2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

What are 2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

Today, we all consider text messages as one of the best ways for communication with our friends and family. Nowadays, texts messages are also used as proofs and evidence for approximate all the criminal cases at the court, which increase their demand. Hacking of text messages is not easy when you don’t know much about it. And so here we present the best 2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android.

What are 2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

What are 2 ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

#1 FreeSpyPhone

For the one who wants free and high-quality spying, FreeSpyPhone can be the best choice for them. FreeSpyPhone is the best Phone application for spying on iPhone and Android. FreeSpyPhone always works in a secrecy manner, like; it runs in the background of a device which is targeted so that the owner of the device will never know about it. This application helps you to keep an eye on children, employees, and spouses.

There are 3 easy steps for spying with FreeSpyPhone, and they are given as follows:

Step 1: Installation and Configuration

Download and install the FreeSpyPhone app on your mobile phone from this link easily: (https://freespyphone.net)

Step 2: Creating an account

Create an account in the FreeSpyPhone app simply by entering your email address and the password.

Step 3: Phone Spying

Now, you can log in on FreeSpyPhone Control Panel to start spying an android or an iPhone.

FreeSpyPhone consists of more than 25 spying features, and some of them are:

  • SMS spyWith the help of this SMS spy, you get the power to easily know the content and the text data of any message you want. Also, you can get the information about all the multimedia and even the images that are being shared during conversation.
  • Spy callsWith the help of this feature, you can get all the data that is being shared on the phone calls with date, no matter whether the calls are being made or received.
  • Phone call recordingWith the help of this feature you can spy the hidden conversations live. This is one of the best features of FreeSpyPhone as it is next to impossible to find such a feature that makes you get the details of the LIVE calls straightaway.
  • GPS trackerYou might have heard a number of excuses that the employees make for being late. Well, this feature provides you the current or live location of a person.

#2 FoneTracker

FoneTracker is another way to spy text online on any iPhone Android. FoneTracker is an application that performs spy on any text message at an instant rate. And this performance of this application is undetectable on the target device. With the help of this application, you will have the capability to keep a check on every activity of your child. Imperceptibility and high precision are the features of this app.

All you need is to download this FoneTracker application on your telephone and then you will have the power to spy and check on their instant messages. A paid version of this application contains many more good features within it.


So here we’ve discussed the 2 ways for Spy Online on iPhone and Android, from which FreeSpyPhone is considered to be more preferable.


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