What is the Cell Phone Spy Software and How it Works?

What is the Cell Phone Spy Software and How it Works?

Cell Phone Spy Software

Living in the modern era of internet, you might have read the news about Spyware and how it is plaguing the users worldwide. Most of the people are confused between spyware and a cell phone spy software.

You don’t need to fret because in this blog post we will clarify both terms and outline what the cell phone spy software is and how it works, in detail.

In fact, spyware is a technology platform that gathers information about the computer users without letting them know. It also is known as adware.

However, spyware piggybacks onto your computer mostly without your knowledge. The spyware then reports your demographic information and online habits to the creator.

These spyware creators then sell your personal information to marketing companies.

Whereas, cell phone spy software works irrespective of spyware. Phone monitoring software is known as spy software. It is used to spy and record the activities occurring in the target phone.

Cell Phone Spy Software

The cell phone spy software is an excellent tool if used correctly.

As a rule of thumb, the cell phone spy software gets installed with the user’s acknowledgment (to avoid any legal issues) allowing to perform spying without hiding it behind another software.

Meanwhile, the purchaser can load spy software in an email’s attachment. And every aspect recorded by spying software is not sent to anyone but the actual purchaser of it.

The purchaser can either alert the target(s) that he is monitoring them (the target) or he can run the spy software without their knowledge.

Nevertheless, people don’t understand how powerful a spying tool is, and that is why they are shocked when they know how much information someone can gain to get to know about secrets.

Well, do you think using spy software is legal? If yes, then let’s discuss the legality of spy software first before talking about what it can do and how it works.

Is using a cell phone spy software legal?

Many people ignore the law and use spying software for different purposes. If the spy is smart, then it’s difficult to detect a spy software, but penalties are severe for getting caught.

Indeed, there are legal and moral issues to take care of – but still, in some of the cases spying can prove to be an incredible help.

For instance, you may want to spy on an unfaithful partner that you think can share your business ideas with your competitors. In such a case, taking help from spying is beneficial and morally okay.

On the other hand, you probably wish to know whether your spouse is cheating on you.

And if not then why are you are so insecure that you prefer spying on spouse rather than discussing the matter. Is it essential to save your relationship at this stage?

Let us give you a hint here, what will you feel when you’ll know that your partner is spying on you while you are innocent. Do you think your relationship will survive?

Now you can differentiate between the moral legality of cell phone spy software as we have outlined the facts from some essential perspectives.

Let’s take a look at the legal uses of cell phone monitoring app below.

Cell phone spy software legitimate uses

There might be some scenarios when you decide to spy on someone in a legal way.

Well, from our perspective it is reasonable to monitor your teen’s phone for safety measures. Either way, teens have their cell phones with them day and night – which can be dangerous.

Being parents, it’s our responsibility to take care of our kids’ online activity which is an increasingly difficult task nowadays.

We need to know with whom our teens are in talks with, are they joining any suspicious chat groups, what type of websites they are visiting, and so on.

Legitimate uses of mobile spy programs

You are the one in charge of your kids’ protection!

Well, you can’t read and listen to everything they say but having an idea about the child’s nature can help a lot.

And here is one of the great example why a cell phone spy software comes to rescue.

Because it can help keep teen safe online by spying on them without their knowledge and reacting as soon as a need arises.

The quality spy software acts as a tracking device that provides you up to date information about your child’s online activity.

Another reasonable use that we would like to outline is that you can track and monitor your employees using the company provided phones.

You must own the cell phone legally and inform the staff about spying on them.

You can erase the sensitive data from the cell phone if it gets stolen with the wipe data features that come along with the spying software.

Monitoring people can be hectic sometime in the legal terms. Consequently, you should think about the reasons for using cell phone spy software.

Spy software work well when they are used correctly and can be abused by wrong hands as well, conditions apply to each case of spying – it all depends.

Now that we have covered all the possible sides of legal uses of cell phone spy software you can decide without any risk of getting hampered.

Let’s discuss in brief about the benefits of spying tools and who can use these powerful weapons.

Who uses it and how the cell phone spying tool can benefit?

Spy software has helped countless businesses, concerned parents, corporate networks, and worried spouses.

Almost all the established firms actively use spy software in the form of remote computer monitoring (mostly); to track and monitor all the activities used for incrimination if a user abuses his computer rights within the company.

Parents always wonder to know about their child’s online activity. And with spy software, you don’t need to fret anymore as it allows you to moderate your child’s cell phone usage.

A Cell phone mobile app also allows you to restrict your child from visiting inappropriate websites, installing the application, etc.

In fact, spy software can allow couples to reinforce the trust in marriage life – which is very important for two persons tied in a paper contract. Isn’t it? Of course, it is.

Monitoring employees with cell phone spy app

No more guesses, see everything by yourself.

Moreover, features of the cell phone spy tool allow you to monitor the employees – so that you can make sure they are not wasting time while at work.

Eventually, employees work hard when they know monitoring software is observing them.

So, we think you can make some judgments about who can use a cell phone spy program and how it can help us.

We trust you are smart enough to implement these beneficial ways in your daily life. Aren’t you?

Of course, you are. At least, we hope so!

Before moving to our next part of how cell phone spy software work, let’s dive deep and discuss what a cell phone spy software can do.

What can a cell phone spy software do?

The modern cell phone spy apps allow you to spy in almost all activities taking place on the target smartphone where you install it.

However, it is essential to understand that monitoring software works only with an active internet connection.

Well, don’t you want to get an idea of what features a cell phone spy software should offer? You better do want to, let’s continue the article further – below we have outlined all the general features that an ideal spy software can provide you with.

  • Spying text messages: The top cell phone spy apps allow you to spy on text messages where you can read all the messages with date and time stamps.
  • Detailed call logs: With spying software, you will be able to view every bit of detail of all the calls received and made with time duration.
  • Call recording: As you can guess, this feature will allow you to record all the phone calls made from the target cell phone. You can also download the recordings and save them to listen later.
  • Spying on social platforms: By subscribing to advance subscription packages of some reliable spy software, you can spy all the activity (of anyone you want) on social networking sites and apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, Tinder, LINE, and Facebook.
  • Monitoring and control the target phone remotely: The most powerful feature of spying software is that you can lock the target phone if it gets stolen. Besides, you can remove the data from the cell phone if you want.

The features listed above are a glimpse of what a good spying software and to make it easier for you to select monitoring software, we have created a thorough spy software buying guide for you.

And of course, feel free to read our honest and detailed reviews of spy apps available on the market.

Nevertheless, in this growing marketplace where new cells phones come out with new features – the monitoring software companies react accordingly with new ideas to spy on them.

Now, let’s move towards the next part of this article – which probably is most important of all we covered as of now.

In this section, we will be discussing a mobile spy software installation process, internet access, web-based control panel and its compatibility.

How does a spy software work?

Most of the users are blemished for their choice when choosing the right spy software. It’s crucial that you should know how cell phone spy software works and how to implement it.

Indeed, different monitoring services offer different pricing plans to choose from. However, different spying software has a specific level of performances.

And in almost all the cases, to spy on someone you need to install the spy software on the target phone. So, let’s take a look at the installation process.


As noted already, to install the cell phone spy software onto a target phone – you will need to have the physical access to the phone, just for once though.

The spy software runs in the background without the user’s knowledge once the installation and activation process gets done.

Before start monitoring activities of another individual’s, there are some things that you must know.

It’s vital that the target phone is compatible with monitoring software; because as you can understand, the spy mobile app will not work correctly if the target phone is not compatible with its monitoring features.

After the cell phone spy app installation gets completed, you can monitor all the phone activity remotely by logging in to the web-based control panel of chosen monitoring software.

Now you might be wondering what a web-based control panel is and how it works. Well, let’s cover that right below.

Web-based control panel

The web-based control panel is an interface provided by the monitoring software provider.

This web-based control panel named as dashboard will allow you to view the recorded logs of target phone’s activities such as emails, contacts, browsing history, call logs and much more.

Moreover, you can also see the location of the phone on a map. You will see the following options on your spy software dashboard:

  • Review and download the activity logs, such as photos, messages, recordings or logs onto your phone.
  • Control the cell phone remotely such as delete the software, block calls and apps, lock or unlock the cell phone and even interrupt the phone from further usage.
  • Get instant notification when a particular word is typed in a message, browser or email by setting up alerts.
  • Manage payment methods and access the account setting.

Now that you got an idea about all options available on the dashboard let’s see what is compatibility – and is your target cell phone (the one you want to spy on) compatible with the monitoring software.


At first, it is safe to assume that older versions of mobiles and tablets are safe from spying software.

The critical factor we would like to highlight is that you should be aware of phone compatibility because each program has specific downloads for operating systems.

In short, to work correctly, the target cell phone must be compatible with the spy software.

Talking about the compatibility of typical cell phone spy software, you can easily spy on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PCs with it.

Many monitoring applications such as FlexiSPY, mSpy, and Mobicip are compatible with Android and iPhone.

Make sure that the target device is in the list of compatible devices; you can find all the supported devices on the company’s official website.

Rooting and jailbreaking

Most of the mobile spy apps require users to jailbreak the iOS-powered devices and Android Rooted if one wants to have access to all of their features.

If you want to make use of the advanced features of a spy app, make sure that you jailbreak the target iPhone if it is not – before installing the spy software onto it.

There is a cell phone spy program that lets users spy on iOS devices even without the jailbreak.

You can use the mSpy monitoring software to spy on iPhone without jailbreak if you know the Apple ID and password of target iPhone. However, the ICloud backup must be turned on.

In case of Android devices, rooting is not necessary unless you wish to use the advanced features to monitor target.

Let it be Android or iOS, the basic features (without jailbreak or root) of spying apps include the ability to check text messages, call logs, browser history, phone contacts, and installed applications.

Advanced features (possible only with jailbreak and rooting) enable to spy on social and third-party apps (such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.), wipe mobile data remotely, lock phone, and reinstall spy software remotely.

Internet access

For the cell phone spy software to perform monitoring, you will need internet connection such as Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

The cell phone spy software will not send the activity logs to the web-based control without a reliable internet connection.

In brief: To ensure the spy software works appropriately; it is important to have a reliable internet connection, compatible device and the cell phone spy app installed correctly.

Most Common Questions around a cell phone spy app installation

Do I need the physical access to the target device?

Of course, physical access is required to install the spy software and get access to its advanced features.

Do I need to root the target device?

Well, rooting is not necessary, however, if you want to spy non-default apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook then you’ll need to root the Android to enjoy these extra features.

Is the Icon of spy software displayed on the target device?

Of course, not, the cell phone spy software works in the background mode once the software gets installed and activated.

In fact, you will have the choice to either show or hide the icon on the target app.

Final words

It would be safe to say that here you have it all about the cell phone spy software there is to know about.

We tried to cover every single bit of information about it, and hope it will help you a lot to understand all the ins and outs of such software.

It apparently is an incredible tool to take advantage as it offers a variety of features that records detail logs about the users’ phone and internet activity.

But you may always check whether its use is legal in your case or not, in case you want to use any of such software.

Also, as noted already, to ensure the software works as it should, a reliable internet connection should be there on the target phone.

Ideally, the target device should connect to the internet at least every 48 hours for 10 to 15 minutes.

And finally, if you want us to recommend you a cell phone spy software – go for the mSpy. We have tested more than 20 spy apps, and that is the one who outranked the rest!

Obviously for some excellent reasons; we can safely say it has everything it takes to be a top mobile spy program. Its 7-day utterly free trial pretty much sums up the legitimacy and confidence of the provider that it genuinely works!

Over to you! In the end, again, we hope this article of ours helps you.

And, feel free to ask any questions you still have regarding the cell phone spy software via the comments section below. We are also open to the suggestions if you have any to send over to us.


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