Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Which is the best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android Phones

Using different GPS tracking applications for employees is becoming an important part of running any business these days. There are many small as well as big-sized business companies which comprise of many employees. So monitoring the employees in the most centralized and organized manner is becoming difficult for some of the companies owners or employers. There are many reasons for this issue. The main reason found out is that it includes high expenditure to keep in house tracking records of all the employees of the organization.

Which is the best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android Phones

Which is the best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android Phones

Nevertheless, some business companies still want to track and supervise the day to day movement of their employees in office working hours. But the question arises what is the best spying application available in the market today to monitor and track the GPS location of the employees of the company. So to solve you’re this question, read this article to know and understand the best employee GPS tracking app for android phones.

Fortunately, there are many third party employee location tracking solutions which are offering many features at an affordable price rate. But amongst all FreeSpyPhone is considered as one of the best spy applications for android phones. It is highly used for different GPS tracking purposes by employers. Let us know more about this application in detail.

Why select FreeSpyPhone for tracking employees

FreeSpyPhone is one of the most user-friendly phone spy application which works well in the entire range of operating devices which includes android as well as iPhone mobile phones. Another best feature that makes this app best is that it provides an option to remotely monitor and track the employees any movement. This is not found in many of the other tracking devices available in the market. The remotely controlling options allow you to access any device location who is sitting far away from you. This means you don’t always have to be present around the targeted person to know their real-time location.

Benefits of using – FreeSpyPhone for your employee’s GPS tracking

FreeSpyPhone for your employee's GPS tracking

FreeSpyPhone for your employee’s GPS tracking

Every employer wants their employees should perform best for their company and helps them to increase the sale of their business. The managers of the company gather and analyze all the relevant data of their employee’s work to know their performance level. In addition to that, this also helps them to complete and deliver the given project on time.

Although it is much easy if you have to monitor the activities and working hours of your employees who are sitting at the office. But it becomes a really difficult and complicated task to monitor the activities of workers whose jobs involve frequent traveling. This is when an employee GPS tracking application comes into existence. It is very helpful in such situations.

There are many other benefits if you are using FreeSpyPhone as the GPS location tracker. It is highly useful for both employers as well as employees for the purpose to increase the work systemization and productivity of the business.

Download FreeSpyPhone Spy App

Features offered by FreeSpyPhone – best tracking application

FreeSpyPhone offers 25+ features to all its old as well as new customers. Some of the best features are mentioned below which will make you download this app not just for GPS tracking but also for other requirements as well. Let’s have a look on the different features in detail.

GPS tracker: FreeSpyPhone is majorly loved and used by millions of users because of its GPS tracker feature. The GPS tracking service of this app is best than any other app in the market today. So if your employees are making useless excuses for being late to office every day, this is the app you should have to know the truth. The GPS tracker of this app provides you the opportunity to know and confirm the live location of your employees every day. You catch them red-handed if they are lying to you in any case.

The present time is getting worse every passing day. There are chances that your employees are meeting your competitors and leaking the company’s secret information or any work-related data. Thus it is becoming essential to track and keep an eye on your employee’s location. And if this is possible in just downloading a small storage application, then why to mock around the streets in order to know the location and get tired.

SMS spying of the phone: With the help of this application you can easily monitor the message content of your employees. You can see who are the sender and receiver of the SMS. You can also see the multimedia message like pictures, audios, videos which are shared during the conversation.

Spying call: FreeSpyPhone allows you to spy and monitor the call of the targeted person. Calling is the most used communication medium by many people. Thus hearing the call conversation of your employees will help you to clear any of your doubts. You can know to whom the person is talking in real-time. Or see if they made the call or they are the receiver of the call. You can know the details like the date and time of the call, also the total duration of the call. You can also see the number of the person your employees are talking to.

Social media app spy: you can see all the activity of application like Facebook, what’s an app, Instagram, snap chat, etc of your employees

Call recording: not only you can hear the call conversation of the targeted person but you can also record their call fully. It can act as a proof of their conversation.

Ambient listening: With the help of this special feature you can also listen to someone’s surroundings noises as well. No matter where your employees are roaming you can hear their exact locations ambient voices as well.

Spy on web history: all the pages that your employees are searching on their mobile devices can be easily monitored with the help of this feature provided by FreeSpyPhone. You can also view the URLs visited by the targeted person last night.

How to use FreeSpyPhone

To use this best spying application for tracking the GPS location of your employees you have to first download FreeSpyPhone on your android mobile phone. Below are some of the simple steps to start your monitoring process.

Step 1

Install and download: you have to first visit the official website of this application mentioned here- to download the app. Click on this link and you will the option to download this app. Once the app is downloaded, you have to then install this application on your operating device. The process is will not take you much time.

Step 2

Registering and creating your account: In the next step, you have to create your account in this application by entering a unique username and password. Always enter your username and password which are easy to remember.

Step 3

Access the control panel: the third and last step is that you have to view the control panel of the application to track the GPS location of your employees. You can also monitor all the activities of your employees on their phone with the help of FreeSpyPhone spying applications.


FreeSpyPhone is specially designed for android devices because they are easy to handle.


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