Almost 45% of Indians spy on social accounts of their partners, McAfee

Almost 45% of Indians spy on social accounts of their partners, McAfee

nearly half of indians spy partner on social media

In a recent study on understanding how people behave in the online space and the effects over real-life relationships, McAfee found out some exciting things about three essential things – friends, devices, and lovers. All of the study participants were from India.

The study showed up that two-thirds of the participants who were in a relationship showed more interest in their phones than on the partner.

You can say, spying on spouse deemed more important to many than keeping a focus on the partner!

Another key highlight of the study highlighted that 77% of participants were pissed by technology because it was interfering their relationship.

nearly half of indians spy partner on social media


Also, 89% presented concern over their partner if he wouldn’t work on protecting their personal information.

Dating with devices?

Another not so lovely fact revealed is that devices nowadays are more important at dates.

Sadly 75% need to struggle for attention on their date because of smart devices. So, if any of you thought that devices would disappear after the first date – let us inform you the answer is a straight “no.”

Adults between 21 and 40 revealed that technology interfered more than twice.

Living happily in a relationship?

We must say these days relationships are not what were once. 77% participants declared that technology interfered in their relationships these days.

81% told McAfee that they had at least an argument with their partner, friend or family because of using the phones too much and not spending time with them.

Out of the all Indian participants, 70% found it somewhat (30%) or very (40%) essential to nominate their relationships on social media – mostly Facebook.

Inevitably social media makes communication work better and is way more comfortable.

A shocking percent as 58 declared that websites or dating apps are beneficial for people when finding a date than family and friends.

To commit?

Admittedly, things have gone crazy these days. Usually, couples have vows at the altar addressed to their partners, nowadays this kind of commitment is made on their phones.

Also, 67% of Indians felt that in their relationship, the partner is more interested in the smartphone than on them – which is like 2 out of 3 of them, a huge number over a device.

Another thing put on the table is about parameters. In terms of partners interested in creating rules over devices; 32% declared they don’t need a rule for the device when they are together.

And on the other hand, only 20% set rules regarding smartphone usage. But things are not done because 45% of Indians admitted they spied on their loved ones on social media.

Sharing and Privacy

When it comes to privacy, 89% of the participants pointed it is vital for their relationship.

84% said they share PINs and personal passwords with their partners. But the interesting thing is how 16% don’t present interest in sharing PINs or passwords with the loved one.

Lastly, only 39% let their partner use their smartphone, laptop or email for work.

A bit of protection?

89% pointed they will get concerted if their loved one would not work on protecting their personal information.

Subsequently, only 76% take steps to protect their information from their connected smartphones or other kinds of devices.

The survey consisted 600 individuals between 18 and 55 years old.

Also, the study contained persons that use internet on a daily base and across cities as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai – McAfee surveyed in November 2017.

Bonus: Listen to the McAfee founder John McAfee speaking about the cybersecurity and US NSA spying.

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