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Welcome to FreeSpyPhone! We are more than honored to have you here.

In short, if you want to know about us; we create the guides to educate people how they can spy and how they could protect themselves from spying.

You see if someone knows how to spy on others, he ultimately ends up knowing how he could be spied on by others too (and take actions to protect himself).

So, that exactly is what our ultimate mission – to educate people from all possible angles around online spying and privacy.

This site has been launched with the idea to help people that share the same view and knowledge. FreeSpyPhone’s mission is to provide the highest quality possible information and unbiased opinions about spying, privacy, and security to general users online.

We feature thorough reviews, news and also the best guides on topics around spying and online privacy.

You can say, in short, everything about spying and Internet privacy is in one place here.

So now you will no longer have to search for a reliable source on any spy topic as our incredible team has committed to educating people about the spying world, at the very best. We strive to be the best!

Feeling secure and staying on the top means a lot to us. So we want you to know more about it and what the market offers from this point of view.

FreeSpyPhone will be covering many topics about security and spying on the internet. The most, on the devices that we are using day by day – your concerns can fade away now as we have answers.

Spy News Hub

We have a great team, which will bring to you only the top spy news that will take the shape of spying on the internet. From the free will of speech, expression, and anonymity, all that matters here in this digital-era.

Unbiased Opinions

FreeSpyPhone tests and creates thorough reviews of spying and security products and services, everything that’s associated with spying, security, and privacy. There are no associations with sponsors as they can create a mess, all our evaluations and opinions are our very own.

The Best Spy Guides

Because you want to protect your personal information and there are many ways of doing it. At FreeSpyPhone you’ll find a vast amount of spy and security guidelines that will come with the idea of “how-to”. As like how to spy on devices and make it legal, and also have a high level of security online.

We are working day by day on building our website as our visitors come. That’s why it makes us a leading spying, security and privacy advisory on the internet.

Besides this, we are more than open to your feedback and your contribution. You can contact us whenever you have a question that needs an answer.

Affiliate Statement

FreeSpyPhone sometimes will receive monetary compensation from the reviewed companies. Some of them even listen, yet not all. We are not owned by corporations or something like this.

We are an independent website that has the opportunity to express itself on its own, that’s what we always do.

If you choose to buy service or a product by clicking on some of our links, we inform you that we will receive a commission because of the sale – at no extra cost to you.

Also, there are no considerations of our profit and the affiliate links. Same as on the evaluations of the services or products. So, we will never link you to services that don’t match our values.

In fact, affiliate marketing commissions are what with which FreeSpyPhone.com is funded.

These commissions (again, any commission we earn do not cost you anything extra but even save you money on the normal price of services and products) help up cover the site expenses.

If you desire to read more, we recommend you to take a look at our affiliate disclosure page.


At FreeSpyPhone we genuinely respect anonymity and privacy more than anything else. It’s one of the fundamental aspects of a smooth and risk-free surfing over the internet.

We are not here to compromise the online security of anyone, instead enable them to get on top of the online spying and security game. So, each visitor can come and enjoy our content without being open to any treats.

User Data Collection & Usage

By gathering information, we only want to experience the user in all the possible ways. That is why any log that comes in the form of cookies is secure.

By knowing your language and also the browser that you use, we’re able to provide better content to you.

This thing applies to your IP address, too. In fact, all the websites over the internet do the exact thing as us. As a final point, we are only collecting the cursory that belongs to you and no other private date.


You must know that cookies are also used. Because you need the best possible experience, we encourage you to enable cookies. Please step towards our privacy policy page for details on how FreeSpyPhone handles privacy and cookies of its visitors.


FreeSpyPhone can’t hold the comments published online. Only the ones that are on our website, but on the outside sites, we don’t keep the account.

Yet, our admins will try to approve only the ones that are ethic and honest ones. Also, they have the right to edit and to bring them to the values of FreeSpyPhone.

Protecting Information

We are always up to fight for the protection of your information, even the cookies.

So, that’s why we have an obvious eye over your data.

We will protect every information you provide us, or even our website collects automatically in the form of cookies.

Consequently, we have invested money in infrastructure and a team that has high skills over security.

We have various security measures, such as firewalls and regular security audits. So in this way we assure you that none of the information we have will reach a third party.

Anything else?

Is there anything else you want to know more in connection with FreeSpyPhone or maybe need our help on anything?

You can go to our contact page and write to us.

We will be more than happy to help you with your problem or whatever you have to say. We respond within 12 hours, usually.