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How to Track someone’s Android Phone without having their cell phone

Tracking someone’s location could be a daunting task especially when you don’t have any resource and you need to mock around streets to spy remotely. People in older days make use of traditional and conventional methods so as to remotely spy like James Bond. Would you like to be James Bond and be around the suspect to gather information? Of course, not so what is right to do? You got to get up and have some modern spying tool.

How to Track someone’s Android Phone without having their cell phone

Modern hacking tools such as FreeSpyPhone make the tracking of location easier. No anyone can do it using a handy gadget without paying anything just little data. You will get to know where the suspect has stayed or mocking around the mall, restaurants, and bars. The suspect might do a lot of things at different locations that need to be known to someone who wishes to spy on him or her. People choose it as it can give the real-time or instant location of the suspect without any buffering and interruption. Since the app is the most popular and used the app it is compatible with Android and other devices too.

Knowing someone location under his or her nose can bring ultimate relief to users. Parents, spouse, and employers get a permanent relief because they do not have to go for other means such as hiring detective or spying agents. For sure it is one of the most trusted and reputed application because of the features and characteristics it offers. But why you need to track your kid, spouse or employee location must be cleared to you need to know. Given below is a paragraph that will help you to know about this question.

Whom to track

The list mentioned below shows the user can track whose location and why it is legal. Most common categories are-

Employee employers always complain that their employees don’t reach on time or have decreased productivity. The answer to this complaint can be known using this app. With the assistance of this app, you can see why your employee is always late in the office and uncover the answer to his or her regular reply “I was stuck in a heavy traffic jam”. You can also see what the employee is doing in the lunch or coffee time. Many of the employees just gossip non-sense in the spare time and so there is a huge possibility your deals and company information could be revealed to a rival company.

Kids– the social media app is multiplying like a disease and teenagers are likely to use it every single day or in their spare time. Kid often lie to their parents that they are going to friends room for study purpose but the real truth remains unturned. You need to dig the truth not by asking them directly but by using the hacking tool like FreeSpyPhone. Another reason to use it, social media has too many disadvantages such as cyber crimes and cyberbullying. You need to protect your kid from all such activities.

Spouse– every single relationship builds on two basic terms that are honesty and truth. If your partner is not loyal to you or making excuses every time you ask for something. For example- if you ask your partner for dinner in some restaurant and the usual reply you get is “I don’t feel like going out or my head is paining”. Then it is a clear sign that something is wrong in the relationship and that must be known to you as soon as possible. The quickest way to find out the answer is using a tracking tool. This way even if the partner is not lying to you, your relationship will still be there and you don’t have to experience any loss.

About the top-notch FreeSpyPhone

About the top-notch FreeSpyPhone

FreeSpyPhone is the best-known spying tool that works incredibly awesome on the android device. Why it is so? If you see the background or the history of this app, then you will find that it has lots of features and characteristics. The existing users call it a masterpiece that has the capacity to knock down another app in the market. Yes, the working or the mechanism of the app is simple as well as easy to handle that would allow you to know the whereabouts of the suspect.

The application can be easily obtained from the official site which is correctly mentioned in this article. You can download the most powerful software from this article and get the incredible results. The procedure to get this app is also mentioned below-

Follow the steps and enjoy tracking the location of the suspect

Step 1– the first thing you are required to do is visit the official site

Step 2- the second step is to make an account on the site using password and username. Remember the password and username must be such that even you don’t forget it simply. Try to make an unbreakable password.

Step 3– the third step is to download and install the app on your Android device. The FreeSpyPhone is made especially for the android devices because Android devices are easy to handle.

Step 4- once it has been installed and downloaded with meeting all the requirements of making an account, you are set free to spy on suspect using the features present in the dashboard


  • It is a multi-features tracking tool
  • You can track location even if you are present in some other part of the globe
  • You are free to have it as it doesn’t cost anything
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Offers other features such as tracking messages, get direct notification or alert, record calls, and keylogger

Special features

Ambient listening– the app offers a special feature known as ambient listening. According to this feature, you can listen to surrounding voice clearly and save it on your dashboard.

Keylogger– no matter what sort of applications are present on the suspect cell phone, you can get the password of every single application and see what’s inside it. You can even stream through the documents for more information.

Want to know with whom your kid is wandering around streets? Or what your kid is doing in the park? Use FreeSpyPhone.