5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Learn the best 5 ways to view private Facebook profile

We don’t need anything to prove that today’s generation is busy using their phone for operating various social networking sites. Whether a person is walking on the footpath or sitting into the park, traveling in a bus or train mostly he or she is noticed operating social media applications. Facebook is one such application that is widely used by the numbers of users from various parts of the globe and day by day the users are increasing on it. The users are adding new friends to the friend list and are sharing the stories, updating status, uploading and sharing media files, doing chatting, linking interesting pages, becoming a member of the specific group, etc. All such activities are carried out daily.

Learn the best 5 ways to view private Facebook profile

Learn the best 5 ways to view private Facebook profile

There is no doubt top say that with the high rise in the use of social networking sites the rise in crime rate is also seen. The people with the wrong intention are making misuse of the innocence of their target for own greed. The kids or girls are blackmailed and threatened for the money or ask them to become part of their vulgar activity. Many such unwonted and unexpected activities are conducted over it. Might be a person has created a fake user account is making misuse of it and other people purity

If you are having any doubt regarding such things going on in the life of your dearest one like your children then you must start doing the spying. Through the Facebook spy, a user can easily view the private Facebook profile of kids and stranger too. A user can come to know all about the stranger person profile. So, here in this article, a reader will find the best 5 ways that will help a hacker to view completely private Facebook profile of anybody.

5 ways to spy on Facebook account privately

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

#1 FreeSpyPhone

FreeSpyPhone is the best monitoring and spying tool that is used by the spouse, parents, friend, and employer to keep a complete track on children’s, husband/wife, friend and employees activities respectively. This application is combined with several features that are making it unique and best than the other spy tool. The application is made for the parents so that they can easily view their children private Facebook account and see the type of activities conducted and the type of intention they have. The application is compatible and untraceable with iOS and android. Thus a user will able to gain all the information that he/she wants.

To use FreeSpyPhone a user has to step into the real website through this mentioned link (https://app.mobilespyfree.net). Download and install the wizard on the device you are interested to spy. Once it is done successfully a user has to create a user account using valid ID and password. After that, a user has to get into the online dashboard and from there discover all that he/she wants. This application is easy to use and is a complete result-oriented app that allows its user to get all accurate result.

Excellent features of the spy tool

  • Call logs/history spying This feature is basically developed for letting one know about the call activities done. The app is capacitated enough to spy on all call logs accurately without making any mistakes. This application is designed for one to know the details of the dialed calls, received calls, deleted call logs, missed calls, etc. More information about calls such calling location, calling time and date, information of call maker and receiver, etc is shared with you on app online dashboard. Thus a user of spy tool can know with whom target like children, spouse, employee or friend connected is.
  • SMS spy- The normal messages or SMS received from company or brand can be easily seen with the date, time, location, content, etc. Also, the app will let a hacker know whether the SMS is received on SIM-1 or SIM-2.
  • Text messages spy The text messaging done on various instant messaging software will be known to a user of FreeSpyPhone with the content of course.
  • Multimedia files viewing- The stored multimedia files into the target person phone such as videos, GIFs, photos, images, etc will be known very well.
  • Internet history spy- The app is good at capturing the details like URLs visited, surfed websites and music files, video files, images, etc downloaded from the web.

Specialties to know

  • Compatible application
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable packages
  • 100% result oriented app
  • Trial facility

Use it and get a satisfactory result

#2 View the Facebook profile through username

This is another best way through which a user can see one’s Facebook private account without undergoing the process of application installation and setting up of the account. With the access of private profile viewer tool, a user can view the private profile of a target easily. This application is free to use and it helps a user to easily view the entire private profile through the username and ID. The thing that one needs is head into the original site and then hit on the search bar and fill in the username and tap on submit option. Within a few minutes, a user will be able to see the private Facebook account of the target person.

#3 Adding the person to your friend list

Not every person restricts the account to the friend only but few are there that uses the friend of friend option for hiding the private details. Thus all friends of the person will be able to see the private photos and details. The only thing that one has to do is adding those people to the Facebook friend list and they not only will become a mutual friend of yours but you can easily see their private profile.

#4 Making use of social engineering

This method is exploiting the psychological weakness of the human to get access on a temporary basis over the Facebook profile of the target person. Since the account is private so you won’t be able to view the person’s profile who you are not sure whether a friend or not. With the help of this technique, you as a user can access the account of the person and know whether the person is your friend or not. A user can view the name of that person, date of birth and all other details.

#5 Make use of picturemate

This is actually a free extension that is provided for Google Chrome that can be used to see the Facebook profile of another person without adding him/her to the friend list. It is an amazing tool that is used if you want to see the Facebook private profile secretly. This is majorly used for the people when they are needed to know about the person connected with the target person by seeing the picture they are tagged. In order to access this technique a user has to get into the original webpage and from Google Browser install the Google Chrome extension. Restart the browser and head into the Facebook app and search for the target person picture through this application.


These are the best 5 ways that will help you in viewing the Facebook private profile without letting the target person know. These will definitely generate the result as per the expectations of the user.


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