Beef up Your Facebook Privacy with These 8 Easy Ways

Beef up Your Facebook Privacy with These 8 Easy Ways

Beef it up Facebook privacy with these 9 easy ways

Do you know that many websites, including Facebook and Google, sell your personal data to marketing companies? Well, that’s how they make money.

Forthwith, we’ve compromised on our privacy enough just for the sake of staying active in this ultra-connected era. Though, it’s your turn to decide now. Whether you want to be a convenient way of earning for those tech giants; Facebook and Google, selling your personal data or want to protect your personal information.

Beef it up Facebook privacy with these 9 easy ways

We have sacrificed our privacy for a more connected world. You, yourself, only can change the whole scenario here to take control of your privacy on Facebook or any other site online.

Well, you all might prefer to protect your privacy on Facebook as well as stay safe from big brothers while surfing the internet. For achieving that, in a brief, to start with, make sure you are using a secure browser which restricts unauthorized access to your device. And for that, you can head over to our list of best secure browsers to protect your online privacy.

Coming back to the topic, as you are luckily here, you more likely are looking for a way to beef up your Facebook privacy. Congratulations, you are on the right platform because here at FreeSpyPhone we focus on reserving your rights to privacy at the very best.

So, without any further ado let’s get started with 9 super easy ways to beef up your Facebook privacy today.

1. Always lock your Facebook account account

This is the worst case scenario where most of the people go wrong. As an internet privacy journalist, I don’t agree with giving away your facebook accounts anyone else than your friends. However, you should restrict your private accounts to friends, but surprisingly many people don’t.

The thing is, when you make your profile publicly available, you end up sharing a lot more information about you than you ever wanted to. If you fancy knowing what information strangers might have with them about you, just log out of your Facebook and search yourself to have a look – I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the depth of data you’d find in results.

2. Lock down your post’s visibility retroactively

This is a useful feature, but it might seem ambiguous in case you have many posts visible to other peoples which you want to remove from your timeline.

Indeed, it might seem annoying going through all posts and removing them one by one. Auspiciously, you can do it by just changing the settings. And if you are new to this here is the explainer video.

3. Don’t accept unknown requests

Another human nature is to accept requests from people they even don’t know at all. Nevertheless, we don’t say that you should hurt their feelings – you can accept their request but restrict them to some extent so they can’t see anything on your timeline.

4. Facebook doesn’t need your real picture

Consequently, facebook shows interest in face recognition. So, you don’t have to test it – your friends already know how you look like. So, it is not must for you to have your real portrait posted on Facebook – just use any random picture (may be of your favorite celebrity) and enjoy what the social platform has got for you.

5. Use privacy extensions

Isn’t it knowledgeably strange that how Facebook knows your browsing interests? Well, that is surprising; however, you can make it hard for Facebook to know about your browsing habits with the Facebook privacy extension, such as Facebook Container for Firefox and Chrome.

6. Don’t use the Facebook application on your phone

A report recently revealed that people who used the Facebook application on Android Smartphones were surprised to know that downloadable data included their call duration logs alongside names and their contacts as well. Now that’s one big-enough reason to not having the Facebook on your smartphone.

7. Turn off your location sharing if you have facebook on your phone

Subsequently, you probably have shared location with the driving services, and you might be getting something from that.

However, in case of Facebook, sharing your location with the social giant serves ‘No’ good – and if you don’t know how to turn that off, here’s what you should do.

8. Does Facebook need your real name, really?

First of all, it is important to shed the lights on Facebook’s policy of requiring users’ real names. In fact, the firm has found that deploying this is an intricate lurid of gender politics and culture. Understandably, many users have been affronted to tell their names but legally.

Furthermore, Tamils don’t have their surnames and are compelled to use their real names through facebook. Subsequently, all the transgenders often not wish to use the names they have on their ID cards, for both, identity and personal safety reasons – they have already disagreed with Facebook regarding the real name to use on some events.

And if that was not enough to convince you for not using your real name on Facebook, let us tell you that a German court struck down the real name policy of Facebook just recently – commenting that it violates German privacy laws.

Wrapping it all up

Now that’s it. We would like to conclude our roundup of 8 ways to beef up your Facebook privacy. Lastly, as a bonus tip, alongside taking caring of all the things covered above, you should consider using a secure VPN like IPVanish to make your Facebook privacy more powerful. In brief, what a VPN does is it makes changes your IP online and encrypts your internet traffic.

With your IP changed and traffic encrypted, you are going to have a lot safer and secure Facebook experience – free from even government snooping and hacking attempts. Consequently, we hope that you found this guide to be helpful. Now you might have an idea that how Facebook leaks your data and sells it to the marketing companies.

So, it’s the high time for you to have control on your privacy and if you are using any other effective way to strengthen your Facebook privacy then don’t forget to write it in the comment section below.

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