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For this, we continually look up for energetic individuals who are passionate to share their knowledge and latest updates from the cybersecurity and spy world.

We are seeking content writers with a flair for creating well-researched articles with impeccable language skills about online spying, hacking, cybersecurity, VPNs, proxy, internet scams, and online protection. If you are a tech enthusiast and have a desire to establish your career as a writer for cybersecurity and internet spying, then we might be looking for you.

To join FreeSpyPhone as a regular contributor, the candidate should:

  • Be ready to submit 1-2 articles in a day; you can do more if you can without compromising on the quality.
  • Be well-informed with the latest news and events about cybersecurity, online spying, hacking, and other related topics.
  • Be willing to enhance his/her innate writing skills by continuous learning.
  • Contribute heartily with the team of writers associated to FreeSpyPhone.
  • Possess impeccable English grammar and writing skills.
  • Write in a friendly and conversational tone with a will (and aim) to engage the readers.

If you meet this criterion and are eager to start your career as a FreeSpyPhone writer, then feel free to send your resume, cover letter, and your writing sample(s) to us on career[at] If your resume and portfolio succeed to impress our editors, we will get in touch with you.