12 Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

12 Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

Parents manage their family like a small business, but the work does not end at 6:00 p.m.

As a parent, you must make sure everyone arrives on time, does their work, having a healthy diet and allowing you to sleep at a reasonable time.

Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

Fortunately, technologies that can help businesses more easily can also benefit the CEO of the family. From searching useful activities for children, to tracing them when they are gone; keeping an eye on them and following their online activities – these applications and subscriptions will undoubtedly make your life easier.

Nowadays, the children are developing under the influence of technical devices. They are addicted to their smart phones. You can see how they cling to their cell phones at school, at home or in public places.

But, what makes them addicted to these phones?

There is unlimited access to the internet and numerous applications. Their reckless and adventurous nature provides them with possible online threats, such as cyber bullying and porn.

Getting rid of the phone is not the solution to this problem. Instead, ask your child to use their phone, but be careful with their actions to ensure their safety.

The parental control applications for smart phones can help children understand the meaning of borders in the digital world, while avoiding access to adult content or text messages from a stranger.

Just as there are apps that can help your kids avoid bullying; there are also apps that can calm the most paranoid parents. Many of them use GPS to track the child’s location as well.

Why you need a Parental Control App?

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that our children are only a few minors on the internet – and that very few people use a mobile device. However, the study published this year showed the opposite.

According to the research, 81% of young people aged 13 to 19 have a smart phone. 36% of children aged 7 to 12; and 34% of age 13 to 19 have their tablet.

Still not convinced?

77% of the kids go to Facebook, and 80% have a YouTube account. Everyone knows that everything can be found on social networks, including malicious content, images and video; that should not be seen.

In summary, many children run the risk of being bothered on the internet. As explained above, as a parent, you must first control your home, but this is not easy, especially for teens who want to avoid the curious look of their parents.

Is Parental Control the most appropriate and practical solution?

It is not a quick fix that can protect your child in any way. Besides, a smart teenager will find a way to avoid this situation. But, although some parents understand their children, most people prefer not to take risks and use parental control.

How We Tested and Rated the Parental Control Apps

Evaluation Criterion

We emphasized our tests on applications that focus on setting up filters and restrictions before children use the phone. When evaluating these products, we consider the following criteria:

  • Installation: Is it easy to install and configure the application on your smart phone?
  • Application Management: Does this program allow parents to review the child’s activities; and block the applications?
  • Filtering: What tools does each application offer and how do these features restrict children’s access to inappropriate content online?
  • Text Messages: Can you use the application to verify the content of your child’s text? Can you block contact and receive notifications when your child adds a new contact? Can you completely block email applications?
  • Tracking the Location: Does the application contain a diary about where your child is and, more importantly, gives you the opportunity to find the child in an emergency situation?
  • Price: How much does a service cost each year? How many devices can you control?
  • Limiting Social Networking: Whether these services allow parents to control the activities of children in social networks

Top 12 Apps for Parental Control

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier provides excellent monitoring service for parental control – offers proper filtering tools, useful website tracking features and reports on what your children are doing on their mobile devices. It allows you to manage multiple functions on multiple devices.

A Norton Family Premier network filter can help prevent your child from accessing dubious websites, and it is easy to configure on Android phone.


  • Excellent location
  • Easy configuration of restrictions and profiles
  • The possibility of blocking individual applications


  • Limited message monitoring
  • Wait times for some applications can limit app control


Qustodio Review

Qustodio is a popular app, available for Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle and Nook; unlike other apps that are limited to just Windows OS.

It also offers the free version that authorizes complete parental control and allows the guardians to set rules and limitations – and can even block pornography and other unwanted content. The paid version offers to monitor for SMS, social networks and other applications.


  • A complete set of parental controls to ensure your children are safe
  • Excellent content filtering
  • Allows parents to set time limits
  • Multi-platform


  • Need jailbreaking and rooting
  • It expensive app
  • Limited social monitoring – only offers to track of Facebook

Open DNS Family Shield


Family Shield is a free Open DNS service. It allows parental control for automatic domains blocking, insipid proxy, sexuality or pornography.

Family Shield can work on mobile devices and PC; it can also be applied to your network router and filter all traffic. Merely change the DNS server numbers in the control panel.


  • Block domains in the router’s home network
  • It runs on a router
  • CRL is ready to use


  • No application blocker
  • Installation can be difficult
  • No screen-time limitation
  • No locator service



KidLogger is free parental control software that not only keeps track what your children are posting; it also records the sites they visit, as well as the programs and the screenshots they use.

If you are worried about knowing who your children can talking to on the Internet, there is even a sound recorder for that. If your child is a little older and more responsible, you can choose the options you want to see and give them some privacy.

The free version includes monitoring of single device; while premium versions contain the ability to listen Skype calls and silent tracking of WhatsApp conversations.


  • A detailed record of operations, including applications and keystrokes
  • Monitoring conversations on Skype
  • Multi-platform


  • Low disk space available to store data
  • The free version does not record audio

Spyrix Free Keylogger


Syrix Free Keylogger has a bad reputation on the Internet because it is often used by scammers who want to capture passwords and bank details, but it can also be useful – as it allows you to see what your children are doing.

Spyrix is a surveillance program that does not prevent children from doing anything, but it allows you to see exactly what they did. If you want to block content, the premium subscription starts at $ 59 approximately.


  • Remote monitoring
  • Save weekly data
  • Check the clipboard and the printer
  • Wide Operating System support
  • A smart interface in nine languages
  • Multi log delivery
  • Recording Microphone sounds
  • Recording Webcam Capture


  • System log in passwords and mouse clicks and are not recorded
  • No content blocking



Zoodles offers filtered browsing for parental control. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS.


  • A complete web browser, especially for young children
  • Shows only age-appropriate content
  • Multi-platform


  • It is easy to avoid by older children



Footprints monitor and shares locations of the target person automatically, in real time and at any time; in private. It is very different from other applications that merely point to the current location or require manual search operations.


  • You can track when the target leave the premises set in the location
  • Activation of motion sensors available
  • Monitors the traffic without the intervention of the user.
  • Share benchmarks when specific permits are granted
  • Designed for the perfect synchronization between your iPad and iPhone.
  • The application runs in the background – without sacrificing battery life


  • Antiquated User Interface

FBI Child ID

Child ID APP

FBI Child ID is a new free tool from the FBI that can help parents to keep an eye on children. It stores photographs and essential information of your kids. With a single tab in the application, you can send information quickly and efficiently to the authorities.

The application also contains advice on child safety and specific recommendations on what to do in the first hours after the child’s death.

Currently, the child identification application is available only on the iPhone and cannot be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.


  • Store key and necessary data about your child
  • Multiple child profiles
  • Password Security
  • Email information to the authorities within the app


  • Lack of finishing touches and the input of data

Family Tracker


Family Tracker is popular parental control software that can help you track your loved ones anywhere, anytime.


  • More functions are available with an additional subscription
  • Find out the location
  • Remote Access
  • Last user position
  • Routing instructions for the supervised user


  • Complicated Interface
  • Less accuracy than expected

Sex Offenders Search


The world can be an unsafe place. Education, awareness and understanding are our first line of defense.

Sex Offenders Search (SOS) for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android – will help you find sex offenders and criminals in your area. Just activate your phone GPS and find registered sex offenders in your locality.

The criminals appear in the interactive map on your cell phone. You see the image, name, address and violation details of the selected offender.


  • It protects families from any potential harm
  • Helps police in investigations


  • Heightens public shame
  • Makes it difficult for past offenders to find employment
  • Takes away prior offender’s rights to privacy

iCam – Webcam Video Streaming

With iCam, you can remotely track multiple audio and video transmissions from your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi and LTE/EDGE/4G/ 3G.

It also supports iCam Cloud, a feature that auto saves iCamSource movement events in the cloud. Then, backup copies of events can be displayed in iCam or on the Internet when the computer is stolen or iCam is offline. The iCamSource software is compatible with Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.9. iCamSource Mobile supports iOS devices that are compatible with iOS 8.2 or higher.


  • Apps for newborn monitors, a nanny camera, a pet camera, a surveillance camera and a spy camera
  • Playback and record motion events and get automatic notifications


  • To use iCam, you must also install the free iCamSource app or buy an iCamSource mobile application





PhoneTracking is an Android & iPhone spyware application that offers many spying features for parental control.


  • The freedom to install both jailbreak and non- jailbreak versions of the application
  • A variety of functions, such as GPS tracking, message recording, viewing history and call monitoring, make this an exciting application.
  • The app is affordable. As the package starts at $ 16.99 per month


  • No trial version of the app available

Final Verdict

The internet can be a remarkable educational tool, but it can also be a dangerous place for children. The more we link, the more we need the internet – and our responsibility increases to ensure that our children are not subject to the worst content, ideas and behavior that exist on online.

Of course, the software cannot do everything, and nothing replaces direct control over your children on the internet. However, parental control software has its advantages and can make life relax for parents – especially when the children are a little older and want more independence.

I hope this article calmed paranoid parents to some extent. Happy Parenting Guys!


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