Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the services online or products, yet not all, comes as a benefit to the public. Yet, all of them claim to be. That’s why we test spy and general security products and provide you the detailed insights about such solutions. In this way, you don’t get to fail with other bad products or services.

But, this means a lot of effort and time from us. That said, we desire to keep our website alive for our readers (you) to keep benefiting from and ultimately to be able to do so, we need to cover costs too. Hence, we use some affiliate links that in time can result in monetary gain. Yet, we assure you that there is no correlation between the profit and the affiliate links.

Please note that not all of the products and services that we cover on our website are an affiliate of us, we affiliate only with the very best that we are confident could serve the needs of our readers’ perfectly. Yet again, because of some redirection links that are present on our website – we inform you we earn money in return.

By working with affiliates, FreeSpyPhone keeps itself up and provides high-quality content to the users for free. With the help of affiliations, we get to earn a small commission – that doesn’t cost anything to the reader.

Yet, any information collected by FreeSpyPhone’s affiliates is under their own privacy. We are not responsible for any kind of information that you provide to affiliates.

Our values, have the statement under any circumstances to function normally for the wellness of our readers only.