How to Disable Instagram Last Active Feature Quickly

How to Disable Instagram Last Active Feature Quickly

You Can Disable Instagram’s New “Last Active” Notice Feature

Facebook owns some of the most popular apps that everybody is usually engaging with. They are Instagram, WhatsApp and yes, Facebook Messenger.

In case you don’t know the last ones, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are instant messaging apps. Still, Instagram does not share the same idea.

This app shares photos and videos on the network and the accounts followed will show posts on the news feed of a user.

If you know what these apps are (which I think everyone knows these days, let me take you to the main point here – which is last active feature of Instagram.

Disable Instagram Last Active Feature

Read on to know how you can turn off or disable Instagram last active feature quickly.

Instagram, one of the most popular social apps, introduced something that nobody was expecting.

I’m talking about the last seen feature! Yeah, Instagram has introduced it too.

But don’t panic, if you want to get rid of this feature – that is possible.

And can be done quite quickly!

Here in this article, I am going to show how you can disable the last active on Instagram. Keep reading.

How does the Instagram last seen feature work?

Instagram compared to WhatsApp, is trying to change the things a bit, when we talk about the DM (direct message) feature.

In case you are wondering if the feature got stolen. Well, kind of in a way!

WhatsApp has the feature to enable the Activity Status – in case you desire to be more discreet.

But now, Instagram turned a new update to the app, choosing this feature to be ‘On” by default.

So, if you desire to see when your friends or people you follow on Instagram were last time active – you need to leave this feature ON.

By turning it OFF so that no one cannot see your last active on Instagram, the Activity Status, you’ll not be able to see them too.

Now, this is not new, Whatsapp last seen works precisely this way. You could not know when the other person was last seen on Whatsapp if you chose to make your last seen private there.

We hope you got the fact that Instagram is adopting many features from other apps. As the Instagram stories from – Snapchat, Filters the same and Instagram Live – from Facebook to give you some clear examples.

Since we are talking about the Activity Status; we suggest disabling this option for protecting your privacy on Instagram.

Nevertheless, Instagram last active feature is in closed testing and it is going to all users in coming months.

As of now, the app only notifies about last active if someone sends a video or image to another user in a direct message. But the new feature also will inevitably expand to the public stories soon.

Moreover, we also noticed when checking a profile you are not following, but the other follows you – the app now provides a “Follows Back ” feature instead of “Follow”.

Now admittedly, this feature is quite specific in regards to the fact that who you can spy on.

However, if you want to protect your privacy (which you must) – there is good news, you can disable Instagram last active quite easily. Below, we go with explaining exactly that.

How to disable “last active” feature on Instagram?

In short, you will just need to reach the Instagram app settings where you should found the “last active” feature. Once located, you just tap on it to turn off.

If you haven’t visited the settings of your Instagram app and it is not clear to you yet; just follow the steps provided below to disable Instagram last active:

  • First of all, tap on your picture to access your profile page. Next, you’ll need to tap on 3-dot menu located in the top-right corner.

For iOS users, tap on the gear (settings) icon, which is right to “Edit Profile.”

  • Now you’ve reached the Options menu. Scroll down until you find the sub-menu. Here you’ll see the “Show Activity Status” that has a toggle next to it.
  • It should be toggle right, which means ON – you may tap on it to toggle the option left. Toggling left will turn the feature off. That is it.

turn off Instagram last active feature in settingsAs we already stated, this option is ON by default. If you want to turn it OFF – you may just tap the toggle button. So now, you’ve disabled the Activity Status, and from now on, your last seen on Instagram will stay hidden.

Please note that things are not over if you are an Android user. After you turn this feature OFF, you may go and remove Instagram from the open apps and re-open it.


  • This new feature, “Last seen” is only visible through the direct messages ( inbox). DM section can be reached by tapping the paper plane icon. You’ll find it on the top-right corner in your Instagram home.
  • Again, don’t forget that turning “Activity Status” OFF will not only prevent others from knowing when you were active. Besides this, you won’t be able to to see when others were active on the Instagram last time.
  • In case you want to take advantage of this feature to spy on someone else; you cannot see the last active time of people you follow. One can see last active of only the people they previously DM’d with.
  • Whereas, if someone follows you – the last time they scrolled through their feed will be shown to you as “last active.”
  • You will also see Last Active of people you tagged in the stories recently, in direct messages (beneath the username).

End Thoughts

There you have it all about the new Last Active feature of Instagram, and how to turn it off.

As you can see, disabling Instagram last active feature is a two-face sword – not only your friends won’t be able to tell when you used the app last, but you also won’t be able to see anyone’s last active.

So the question is, did you care about that anyway?

We didn’t (as we care about the Privacy more); hence, we all at went ahead to turn off Instagram last active feature.

And you should do the same too.

At least, if your very own privacy matters to you more than spying on others online.

Finally, sharing is caring, as now you know how to disable the Instagram last active feature on your iOS device or Android – as a good friend to your mates, it is your absolute duty now to let all others know about it too. So share this article, it will help both – our site (to grow) as well as your friends!

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