specific employee’s social media account.

They might be working in your office to take out the confidential from your office and give it to the competitors. If it is happening then you can monitor all your employees’ cell phones and social media sites and catch the culprit. Now you can take strict action against that employee and take it as advice for future to keep employees after thorough inspection only.

FreeSpyPhone is actually a great spying and monitoring application that will help you get all the information about your employee’s right in your hands. You do not have to find which employee is working better and spending more time in the office. The application will provide you with all the details about the employees and the accurate time they are working in the company.

So, if you are also the owner of the company and need that your company should get more productive and efficient employees working then start using FreeSpyPhone today. As this will help you know about employees well, that, in turn, will help you improve the productivity and reputation of the company.


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